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  • jeje_71
    69 posts

    @thewildrage maybe so, but i think a lot of people are not really aware of the distinction

    since game developers are quite slow to upgrade technologies, the windows 10 requirement is still quite recent, so a lot of non technical minded people won't see the windows version requirement.

  • thewildrage
    11 posts

    @jeje_71 Ye fair enough, also seemed to be the reason behind this.

  • Il_Zero_Two_lI
    Original poster 4 posts

    That's a bit of a bummer. They should've made this more obvious.
    Thanks for the replies though!

  • thewildrage
    11 posts

    @il_zero_two_li Btw, if you don't intend to upgrade your Windows, you should go back and delete all of those *.dll files. Unless you were very careful with what pages you downloaded them from, they are VERY likely to be virus/malware filled.

  • Il_Zero_Two_lI
    Original poster 4 posts

    @thewildrage Thanks for the reminder! I got most of those .dll files from dll-files.com, but I guess you can never be too safe.
    I'm definitely upgrading to Windows 10, though. Been putting that off for way too long anyway.

  • euripidesk
    2 posts

    @il_zero_two_li you need windows 10 x64 in order to run this game

  • sirpixelman
    1 posts

    @jeje_71 Thats the feeling I'm getting. Never heard about this being windows 10 only until last night when I sat down to play the game. Following the rocky launch of Watch Dogs Legion (which still runs like garbage 2 weeks after launch), this was a really disappointing discovery.

  • Blackajck
    1 posts

    try to load the game and it says these files are missing, tried to reinstall multiple times but no luck, anyhelp? just wanna play the game man

  • PrisonDate_Mike
    1 posts

    Im having the same problem, only I am running on Windows 10, with directx 12. I made sure everything was up to date but still having the issue.

  • yodaufr
    1 posts

    same here it doesn't make any sense. How a game like this can't check before launching and installing missing files?

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