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  • Moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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    The the above reason are true, but they still can find a way to handle it, if they care Asian players enough
    One solution is providing uncersonrd DLC in all Asian Playstation store except Japan Playstation store. It is a cost efficient and simple solution (it is just a simple patch, and they can provide this DLC without too much effort)

  • kayceekambie
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    The problem is not blood or no blood. the problem is the experience . it make the game so unreal and cold.
    i am long time FANS and really disappointed this time. please fix this problem. if no blood, at least sholud add some other respone when u hit something in the game!

  • yerimiese_
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    What we need is that ubisoft gives us full content to Assassin's Creed Valhalla, not censored content, but FULL CONTENT of the game! is that something that is very difficult for you to do, O DEAR UBISOFT?

    It would be better if you give an explanation of this problem, so that Asian players outside Japan feel you care about them. With you not giving explanations to your players, it is clear that you are not putting them first, I and they all just want to ask for something fair that we should all get from you.

    At least show up and give us all an explanation for this, do not just keep quiet and ignore us all!

  • yerimiese_
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    that's the problem, we don't all get the full experience of the game we play, ACV should be a game that feels real.

    It's a shame that ubisoft does this to all of us.

  • KppKerry
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    @yerimiese_ @Ubi-Baron Not hard at all, RIGHT??

  • yerimiese_
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    the fact that they didn't respond at all really [censored] me off.
    is answering or giving an explanation such a difficult thing to do?

  • steven850818
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  • KppKerry
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    @UbiQuB3 Please, don't ignore us.
    We've wait long enough!

  • KppKerry
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    @steven850818 名聲只會更臭

  • yerimiese_
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    That means it is very clear now how they deal with problems like this, they take the complaints of their players not seriously.

    I really don't understand this, other game companies can solve this problem, at least ubisoft, a big game company can also solve this problem and not just stay quiet. maybe you feel this is not something that is very important, but for me, a player who has always played all the series from Assassin's Creed, this is an important thing.

    We wanted the full ACV experience, but here, we don't feel that at all.

  • MrKnightAJ
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    They just don't care Asian players.
    They respond Western players almost immediately or within a day.
    Are they racist? you decide.

  • yerimiese_
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    It's very funny to me, they think only Western or European players are so important to them, and they just ignore Asian players.

    At first I really didn't want to say they were racist or not, but after seeing this problem and how they handled it, I have made up my mind now.

  • husky_six
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    是的, 令人难以置信的是, 他们完全无视我们的声音这么多天

  • Hakuya.L
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    Someone tested the loading speed on PS5 and XSX
    PS5 is faster
    I think the reason is PS5 dont need to load the blood texture

    Also PS5 ver. more SFX because XSX need to handle bleeding

    Just a joke

  • a193255707
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  • best159357
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    It's been four days without any response...…

  • Hakuya.L
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  • Ezios2017
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    @steven850818 兄弟别放弃,推特那边也还有人在继续抗议,面对现在的状况我们只有坚持下去。不能就这么轻易的让ubi结束这件事

  • Ezios2017
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    @husky_six 兄弟别放弃,我们必须要坚持下去以维护咱们的正当权益

  • Ezios2017
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