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  • yerimiese_
    88 posts


    all i'm saying is that i will never back down from this problem, i will keep this up until all of us get what we deserve in the first place.
    i don't care if they didn't respond or they still want to keep quiet about all this, all i wanna do now is, i want to do what Ubisoft do " WE ARE NOT INGORING THIS", so im not gonna ignore this either 🙂

  • TideSing
    25 posts

    f k y ubi !

  • TideSing
    25 posts

    We must let them know that oppression and deception will not make us back down. Instead, it will make us more firm in our own ideas and more firmly safeguard our legitimate rights and interests.

  • wl01236563
    36 posts

    What kind of products did Asians buy for$59.99? 

    The answer is discrimination

  • yerimiese_
    88 posts


    What kind of products did Asians buy for $59.99 but didn't get it?

    a full content of Assassin's Creed Valhlla without the censored thing

  • MrKnightAJ
    32 posts

    China is part of Asian, not the whole Asian

  • HartmannnD
    3 posts

    Apparently UBIsoft they don’t care ASIA players

  • kayceekambie
    13 posts

    we, all asia are being cheated in this case.
    the problem is not about censored content. the problem is we pay for some uncensored contents turn out its censored. we should have the the right to choose. they should let us know the difference before we pay. if i want a all age game play with my boy, i will buy one, if that game come very bloody, i will angry with that too. so whatever the game is still good or not, i am asking for refund or full version.

    simply, the problem is we have been cheated. for those ppl who saying censored ACV is ok, please bear in mind yes its ok when we know and choose before we pay.

    and we play in PS STORE. i don't think it is reasonable for them to tell us in their website, 3 days before launch.


  • kayceekambie
    13 posts

    or this:

  • XK5130
    15 posts

    @mrknightaj you are right,China is not Asia,perhaps they only hate Chinese,but the yellow skin make us no difference to them.

  • yerimiese_
    88 posts


    man screw that, our colors doesn't mean anything, we are all the same no matter what colour we are, if ubisoft think they didn't have the urge to reply to us because of our race or colour then screw them, hell, i'm indonesian, and in this country we have all different colours.

    all i'm saying is, no matter colours or race we are, we're here to get what we deserve in the first place, and i won't stop till i get it, so let's fight together guys 🙂

  • xu3ao6
    1 posts

    I'm a Taiwan Player and a big fan of AC series.
    This is my first time having a PlayStation console and I preordered Valhalla as well.
    But I'm not happy that we're getting an uncompleted game, since I'm not Japanese.
    I hope there will be a patch for us in Asia, please, please don't let me down.

  • KppKerry
    109 posts

    Reaching 700 posts, stop ignoring us.

  • Nueng_Ja
    6 posts

    I am Thai. Knew this problem AFTER I bought the full game. Now I am angry.

    I find this thread and decide to join forces with you guys.

  • Ezios2017
    63 posts

    @nueng_ja Let's fight against this unfair treatment.

  • KingMrQ
    19 posts

    ubisoft don't want to see chinese character.how abot jpg?undefined

  • yerimiese_
    88 posts


    see, that's what i mean, i bought the physical game and i didn't know anything at first, after i play the game around 10hours, that's when i know this problem exist.

  • yerimiese_
    88 posts


    oh i know they hear us just fine, they just chose to stay silent, that's all

  • KppKerry
    109 posts

    @yerimiese_ That's true, we don't want them just read it and do nothing.
    Really hate that.

  • MrKnightAJ
    32 posts

    I think they will ban image in reply later LOL

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