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  • Moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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    @czelious Valhalla is not available for sale in mainland China. The only areas available for sale in China are Hong Kong and Taiwan, but the auditing system in Hong Kong and Taiwan is different from that in mainland China.

  • wl01236563
    36 posts

    Why ubisoft still refuses to face the players here?

  • HabitualFlea225
    35 posts

    @czelious Maybe you would want to fact check before making a fool out of yourself here lmao

  • HabitualFlea225
    35 posts

    @kayceekambie I am also doing the same thing bro

  • kayceekambie
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    Let me say it again, I dun think censorship is a problem.
    the problem is ubisoft show me uncensored game, i feel cool so i paid for this uncensored version, i paid.
    turn out they told me by the CERO, japanese law they have to make it censored, told me in somewhere who-know-where and only-they-know-where FAQ, 3 days before.
    but i am not get what i paid for. So its my right to get my REFUND.

    Even the game still good, i do think this REFUND is a MUST. not only for asia players but also players around the world. please dun let them get excuse to sell us defective products.

    please dun blame any other japanese, chinese,etc...... u can see there is no problem in XBOX version, PC version, what CERO consideration is totally an EXCUSE. even yes some countries do have censorship law, they should tell and say it clearly before players paid or play. like showing on game starting screen if players accept, they can keep playing or stop using and get refund if players are pre-ordered.

  • headsomeawsome
    2 posts

    Rubbish company Cheat money!!!!

  • kayceekambie
    13 posts

    @mrknightaj The best part is, whats the meaning of pre-order? we trust them and love the game and so we paid and wait for great moments! anyone will expect ur game will turn out become another version in these waiting moment? and if we accept that, who know what they can do next , pre-order brutal assassins creed XXXXXX and you get "fall guys creed" maybe, and u have to happy you can play with you kids now.

  • kayceekambie
    13 posts

    lie again.

    The adjustments includes:

    Eliminated unevenness on cut surfaces, adjusting it to be smooth.
    now: no cuts i can see.

    Fixed so that certain torture scenes where internal organs can be seen are mild.
    now: i have not see any internal organs, not mild, all gone.

    Fixed so that any beheaded faces are covered with a mask/helmet.
    now: only helmet. no head inside. so technically you are cutting air. and NPC get scared when they see .....helmets drop.

    Fixed so that topless women are clothed.(i am not really care about it i am not asking for [censored] game)


  • KppKerry
    109 posts

    @wl01236563 I have no idea why they keep avoiding their problems.

  • wl01236563
    36 posts


    I hope ubisoft can give us the answer directly

    Will it be corrected

    Instead of letting the players here have a little expectation

  • frankcard
    7 posts

    I'm so curious that why Ubisoft banned the original poster?

    We protest for our rights and you think we are wrong.

    We just want an official answer and you think you guys don't answer us in right?

    How ironic!!

    Is it so hard to give us a Asian Patch instead just include us into Japan?

  • KingMrQ
    19 posts


  • KingMrQ
    19 posts

    No answer.
    No reply.
    No fix.
    No Chinese characters.
    Release day 8.
    UBISOFT still discriminate against Asian PS4 players

  • wl01236563
    36 posts

    Eighth day

    Do something

  • wl01236563
    36 posts

    I still keep this as a memory to this day


    The first time Chinese translation of Assassin's Creed game

    I used to think that Asian player are valued by ubisoft

    I didn't find out that I was wrong until today

  • NeedToShoping
    18 posts

    Hey guy I think it's time to stopped support Ubisoft game,They never care about East Asia player.

  • cavveman
    84 posts


    I hope that key is used by you already. If I were you I would edit the picture to remove that part.

  • wl01236563
    36 posts


    Used it a long time ago~

  • YunFire_QY
    4 posts

    The version difference is not show on PS STORE PAGE, NOR UBISOFT MAIN PAGES,I bought the game without knowing that it was censored, so I applied for a refund, but it was rejected by PSN. I think it's fraud

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