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  • moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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    Oh man, is it just me or does this thread feel like it's full of paid shills?
    When most of the posts start with 'I am a player from X', feels like people were put up to it and told what to say...

  • mi_lu_ku
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    I am a Taiwanese player. I am also quite unhappy about this incident. Why is the Asian version different from the European version? This is not fair. I hope ubisoft can take this matter seriously.

  • Mengou520
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    在这里说没什么用了 好像得转版了

  • KppKerry
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    On the top of the forum, you can find "Player Support" deep in the "Assassin's Creed" categories, go there and make our sounds.

  • jkatarn
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    @mrsleep0000 no offense to anyone but english aint the first language of many people here. The sentence we use are mostly textbook so they might look mundane. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Zardzzz
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    I am a Chinese player. I am very disappointed with some changes of the Asian version of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. It‘s fxxcking unbelievable.Why do you confuse the concepts of Japanese standard and Asian standard? This will not only affect the experience of players in other parts of Asia, but also make you infamous. I hope Ubisoft can restore the settings in other regions, otherwise I will not buy Ubisoft games again!

  • gamoshawnbo
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    so said “ based on historical events and blablabla”
    and give us cute, tender and elegant Vikings touching and pushing through their battles to Valhalla
    yes, game is still excellent with all the bugs that we are used to that come with it, but at least it’s a good game so ppl can tolerate the inconvenience caused by the bugs ( at least for me)
    And no, this is bullcrap, the censored version perfectly effected the gaming experience, the new feature from the AC series “raiding” now feels like ppl pushing and touching one each other like bunch of kids whining about who’s turn for the playground.
    Just how much you guys hate us Asians that we have to be put through this?

  • wardphan
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    I am Thai player. I am disappointed with this kind of careless action. And I don't see your attempt to slove this problem at all!!!

  • Jason9876
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    Japan does not represent the entire Asia. Why should the rest of the Asia region get the same version as Japan. This is just unacceptable and unfair to the rest of us who've been waiting to experience what this game has to offer. I hope that Ubisoft would release a patch for the Asia region to fix this issue.

  • Hakuya.L
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    Next Assassin's Creed
    CERO A (for all ages)
    No blood anymore but ketchup


  • frankcard
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    I'm just wondering that that this topic had been second hottest in this forum but why we still can't get any official response?

    Disappointed with any moves that Ubisoft made.

    I've supported you since AC2 THE EZIO, and lots of games that you made.

    And now how you treated me as a player?

    We just want a patch to fix the censored scene, how hard it is?

    Did you ever check your censored version become how ridiculous it is?

  • frankcard
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    I'm Asian player, I'm Taiwanese player.

    And I don't belong to Japan so I don't need to obey CERO rules.

    Spending 59.99$ and I just wanna get same version as it should be.

  • rickyleon
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    I am PS AC fans...why other chinese player need to follow CERO rules?

    You "inform" us the changes just few days before launch of AC. This is cheating!!!

    Please release a patch for us. I want a full version of AC game.


  • KppKerry
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    Still waiting~

  • Zui-Bujue
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    Ubisoft is disrespect those Asia players which play this game on ps4/ps5.

    We don't want this censored game.

    It brokes our whole game experience.

    We don't follow the Japanese rules.

    We have right to get the game with no censored.

    Stop pretend everything is ok,cause it's not.

    We are not ok with this,and we are not understand you.

    There is no reason can make this regional difference reasonable.

    You should separate Japan and the rest of Asia.

    You should tell us about that from beginning.

    And now you're turning a blind eye to our discontent.

    This is a great disrespect to us.

    We don't need your apology.

    We need you to make this right.

    Fix this As Soon As Possible.

  • a193255707
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    Let's go to Facebook and hit him. That's ridiculous. Why spend more money on the experience but not as much. I won't buy another ubisoft game if there are no patches or acceptable practices later

  • wadapap_07
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    Blood Fx in settings very [censored] useless in R3
    Please Ubisoft...dont make me hate your [censored] game

  • Hakuya.L
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    UBI said "Please be aware we are not ignoring this."


  • Scottcc_001
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    To all HK customers who suffering, let's report to C&ED.

  • wadapap_07
    ubisoft:x-posts, 8

    Censored make us not enjoy the game

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