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  • Moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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    That's what I mean, they standardize all Asian countries to follow the Japanese censorship rules and it really [censored] me off.

    And I've also messaged them on Twitter and Facebook, and guess what, they didn't reply at all, so ...

  • MrKnightAJ
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    Let me make an analogy for you to understand why are the Asian players feeling frustration about this:
    UBI need to sell hardcopy of this game in Canada, but the Canada rating system request UBI to censored the game before selling it. Instead of just making censored version of this game in Canada or providing some patch (for example DLC for other country), UBI decide all the Western country and Europe will have censored version of this game, no matter the hardcopy and digital version of this game.
    Instead of informing the Western players about this as soon as possible, they decide to inform all the Western players 3 days before the game launch. So the players that had per-order the game cannot refund it.
    You can find a way to buy the Asian version of this game and it doesn't have censorship on it, but the Asian version don't have Russian subtitles and they only have Chinese subtitles, so you are forced to read the Chinese subtitles which you may not even understand of this language while playing Asian version.
    You complain about this on UBI Facebook, twitter and their forum. But all they responds is "We will pass this to other team" and they went completely silent and not responds for anything since then.

    If the situation is like this, how would you feel?

  • yerimiese_
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    I really hate it when they say "We will pass this to the other team" and after that there is no continuation and no certainty at all.

    they think we are just kids who are fussing and whining about our video games, but in fact we are really upset and frustrated by this problem.

    the lack of explanation and not much information that we get is what makes us really angry with ubisoft.

  • KppKerry
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    @yerimiese_ Exactly, really hate that.

  • yerimiese_
    88 posts


    i mean, we don't ask for much, we just want this problem to be resolved by providing patches on ACV for other Asian countries besides Japan, or at least you guys show up and give an explanation of this problem, is it really that hard to do

  • MrKnightAJ
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    You know what they actually can do?
    Provide a DLC patch in Playstation store for other Asian countries and cities. Just a small DLC patch to enable to menu option of blood and censorship.
    It would be a very small effort DLC patch since they have already had this option in menu.

    But instead, they pass this to another team and completely ignore all the Asian players request and complain.
    This is top-natch PR.

  • yerimiese_
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    that's what we all want, I mean it's not that hard to put a patch like that.
    instead of giving us the patch, they ignore all of this and don't explain anything. I think they really are professionals

  • kilnine
    3 posts

    Don't ignore Asian gamers!!!!!!
    We want to be treated the same as other platforms.
    Hope to update or patch.

  • Kai5513
    56 posts

    Continued protest

  • zhenfeiniao6268
    Original poster 39 posts

    i advise every asian go to player support to submit new post to fill up our fury. they just leave us here as small children
    and also ubidog's facebook https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=ubisoft
    AND ALSO UBIDOG's FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=ubisoft

  • zhenfeiniao6268
    Original poster 39 posts

    ubi, ni ma si le. ni quan jia bei gou gan.

    wo da pin yin, ni chui a???

  • zhenfeiniao6268
    Original poster 39 posts

    @yao826506511 jin zhi da wai guo wen zi. hahahahahah

  • wl01236563
    36 posts

    Can't type Chinese characters?

  • MrKnightAJ
    32 posts

    Japan doesn't represent whole Asian, PLEASE REMOVE CENSORSHIP !!!!

  • wl01236563
    36 posts

    Is ubisoft there?

  • aa66873
    2 posts

    I am a Taiwan Player. Because that censored, I have refunded the game.
    Just feel extremely sad about it, I was looking forward to playing Valhalla.

  • aa66873
    2 posts

    I am a loyal fan of UBI. Almost all of the games produced by your company buy the ultimate version.
    But this game disappointed me and unsubscribed the game movie
    In the future, the company will use this method to publish games, and I will no longer support any games of the cabinet company.

  • h1elp0Me1
    5 posts

    im confused then, if youre not allowed to see it, why not just turn it off.

  • yerimiese_
    88 posts


    They don't really care if you are a loyal Ubisoft fan or not, because if they really care about us, they will listen to all of our complaints and solve this problem as soon as possible.
    Maybe for them, our complaints are something that is not important, so they ignore it and do not give any response.
    Pathetic isn't it? but that's a fact.

  • frankcard
    7 posts

    [censored] Ubisoft.

    Ban Chinese character and still not facing you Asian players.

    Why don’t you just give an answer.

    We just a complete version, how hard it could be.

    We just don’t wanna be under CERO, how hard it could be.

    We just wanna be a nice Player who can keep supporting AC, how hard it could be.

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