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  • Moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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    Original poster 39 posts

    @kai5513 他只是说目前没有更新,谁知道他是不是哄骗哄骗你

  • Kai5513
    56 posts

    @zhenfeiniao6268 原來如此...另外可以請你在Player Support 那邊直接複製貼上你一樓的完整文章嗎?


  • zhenfeiniao6268
    Original poster 39 posts

    @kai5513 我那邊發了兩貼了,他們把我第一帖移到這邊來,第二貼則鎖了。

  • Kai5513
    56 posts

    @zhenfeiniao6268 好把 那只好我自己繼續用破英文洗他們版了...

  • Mengou520
    22 posts

    @kai5513 英文不太好,如果有什么进展希望兄弟拿中文写出来,感谢!

  • ra2rr
    9 posts

    I am a Hong Kong player, I am really disappointed with the way forward Ubisoft is taking. Apparently future releasing games like Far Cry 6 will also take the Japan version route like Valhalla did...
    I respect Japan's CERO policies but it is really unfair for the whole ASIA to be affected thanks to one country.
    Playing valhalla without the gore is really impacting the gameplay, imagine a band without the bass or sashimi without the wasabi! Sure the game will still run but the whole experience is not the same.
    Just like what you said in "guaranteed assassination": Assassination will always kill but this is not the game was intended to be played.
    Millions of money and thousands of hours your staff poured into creating the work of art and taking away core stuff like gore is destroying their effort and your company's name...
    Please ubisoft do the right thing and release the content via regional PS store downloads. We all love your work and we all hope valhalla can reach a new height!

  • Kai5513
    56 posts

    @ra2rr Go to Player Support and post, they may reply

  • yuina_ice
    5 posts

    This is Ubi's fault. They're lazy, so they treat all Asian game versions as Japanese. Japan has an audit system. What does it have to do with other countries? Why force players from other countries to accept Japanese rules? If you can't enjoy the whole game because of the auditing system of other countries, are you willing to accept it?

    You spend money for the game, but because of the auditing system in other countries, you can only play the abridged version. Do you agree?

  • zhenfeiniao6268
    Original poster 39 posts

    @ra2rr 建議在Player Support 也新增一篇文章 它們當作這邊只是玩家間的討論了吧?
    大家去Player Support那邊大量洗版 給它們看我們的怒火


    i advise every asian go to player support to submit new post to fill up our fury. they just leave us here as small children
    and also ubidog's facebook https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=ubisoft
    AND ALSO UBIDOG's FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=ubisoft

  • Kai5513
    56 posts

    @Ubi-Baron response us !!!!!
    is you moved us here!!!

  • arymanik
    32 posts

    Why they make Japan version in China ?
    They didn't exist anyone of Officially Partner ? For release China Version not Japan with China language ?
    It's song so stupid for Ubi... It's like fault of small children...
    Really Was be problem create for this 1 Year, mini-company which will be officially Developer of China Version in China ? And same develope to Taiwanese People ?
    Seriously ??
    For me it's like, somebody fu** Our A*s...

  • mi_lu_ku
    2 posts

    I am a Taiwanese player. I am also quite unhappy about this incident. Why is the Asian version different from the European version? This is not fair. I hope ubisoft can take this matter seriously.

  • mrsleep0000
    10 posts

    Oh man, is it just me or does this thread feel like it's full of paid shills?
    When most of the posts start with 'I am a player from X', feels like people were put up to it and told what to say...

  • mi_lu_ku
    2 posts

    I am a Taiwanese player. I am also quite unhappy about this incident. Why is the Asian version different from the European version? This is not fair. I hope ubisoft can take this matter seriously.

  • Mengou520
    22 posts

    在这里说没什么用了 好像得转版了

  • KppKerry
    109 posts

    On the top of the forum, you can find "Player Support" deep in the "Assassin's Creed" categories, go there and make our sounds.

  • ra2rr
    9 posts

    @mrsleep0000 no offense to anyone but english aint the first language of many people here. The sentence we use are mostly textbook so they might look mundane. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Zardzzz
    1 posts

    I am a Chinese player. I am very disappointed with some changes of the Asian version of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. It‘s fxxcking unbelievable.Why do you confuse the concepts of Japanese standard and Asian standard? This will not only affect the experience of players in other parts of Asia, but also make you infamous. I hope Ubisoft can restore the settings in other regions, otherwise I will not buy Ubisoft games again!

  • gamoshawnbo
    1 posts

    so said “ based on historical events and blablabla”
    and give us cute, tender and elegant Vikings touching and pushing through their battles to Valhalla
    yes, game is still excellent with all the bugs that we are used to that come with it, but at least it’s a good game so ppl can tolerate the inconvenience caused by the bugs ( at least for me)
    And no, this is bullcrap, the censored version perfectly effected the gaming experience, the new feature from the AC series “raiding” now feels like ppl pushing and touching one each other like bunch of kids whining about who’s turn for the playground.
    Just how much you guys hate us Asians that we have to be put through this?

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