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  • leem314
    6 posts

    @alrianneg most unfortunate it appears I have DX12 (11_0)undefined

  • IronhideOG
    2 posts

    @leem314 This requirement sucks... even Cyberpunk 2077 does not have this requirement.

    This is my GPU for AC Valhalla:

  • FinkyMcFink
    2 posts

    Can't get past the starting screen because it says "Unable to initialize graphics system. GPU does not support DX12."

    I got a GTX 780. Pretty out-dated but it should be enough for low-preset and most of all the GTX 780 does [censored] support DX12. So what is this [censored]? Any explanation.

  • orduluaslan
    6 posts

    Game need dx 12 feature level 12. Sadly your card (my card too) only support feature level 11.0. So until someone make a fix like happened in Death Stranding we can't even launch the game. And i don't think ubisoft will give support for our cards too.

  • orduluaslan
    6 posts

    @altair1139 i have the same card and game only works for DX12 feature level 12.0 and above. Our card have DX12 feature level 11.0 support. So until someone make a fix like happened in Death Stranding you can't even launch the game. It's sad but either you wait for fix(not from ubisoft obviously) or try to refund.

  • tilufar
    1 posts

    But there is the same problem than death stranding... To be played, WE should have dx12 feature 12.0 but in death stranding 960m or bellow Can start thiq game with patch.. there is vidéo on YouTube so WE can hope for Valhalla... Maybe
    PS : i've i7 6700hq 960m GTX 16 gb ram

  • FinkyMcFink
    2 posts

    Well, thanks for the reply.

  • orduluaslan
    6 posts

    @tilufar well i already tried it and it doesn't work right now. only thing we can do is wait until someone make a fix like that if possible. other than that there is nothing to do.

  • Lombardic
    1 posts

    I got the same problem. my laptop has GTX 960M and Intel HD Graphics 620.
    What i figured by testing is
    both are enabled, I got the message  non-dx12 video card and game does not even load

    Intel HD Graphics is disabled (From Device Manager, i Disable the driver).
    The game 'runs'. It shows the first screen that is the warning text and nothing else. Sound play in background. The game freezes at that first ever screen.

    I have played odyssey in same laptop and had no problem. ofc low resolution but its playable.
    This one is not playable at all. And GTX 960 is the minimum requirement

  • Punix_08
    2 posts

    undefined  ----------->      WORK

    undefined------------> DOES NOT WORK

  • Brano12
    1 posts

    same here...

  • FrankBue
    3 posts

    Same problem over here.
    Meeting the min requirements: Win10 (64Bit), i7@2.4GHz, 24GB RAM, NVidia GTX780M (4GB) ... only the DX12 feature lvl 12 missing.

    Hope someone is reading the threats for a soon solution.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    Hi guys,

    Unfortunately most Mobile GPUs do no meet the minimum requirements to run Assassin's Creed Valhalla which can be seen here.

    If you are seeing the same error with a Desktop GPU, then we would advise making sure you have all the latest drivers and to perform a Clean Install of the Drivers if you are still seeing issues.

    Official Response
  • ragehu
    23 posts

    Now, it is the same situation like in Odyssey with the AVX.
    They did a patch, finally.

    I have an R9 vga card.
    If the game works with an R9 380, it will work with a 280, too- if they want it to work...

    I hope they will give us a patch - and they put the game into the geforce now service really soon.

  • DavidandObi
    2 posts

    GTX960M doesnt support DIRECTX 12(FEATURED LVL 12_0,12_1) This is problem a you cant play this game. Because game need newest lvl 12_1. GTX960 is very old structure. Its only DIRECTX 12(FEATURED LVL 11_1). Watch dogs legion doenst need FEATURED LVL 12_1 or 12_0. You need upgrade notebook or wait for patch but i mean its directx update and structure. Not Ubisoft :).

  • JadenBNSN
    6 posts

    @ubi-baron my game meets the minimum requirements and all new graphics drivers are installed, but the game still gives the same error with 12

  • dantexzhalia
    1 posts

    Me too I have the same problem

  • YungMalle
    1 posts

    Yeah got the same problem, tried everything feels like.

    I even have the requirements that @Punix_08 sent on this thread.
    Was so hyped to play it today but doesn't look like I can play it at all for now.

  • Altair1139
    9 posts

    @orduluaslan the funny part is i became a member of ubisoft + instead of buying the game so I now feel like cheated

  • penry2014
    1 posts

    This forum theme is about the same problem: https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2291025-Valhalla-Not-Launching-Unable-to-initialize-graphics-system-GPU-doesnt-support-DX12/page6

    I wrote in their support forum and waiting for over 12 hours for official statement, but nothing! This is so unprofessional!

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