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  • edwinroch
    5 posts

    same me also .after i click new game the game crashed.

  • Silencer-UK
    16 posts

    @darcadlan No im guessing they are using a vpn to unlock early.

  • edwinroch
    5 posts

    nope.im not using any vpn. i just log in into my ubisoft and the game was available to download and play

    19 posts

    @edwinroch what region?

  • Adrilz312
    7 posts

    @silencer-uk No, dude. I don't use VPN and it was already unlocked a few hours ago. I'm from the Southeast Asia region.

  • edwinroch
    5 posts

    SEA malaysia

  • Silencer-UK
    16 posts

    Have you all updated your graphics drivers?
    AMD Radeon should be 20.11.1
    Nvidia GeForce should be 457.30

  • dlmthree
    77 posts

    Had the same issue. Even after updating to the latest graphics driver.

    I don't have much advice but keep trying. At one point, after restarting the game several times I managed to get through, still took like 1 minute to get past the white screen but eventually it worked.

  • hr1950
    2 posts

    is it the white screen after we went through a hole at the 1st cutscene? got the same problem here.
    already like 8 or 9 times crashed

  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 440 posts

    Hey everyone! I sincerely apologize for the delayed reply. All of our teams have been incredibly busy working to answer all of the support inquiries coming in. I also apologize for the inconvenience, frustration, and disappointment that the white screen and other technical issues may have caused you in-game. As some time has passed, can you please let me know if you're still experiencing this problem at this time? If so, have you tried completing our technical troubleshooting guide?

    Official Response

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