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  • Moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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    I'm a Korean user.
    I was so excited to hear that Valhalla will be released this time, and I re-learned about the history of the Viking era, the history after Charlemagne, and the Druids.
    But this time, only PS in Asia was forced by Japan's censorship system, so I was very embarrassed and angry. I'm still so angry.
    Japan is not the only country in Asia. There are Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. And there are many countries in Southeast Asia. We are not Japanese. We are Korean, we are Chinese, we are Taiwanese, and we are Hong Kong people.
    But why did Ubisoft do this? Is it because you're lazy? Or is it not worth dealing with Asian users? Or is Ubisoft a company that only cares about Japan? This is a clear discrimination against Asian users. There is no problem with Valhalla among PS users in Europe and North America, but if there is only a problem with PS users in Asia, it can only be felt as discrimination.
    We are not your experiment. We are not your slaves. We are not a pushover for filling your pockets. We have the right to enjoy Assassin Creed series fairly.
    Through the update, I strongly request that Asian users can enjoy it as fairly as PS users in Europe or North America.

  • npcromancer
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    Ubisoft is a disgrace.

  • dy2649258709
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  • yao826506511
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    This post is deleted!
  • tabin77
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    Why do you apologize and respond to U.S. protests?

    Are you ignoring Asian's protests?

  • KppKerry
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  • CARONphoto
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  • KppKerry
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    @ubi-unicorn We are still waiting~~

  • Seiyo-Kun
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    i am from south korea.
    Japanese CERO is different from PEGI. Japan's CERO cannot represent Asia region deliberations.
    There is a rating board called GRAC in Korea and it can be game released uncensorship. 
    we Why should play the censored version?
    UBIosft wants you to learn how Rockstar Games and CDPR respect each country.

    https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/360010107373/Red-Dead-Redemption-2-Supported-span-class-highlight-Language-span-s: (https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/360010107373/Red-Dead-Redemption-2-Supported-span-class-highlight-Language-span-s)
    https://support.cdprojektred.com/en/cyberpunk/xbox/sp-technical/issue/1571/cyberpunk-2077-language-support: (https://support.cdprojektred.com/en/cyberpunk/xbox/sp-technical/issue/1571/cyberpunk-2077-language-support)

  • a193255707
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    Don't hide from us. We have to solve this problem. Don't just make a statement and let it go. We won't agree! Roll out of

  • fafner1010
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  • KppKerry
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    I have no idea why Ubisoft would want to do this to themselves ??
    It makes no sense😕 😕

  • fafner1010
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    Still no any response.
    PLZ call more people here and Ubi should face it.

  • KppKerry
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    @fafner1010 We need to go Player Support to make our sound.

  • e11story
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  • husky_six
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    Where are you?We need blood!!!!WE ARE NOT JAPANESE!!!

  • wangxu413574353
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  • yerimiese_
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    OK, I think I have enough, I really won't play a game that doesn't give me all the content for the price I paid until they fix all this.

    Is it that difficult to provide complete content to all Asian players and Asian countries other than Japan, why should this censorship also affect other Asian countries outside of Japan? while other game developers can solve this problem well? Is ubisoft not able to equalize all content to all Asian countries and Asian players for the game they have been waiting for? do we have to follow the japanese censorship rules for this game? as far as i know you didn't do this censorship of your games before, but why are you doing this now?
    We just want you to be fair to other Asian players and give them the content they should be, is that too hard for you to do? I know maybe this is not easy for you but at least respond to those who complain about their problems.

    I am a player from Indonesia and with this problem, I feel disappointed because I have been waiting for this game for a long time, and after I got the game, I felt cheated because what I saw in the various trailers there was not the same as what I played.
    therefore please solve this problem, I think big companies like you are not difficult to at least give an explanation to us who have bought this game and want the full content that we should have gotten.

  • Hakuya.L
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    This may be the reason

    1. UBI release physical disk in Asia region on PS platform
    2. They want to lower the cost, so they only release Asia ver. instead of both Asia ver. and Japan ver.
    3. The Asia ver. must be reviewed by CERO because it release in Japan
    4. The content on digital copy same as physical disk
    5. We only can buy Asia ver. on PSStore

    Xbox and PC dont have this problem because UBI not release physical disk on these platform (at least in HK and TW)

  • KppKerry
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    @hakuya-l true
    All of the above

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