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  • SOLVED [RESOLVED] [PC] Fire / Smoke / Dust effects causing multicoloured graphical artefacts | POST HERE

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    No, no, no, @Ubi-Baron, the case is not closed! Many people with this bug yet still!! Keep this thread and problem alive!!!

  • Nagru87
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    hope for patch ;/

  • Ubi-Borealis
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    @qq1670622093 Hello there! Welcome to the forums.

    Sorry for the delayed response. I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing crashes in-game.

    If you haven't already, please could you try these basic troubleshooting steps? In particular, please ensure that your drivers are fully up-to-date. I also recommend disabling background applications, as these can interfere with the game files.

    If the issue persists, please don't hesitate to update us!

    Official Response
  • vahndaar
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    Any word on the next title update or patch?!

    I see Ubisoft has defaulted to the usual glacial pace of comms and updates that we have with Breakpoint. No recent updates or info for Valhalla or Legion, both completely broken performance wise on PC.

  • TheFrostyBlur
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    I updated windows and did so by just installing a newer copy on my second drive. I couldn't update to begin with because my normal had a virus or something that kept preventing it and would keep openeing my browser to Russian websites...Was really annoying, but since getting the new windows version and using the game ready driver the games runs a treat. It was also working with old drivers I had installed, but it was a laggy mess. Updating the drivers completely reversed that, so I am enjoying the game now. And if I want after I finish the game I can just boot into the other drive to use the other version because my newer version doesn't recognize the drive so I'm gonna leave it at that and then boot into it one more time after I finish the game and get all the files I need then boot back into the newer one and downlaod the files. The newer version doesn't open chrome browsers or anything a virus or malware does so I'm gonna keep this version. Ill then just wipe the other drive completely after getting the required files then use that as the backup drive. All in all it was too much work to play a game I agree, but I really needed to fix my PC so it did give me motivation haha....If anyone wants to try this they can (Don't blame me if something goes wrong though I only did this once) but what I did was as follows

    Also this method is to be able to download a new version of windows on a new bootable drive. This method doesn't require a USB or DVD. Can be done at home and should keep your current verision safe.

    This can probably work with one drive if you create a separate disk space from your current drive, but I didn't do this so again continue at your own risk. I will list what you need to do below as well

    Before we start move AC Valhalla to the second drive and Ubisoft so you don't have to install it again. If you use the one hard drive clone method then copy AC Valhalla and Ubisoft to that but keep a copy on your normal drive to be safe if the cloned drive method doesn't work.

    1. Go here and download the Windows 10 ISO https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 - You will have to run that tool and pick the ISO option. It will download the ISO put it on your desktop or something easier. Don't worry this isn't installing a new version of windows right now it's just downloading the ISO files if you pick that option. Make sure you pick 64 bit or 32 depending on what you use.
    2. Go here and download this - https://qpdownload.com/easybcd/ - It will be needed to complete this. It's free and safe I didn't get any adware or anything.
    3. Go to Disk Management on Windows - Side click on windows icon and disk management should be an option. Now in here you need to create a new disk, To do this you need to right click on the drive you want to use for this and click shrink volume - enter the amount of MB to shrink by as 6000 or 7000. Now you right click on the new disk of either 6GB or 7GB it will be unallocated right click on and click new simple volume. and follow the setup window. Call it recovery Windows. Once you finish this the drive will show up as its own in file management. If you only have one hard drive then this would probably be the time to create one more and give it like 200GB or something along them lines and call it WIndows 2 or something. I didn't do this as I had two drives, but it could work. Basically when we boot into the Recovery Windows drive it will show up as a DVD or USB, and you get to pick where windows is installed. I picked my second drive, but people with one drive you want your Windows 2 drive to show up as an option to install to. And if it's gonna be used for WIndows and AC I recommend creating a 200GB one. for windows to be installed to (Not the 7GB file) But again this method is mainly for people with two drives I never tested it with one drive so proceed with caution.
    4. Copy all the contents inside the ISO to the Recovery Windows drive you created (The one of 7GB) make sure you copy the inside contents it will have a boot folder etc in it copy all of it.
    5. Open Easy BCD (downloaded in step 2) in the program click add new entry. Find the WinPE option should be under portable/external media. Your type should be WIM Image (Ramdisk) and the name should be NST WinPE Image.. Once that's in the correct order click path and go to your new disk drive that has the ISO contents in it and find the sources folder and select boot.wim. Once that's done click add entry at the bottom.
    6. Click edit boot menu in BCD and click NST WinPE Image and click rename - to Windows 10 Recovery. Change the cool down option to 10 Seconds. Click save settings and now the recovery disk is created correctly.
    7. Turn off your PC and save any important files somewhere you can get later on if anything goes [censored]. Turn your PC back on and go into the Bios settings. Click boot and try to find the new drive you created (Mine was at the bottom but it may have a similar name to the drive you shrunk so watch out for that, but it is in there if you don't get it the first time just go through them all you'll find it. If you did it correctly then the Windows 10 installer pops up like you popped the DVD in. Follow the installation guide and if you have two hard drives then pick your other one, but if you only have one then hope the second drive you made of 200gb (Just for people with one drive remember to create it when we were creating the 7GB disk) if it pops up then great but if it doesn't you can just boot back into your windows. I never did it with one drive but it'd probably work. If you have two drives then your second drive will pop up. Pick that and install windows
    8. Right you will need to download drivers etc it acts as a new windows installed on a fresh system. My old windows hard disk pops up but isn't allocated. Keep it like that unless you want to wipe the drive. Download all the drivers GPU sound etc and then start AC Valhalla with Ubisoft you will probably need to verify install location just pick that and it works.

