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  • a193255707
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    @ezios2017 加油!兄弟 我们支持你!

  • zhenfeiniao6268
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    @gcc1984 yes, i would like to, if you buy a XBOX for me. thank you very much.
    do you need my address???

  • Moment_CC
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    请在PlayStation放出完整游戏,不谢。👨‍👩‍👧 👨‍👧

  • yuina_ice
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    It's not a game of loving each other. It's a game of plundering and killing. Bleeding is important game feedback.

    Please do not force players from other Asian countries and regions to accept Japanese rules

  • Ezios2017
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  • Mengou520
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  • Ezios2017
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    @mengou520 真的是越想越气,本身pc端的有些人就一直再挑ps玩家的事,这次这破事一出ps彻底成笑话了。他妈的

  • XK5130
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  • Ezios2017
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    @mengou520 刚才我在一AC群里被一群pc党冷嘲热讽的,真心不爽

  • zhenfeiniao6268
    Original poster 39 posts


    Ubisoft facebook.
    please go to Ubidog's facebook to say [censored] ubidog.

  • best159357
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    Can this simple problem not be handled by such a large company?

  • KppKerry
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  • yao826506511
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  • yuina_ice
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    they don't want to solve this problem. Maybe they don't care about Asian players.If this problem happened to European and American players, it may have been solved long ago

  • Kai5513
    56 posts

    Whether you want a patch or not, at least respond.

  • KppKerry
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    @yuina_ice That's true.

  • pangtuzi1999
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  • pangtuzi1999
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  • HabitualFlea225
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    I have purchased a physical copy of Assassin's Creed Valhalla on PS4 in Hing Sing, Tai Po, a playstation premium store, and I have discovered an issue regarding blood fx. There is basically no blood spilled whenever I hit an enemy even when blood fx is turned on. I find this unacceptable for my copy not having blood in it, as it severely impacts my gaming experience. I feel like I got scammed in this situation, because for all the trailers and ubisoft livestreams there is blood in it, but in the actual game there wasn't any. I have played every previous titles of assassin's creed, but only this title has no blood in it when I hit someone. Please fix this issue with a patch or make compensation for my loss.

  • HabitualFlea225
    35 posts

    Your product has violated the Trade Descriptions Ordinance of Hong Kong. The followings is the general description of the ordinance in Cantonese:

    [1981年4月1日] 1981年第64號法律公告

    Specifically, your product has violated the section:

    第13E條–任 何商戶 如就任 何消費 者作 出屬誤 導性遺 漏的 營業行 為,即屬
    犯 罪。 如 按 某 營 業 行 為的 實 際 情 況 , 該 營業 行 為 遺 漏 重 要 資料 ; 隱 藏重


    或 相當 可 能 導 致 一 般 消費 者 作 出 某 項 交 易決 定 , 而 如 該 消 費者 沒 有 接觸
    該 營業 行 為 , 該 消 費 者是 不 會 作 出 該 項 交易 決 定 的 , 則 該 營業 行 為 即屬
    誤 導性 遺 漏 。 如 某 營 業行 為 屬 購 買 邀 請 ,價 格 資 料 如 非 在 相關 情 況 下已

    Please ask your manager to follow up on my complaint, and make according compensation, or I would file a complaint on Customs and Exercise Department of Hong Kong.

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