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  • Moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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    @yunfire_qy I say we report this issue to the customs department of your respective region

  • kanetw1963
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  • HabitualFlea225
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    @kayceekambie didn't mention no blood either. We shouldn't aim for refund at this point, but a lawsuit

  • yerimiese_
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    in your opinion, which one is better for now?
    i'm going back to odyssey for now, until this matter is resolved

  • fafner1010
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    The censored version is TOO OVER.
    There is no even a drop of blood.
    Already NINE DAYS.

    I have nothing to say already.

  • Jasonwjx22
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    Please forgive my grammar mistakes because I'm not a native speaker. Playing censored version is so terrible. When you attack an enemy, it's like attacking a piece of wood. Never been so disappointed in Ubisoft like this. I've played every ubisoft games before, always supporting you guys when others belittle your games, but I feel like I don't even have the most basic respect this time. Please just tell us whether you gonna solve this problem in the future ASAP, so that I can decide if I'm going to completely give up on your games. Why is it just so hard for you to say something? The announcement of censore Asian version was quietly made three days before the game availiable to us, what a joke. Maybe you still won't give any meaningful response, because you won't even be here to see the player's reaction, and you probably don't care how the player feels in the first place. From the beginning of the game’s release to the present, all the players who leave a message here at least have liked Ubisoft’s games before, so they insist on leaving a comment here and wait for a reply. I respect those who made this game, because you have provided us a very satisfying product; but I am  disgusted by the person who chooses to disrespect the player's feelings,  your non-replying behavior is just stimulating the player’s negative emotions. Now I just feel like I've been slapped in the face by a friend I've always supported with. I am tired of waiting hopelessly, please tell us what you gonna do about it immediately, my affection for you is running out. Disapointment.

  • husky_six
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    I can't even input English now. Good job, Ubisoft. I used to support you. Now I just want to insult you

  • wl01236563
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    Those who are still here are loyal fans
    People who don’t care will never show up here
    Waste a lot of time expressing ideas

    The opinions here are worthless to ubisoft?

    Think even a little response is a waste of time?

  • lemonosharky
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    we're not goddamn Japanese (though I respect Japan as a country not insulting them), we're Taiwanese, Koreans, Hong Kongers, Singaporeans, Malaysians and so on, why do we have to follow a foreign country's laws?

  • lemonosharky
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    @wl01236563 problem actually is this, I know someone who works in Ubisoft but many of those who aren't in the higher ranks such as them for instance are watching this as I am speaking and they too wish for the fix. However, it is typically the higher ups who don't give a salty damn about us and it is also them who decide

  • Neonpunk2094
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    Ghost of Tsushima, Fallout4, Doom, etc. are not censored even in Japan.
    So, I doubt this is CERO's fault. (I hate them anyway...)

  • lemonosharky
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    @neonpunk2094 i'd say it would be ubisoft and sony's fault when it comes to this matter; besides, it was ubisoft and sony who decided the entirety of asia should come under the Japanese law

  • YunFire_QY
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    We just want a respond, change or not, it's hard for you, isn't it?ubisoft

  • Raski0611
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    History repeats itself allways twice, first time is tragedy, second time its a Farce.
    Germany in the year 2000a.d., it was a leap year. In 29.february they relased an Ego Shooter called soldier of Fortune, one of the revolutionäre Feature was the dismembering of bodyparts.
    Sadly our goverment and our propaganda tv psychology Center belived that blood in videogames causes schoolmassacers, [censored] and crackuseing. We were forced to download bloodpatches via a 56k Modem and risk inprisonment.

  • Aedelion
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    @yerimiese_ I loved Odyssey and played the hell out of it. But it was a year after release so I didnt run into any bugs haha

  • wl01236563
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    Another day passed
    Still no response

  • husky_six
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    Oh, my God, I just found out that my most wanted assassin close-up is missing in Asia

  • NeedToShoping
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    Justice for East Asian player in PS4.We want to play this game in full experience. undefined

  • KingMrQ
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    No reply.
    No fix.
    just waiting
    Release day 9.
    UBISOFT still discriminate against Asian PS4 players

  • timmy20140624
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    A reply a day hope UBISOFT great again

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