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  • Kim1667
    1 posts

    My game has not appeared in my library in 24hrs AND it shows that I can start playing, when I hit the play button it said "can't start d3d12.dll" is missing.
    Not a great way to start new with ubi soft.............. what is the fix or solution????
    You have my $$$ and I have no game.............................

  • Kurosx
    2 posts

    @ralleeen i bought it 2 days ago . it doesnt appear. 60$ in the bin

  • The.Nornir
    4 posts

    @kaffertjie This happened to me twice yesterday so i lost 200 u-points & 2 payments pending in my Bank Account so i told my Bank & they stopped the payments.
    I can't believe that this [censored] is still going on cos this happened to me 2 years ago with the same 404 error code.
    i would love to know if this [censored] happens if you don't use the 20% discount.

  • James0n97
    7 posts

    I bought the game Assassin's creed Valhalla but I didn't recieve it. The money are taken from my bank account and I don't have the game. Could you help with solving the problem?

  • AcousticsdB
    3 posts

    Ok.. I bought the game on november 16th and has been almost 3 days and don't have the game. Money has been taken from my bank and ubisoft connect says that my game is alrready in library. No answer from ubisoft. 😞

  • James0n97
    7 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • James0n97
    7 posts

    I bought the game Assassin's creed Valhalla, but didn't get it. The money is taken from my bank account and I don't have the game and I haven't received an email. Could you help solve the problem?

  • fosters_lager
    2 posts

    13518515 - Case Number "Game not appearing in Library"

    I have purchased this over 2 days ago. I have contacted support 3 times and no help or response. I purchased the game for $70 AUD, using 20 percent discount ( from 100 gold coins in account) and it charged my card. On the Uplay store the transaction went through as well as on my card account, but it has still not appeared on the u play launcher. This is incredibly poor service. I cannot even refund as u play will not let me. Obviously Id prefer to have a functioning game. What does someone need to do to talk to Ubisoft support in AU/NZ?!?

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    @fosters_lager Unfortunately we're not able to assist with issues such as this over the Forums.

    Due to a high number of contacts our responses are currently delayed, but the team will be in touch with you as soon as they have an update for you.

    Official Response
  • fosters_lager
    2 posts

    @ubi-baron Ok thanks you. I will wait. I wanted to point out it has been 4 days at this point.


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