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  • Moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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    We need blood, not loveliness

  • KppKerry
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    @a193255707 Why not both ?

  • Hakuya.L
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    I think ALL VERSION are censored but by different organization because laws
    They have different rating system, and CERO is tough
    Usually HK should use the rating of America/Europe region if this game is not MIJ and publish international, just like the Xbox and PC ver.

  • palqn
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    no response

  • KppKerry
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    "Please be aware we are not ignoring this." LOL~

  • tommt9
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  • KppKerry
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    @tommt9 其實如果不是玩家挖出來,UBI根本就想直接蒙混過關,完全沒有要公布的打算

  • Kai5513
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    @Ubi-Baron At least explain to us the reason for doing this

  • NeedToShoping
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    Ubisoft ,I am Thailand player and I played every AC series. Today you betrayed me. You neve care in any other Asian country except Japan. I am very disappointed in you.

  • VVF-10086
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    @ Ubi-Baron
    Please respect us so that we can get the game experience we deserve

    It’s hard to imagine that a long-awaited game would be the result. Is there any respect for PS4 players in your eyes?
    We need a response, not a trivial answer. You don’t even have an official announcement. This is ridiculous.

  • Ezios2017
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  • Ezios2017
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  • leonhang
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    I'm amazed how you guys still haven't learn a thing or two from the Watch Dogs Chinese Sub Edition Censorship Fiasco. Seriously how on earth would you think the players from Asia would love to follow CERO's censorship policy ? Players in Asia especially those from Taiwan and Hong Kong already expressed their dissatisfaction with Watch Dogs Chinese Sub Edition being censored to the point of blaming it on Beijing government for being the cause of the whole censorship fiasco when it was the Japanese CERO who does it.

    Seriously, if you truly want to find a game rating as a standard to follow in Asia, might I suggest Taiwan's GSRR or South Korea's GRAC and let Japan have their own CERO rating version, don't mix or bundle Japan CERO version with the rest of Asia. I understand when it comes to video games sales, Japan has traditionally being the region with the highest sale of video games, but that still doesn't mean you should ignore the market demands for your games in other parts of Asia.

    Just my two cents from an Xbox player in Malaysia

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    I have really liked your games and I am looking forward to the new assassin for a long time. Now I’m getting a censored lovely game just because of the Cero? I’m no Japanese and I need my game back, or I would probably never buy any game from you because u don’t clearly don’t give a [censored] about us Chinese.

  • iwantmyvalhalla
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    your guys's strategy is ridiculous which did broke asian players's heart. i gotta say IF this issue will not be solve,i won't buy any UBI game in future

  • Ezios2017
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  • Ezios2017
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    @kerrypeng 所以我们更不能忍气吞声,育婊现在这破样都是玩家惯出来的

  • Kai5513
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    各位 持續洗版直到這些歧視人的豬回覆為止

  • Ezios2017
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    @kai5513 玩个游戏都要遭受不公平的对待,真的心累

  • iwantmyvalhalla
    13 posts

    It's been 3 days and NO RESPONSE

    be aware we are not ignoring this


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