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  • longjohn119
    549 posts

    @darcadlan Because you are only making Ubisoft $60 compared to RadBrad and others bringing in thousands of dollars in sales ...... These guy EARNED this privilege by hard work and building a successful YouTube or streaming channel .... They give these people a $60 game a couple of days in advance and they get back thousands in sales

    It's not a hard concept to understand, it's just basic good business practices ...... It's a cheap and effective way to promote your product

    19 posts

    @longjohn119 I understand the concept of streamers. I don't understand what it hurts to allow pre orders to get same early access. I've also gave them way more than $60 over the years, I give them more than that everytime i buy a game as i don't ever buy the basic tier.

  • Ganossa_
    58 posts

    @darcadlan I agree to the argument to not give exclusive access to streamers (if not also journalists) but this post is very likely about the people who got the game early due to buying the game in Asia where it was release ~1 day earlier due to the time zone.

    19 posts

    @gcc1984 Post predates that. streamers have been playing since friday when i noticed maybe sooner. Also don't care if they get it early just saying they should share the love with their fans

  • Ganossa_
    58 posts

    @darcadlan I am aware of that and it is now (unfortunately) usual for all new game releases.
    From the timestamp it just looks like the poster was seeing a lot of streams that appeared when the game released in Asia.

  • ArtilleryHorse
    1 posts


    Nice that you can play it, uplay plus errors out when you try and subscribe, they said their looking at it. Another ubisoft sh it show, what a surprise.

  • sandythehippy
    39 posts

    @artilleryhorse your reading and comprehension seem lacking. Where did I say I can play it?

  • mrsleep0000
    10 posts

    Advertising and hype, how does it work?!

  • OGSithLrdMalgus
    26 posts

    @alexromanoid right spent 110 bucks in February to get a game that wont even launch on release night big ol [censored] you to me i guess

  • Kushkills2469
    11 posts

    @ogsithlrdmalgus this tho like i bought it for my birthday and waited and waited and nothing cant even play something i paidnfor but they just gave the game out to streamers for free
    Get ur [censored] toget unicrap and epic [censored] games

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