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  • Troopercooper80
    29 posts

    @ubi-spud I’m running on a mix of high and 1 or 2 options on medium on 1080p, odyssey runs buttery smooth, I can’t find the reason for the stuttering, seems to mostly happen in raid situations.

    oh and now have the latest drivers.
    none of my 300 games stutter by the way lol.

  • S.H.O.D.A.N
    3 posts

    Yeah I'm getting pretty severe stuttering too.

    PC Specs: i9-9900k, 32GB ddr4 and an RTX 2080 Ti.

  • LtTaffy
    3 posts

    I'm getting really bad stuttering. i7 10700k, RTX 3080, 64GB RAM. I'm able to get 70-90fps on ultra high settings but I need vsync because I'm using an ultrawide 60hz monitor. But the stutter is so bad. Weirdly, everything is super smooth in windowed mode.

  • S.H.O.D.A.N
    3 posts

    OK, I'm not entirely sure what happened but for me the lag seems to have stopped, there was a miniscule game update, but that's all.

  • Epicstabz
    3 posts

    This game is poorly optimized, the amount of stuttering is unreal.

    My Specs:
    -Intel i9 9900k AIO cooled
    -Nvidia ASUS RTX 2080 Super
    -32gb Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz
    -Asus Hero Maximus XI wifi MOBO

    Temps are nominal and GPU/CPU are hardly under load YET ubisoft cant seem to release a game without having major performance issues across all platforms. Aggravating enough to post my first forum. The constant FPS stuttering is outrageous. Cinematics basically do not exist because the of the performance issues having a fast forward effect on the whole game. $60 POS

  • Strunkero
    4 posts

    Try without icue.
    Try in fullscreen.

  • NetQvist
    37 posts

    Pretty beefy computer, 3800x and 2080 Ti. No issues in any other recent games.
    Game starts out running wonderfully at even ultra high on 1440p. However after a while it starts stuttering badly, at the 1h+ mark it's basically annoying and at 2h we are talking unplayable. A restart fixes it and the same area works again.
    I've tried multiple GPU drivers, disabling SMT, different graphics configurations but nothing seems to stop this "memory leak" or whatever it is.
    Moving around and cutscenes seem to trigger it worst.

  • Kary_Tan
    3 posts

    @netqvist try to adjust the resolution screen to 0.7 or 0.8 .. im having the same issue as you now and trying all sort of ways. Currently reducing resolution from 1 to 0.8 seems help me for now..

  • NetQvist
    37 posts

    @kary_tan Pretty sure that will only increase the overall performance a bit which means it will take a bit longer for it to happen.

  • ziggystardust10
    4 posts

    @netqvist hey there, are your stutters like micro freezes at the beginning, and the more you play the more it becomes like total freezes ( which can last up to 8 seconds), cause that's what I've been dealing with along with the memory leak, I've got 32 Gb of ram and the game manages to scale up to 11Gb even on the map... i noticed also that the stutters occur on a regular basis ( every 2:30 minutes for me)...
    Have no idea what is going on with this game

  • NetQvist
    37 posts

    @ziggystardust10 My game is like butter at the start no matter the location. It just works perfectly, generally I try to keep a locked 60.

    However after like 30 minutes I start getting hitches in what I suspect is equal intervals mainly when moving/attacking or in cutscenes. Standing still looks smoother for some reason. Haven't checked the frametimes in a graph so.

    At the 1h+ mark we are talking serious stutters, I had a pretty long fight dying a few times at a monastery and I had to be down to an effective 5 fps or something as bad as it was freezing.

  • Fitzcardiff0
    4 posts

    @netqvist Are you finding this is happening during cut scenes? I've a powerful set up here, and i'm dropping to the point where I'm close to throwing the towel in until they sort it.

  • TheZonk88
    57 posts


    If you think its a Memory Leak give ISLC a try (Wagnardsoft, same Dev of well known DDU/DisplayDriverUninstaller)

    ISLC is short for Intelligent standby list cleaner

    Win 10 has a known Bug with leaking, but doenst occur on every Setup...

    "The application will monitor and clear the memory standby list according the configured options parameter you set.

    It may help users who have stutters in games when using windows 10 Creator update and higher version of windows."

  • jamesgts
    1 posts

    I have a 3080 FTW3 and a 10900k, both OC. No other games gives me a headache like Valhalla. I play in 1440 max settings and average 90+fps. Thats before their patch. Now when I log in game, fps will drop to 25 and stay there. Nothing from what I tried worked. Its unplayable now. Typical ubisoft rushing their games full of issues. Im done playing this [censored] until they fix it. If anyone has any idea why this is happening Id be curious to hear.

  • cypheroftyr
    1 posts
    • RTX 3080 Founders Edition
    • Ryzen 7 3800X = 8 Core CPU
    • 64Gb DDR 3200 RAM
    • 10TB HDD
    • Xbox One controller (wired)
    • Windows 10 64bit Home Edition

    I'm getting horrible lag, all drivers are updated, I'm able to run other games just fine. The benchmark doesn't go above 54fps , running just the game.

    I know there's a known issue, but is there any options available? Playing it is ok, but streaming it isn't happening with the current 3080 issues.

  • Zangato1988
    38 posts

    @netqvist So far only fix is to restart the game 😞

  • sattium85
    72 posts

    @netqvist I78700K, RTX 2080 Super, 16GB ram, Nvme SSD - stable fps 55-75 after a few hours of play (Ultra 2560x1440)

  • GuyIncognitos
    1 posts

    The game stutters constantly, even in menus. It's enough to give you motion sickness. Every so often it runs smooth but it's like this 95% of the time. I've tried every single fix I've seen elsewhere:

    • I have the latest drivers.
    • I disabled full screen optimization and I've tried borderless.
    • I get the same thing on low or ultra high settings.
    • I've turned all the Radeon settings off and all on. Same result.


  • Bursinfur
    2 posts

    My freezes and stutters stopped when I disabled hybrid in the control settings.

  • Zangato1988
    38 posts

    @bursinfur Where is that located ?

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