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  • KppKerry
    Original poster 109 posts

    @kai5513 Me too, now we are more disappointing about them.

  • Shootrike
    2 posts

    As a Korean, I don't really know about the versions of other contries. As far as I know, in Korea, the censored stuff is only on Playstation 4/5. XBOX and PC versions are... well... bloodbath. No censors at all.

    Word of advice? Ditch the Playstation and go to the road of glorious PCMR.

  • KppKerry
    Original poster 109 posts

    And let Ubisoft keep disrespect us, WOW~ sounds great.

  • lagan31
    4 posts

    You don't understand the point. We're protesting that only the Asian ps version is being mistreated, we're not complaining that there's no way to play an uncensored game.

    Ubisoft is ignoring the intentions of Asian ps gamers. "Just do it with a PC"? Let's get treated like this forever and lose the option of being a PlayStation? If you are going to write something like this, don't mention that you are Korean. I'm embarrassed as the same Korean.

  • dbgager
    158 posts

    @kerrypeng Your government decides what gets censored...not Ubisoft. Change your laws if you don't want censored games.

  • Shootrike
    2 posts

    @lagan31 Hmm, good point. Sorry for my ignorance.

  • zhenfeiniao6268
    39 posts

    @dbgager check the Ubi Asian website information first, Thank you

  • npcromancer
    2 posts

    @dbgager FYI Ubisoft censored the game releases for all Asian regions as per the Japanese laws.

    This is totally the doing of the team at Ubisoft for PS distribution in Asia. There’s hardly any censorship over violence and nudity in Asia overall. I don’t understand what laws you are proposing for the Asians to change. Don’t bring up China for me, as this AC series isn’t released in China.

    Past releases of AC series in SEA were separated from the JP versions, AS ALL PS GAMES ARE. That’s why the players are angry. They have a reason to be.

    I can see you are confused but don’t be disrespectful if you don’t the what the [censored] is happening.

  • ubimicalz
    14 posts

    @torfinr there were no black Viking’s irl

    351 posts

    @ubimicalz You missed the sarcasm in my previous post 😊

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