    Right this method defo works with two drives, and it probably will work with one but I never tried that. DO this if you can't update your windows (Like me cuz of the virus) and when I want to go back to that windows I can just boot into that drive through Windows. Video form below if anyone wants to watch what they're doing

  • Nagru87
    16 posts

    ye great updating windows ;/ for 1 game

  • njlegionis
    1 posts

    Problem exists for me as well. I decided to give Ubisoft another chance at my patronage. After reading the response of updating windows, which many cannot do for various reasons like myself, I will be requesting a refund. I will never purchase another Ubisoft game.

  • Nagru87
    16 posts

    any news on patch? 😕

  • Thanhvu96
    7 posts

    I feel like Ubisoft is ignoring this completely, probably still think that its not their fault and players should just do as told and update Windows, even when its clearly does not work for everybody. At least give an update note so that people can be at ease or answer to the refund request.

  • vahndaar
    42 posts

    PS4 and XBOX versions are on 1.0.5 and PC is still on 1.0.2 with no comms on when the PC will be getting an update.

    Also it's impossible to find anything on these new forums and it's so cluttered when browsing on a mobile device, the old forums were fine!

  • dulejanevski11
    1 posts

    Hello guys,

    I just bought the game yesterday. I was so excited to play it, first because of the "Vikings" Ragnar Lothbrook and other stuff. But as soon as i entered the game i saw that bug. By the way i have NVDIA 1050GTX with normally the latest drivers.I was looking 2 days for fix but i did not find it. Everything was right, windows updated, drivers updated everything was up to date.
    I fix this by downloading https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10 the windows assistant updater, and I had a big update but it was really fast around 15-20 min. Don't be lazy and download this try it maybe you can fix this cause UBISOFT is not responding at all.
    I hope i helped you, have a good one and enjoy the game if u can.

  • dollar601
    3 posts

    @dulejanevski11 Sadly, that does not work for everybody. Everytime I've tried using the windows update assistant it gives me an error around 90% and undoes the whole update, I am not sure why that is, maybe because my windows licence has expired... And there's others who do end up updating their windows and the issue is still there so I don't think that is a universal fix. We need this patched.

  • TheLittleTomato
    13 posts

    If you read this thread, you would not call these people lazy. Some of them cannot update their Windows due to work. It is not their laziness that keeps them from playing, it is Ubisoft's ignorance. Go call them lazy, not the people here!

  • lefthorse
    10 posts

    Just booted up the game, fingers crossed that this update would solve the problem...sadly, it does not. Exact same issues persist. Oh well. Guess I'll have to spend time with my spouse today after all. Thank for nothing, Ubisoft.

  • Nagru87
    16 posts

    @lefthorse they just ignore that problem it seems 😕 thats a sad sad sad saaaaaaaaaad day ;/ waiting next patch

  • Starcadian
    7 posts

    lol, ok with the new patch, the game doesn't even run at ALL. Way to make a first and second impression, Ubi.

  • OlafsOsh
    10 posts

    Patch 1.0.4.
    Issue persists.
    Oh, Ubisoft...

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    tHE PROBLEM of updating windows is just you doing it wrong! you dont need to update windows !! you need update a version of Windows!!
    Just GO TO https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 and download and install this it will Help fix your problem!
    Hope it will help all of you!

  • OlafsOsh
    10 posts

    Start to look like these all-is-well screamers are just fakes...

  • guest-KIGHESIO
    1 posts

    the smoke from the game is pink and i don't know how to fix it help me please

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