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  • BluMustang
    2 posts

    @redw0lfalpha Yeah, playing on PS4 slim and have audio stuttering/glitching every so often

  • heatherlou6661
    2 posts

    @bozoharry Thank you! Took me hours of browsing to find this comment, cant believe it was that simple

  • F34RTH15P41N
    6 posts

    @bozoharry I'm using 7.1 surround sound, If i have to switch to an inferior audio configuration just to play Ubisoft games, that tells me everything i need to know about future Ubisoft purchases...

    Thank you for finding this though, i'm sure it will help many others...

    Ubisoft still need to address this problem asap... They have some of the most expensive games, with what seems to be less and less polish, due to being rushed out the door...

  • Redw0lfAlpha
    57 posts

    @blumustang Yeah it is annoying. It doesn't happen all the time but often. When i close the game to menu and somethimes in cutscenes. Other then that the game runs okay for me.

  • drjesus88
    1 posts

    On Xbox One i was able to fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling the game. For some reason the English audio files didnt seem to download with the day 1 update the first time, and i noticed a 1+GB difference in the update download sizes. After reinstalling, voices and subtitles appeared right away.

  • riddles191
    9 posts

    I’ll try this now thanks. But if a joke that you need to install twice

  • riddles191
    9 posts

    reinstalling has worked and the language packs will now download. Thanks for the help

  • guest-hHfr8kkp
    3 posts

    I have the same issue on the Xbox Series X. I've tried a number of things, including a reinstall. Very strange.

  • guest-hHfr8kkp
    3 posts

    Issue resolved by changing the audio settings on the console, rather than the game (as mentioned above). Very relieved.

  • ryanbunce2014
    1 posts

    I was allready ok audio uncompressed and it’s want working

  • andrewnewtron
    2 posts

    Ive tried changing all settings on console and tv, no dialogue at all. In its present state its not fit for purpose. Ive played most of the assassin creed games and was really looking forward to this. So disappointing!

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