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  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    I do agree, I have watched all Ubisoft forward events but still haven't gotten the Bayek Outfit (while I have the Axe).

    But it wouldn't be the first time that AC games have rewards that (after the initial activity, here UbiForward) can't be obtained. Lets wait and see.

  • AJPjjfa
    4 posts

    @aloninor I watched both the Forward event and the twitch event AND did the safe way to get them after they had screwed up the system. I still have not received anything....

    edit: some words

  • Coconutsplz
    1 posts

    i contacted ubisoft about this today and i got "we cant do anything about it"

    I ordered the collectors edition that had everything etc the music cd case that came with it had all the tracks in the wrong place... so what do we get as compo? a mount.

    Absolutely disgusting

  • Aloninor
    94 posts


    Ubi is currently giving away free stuff every day, stil a couple of days left, yesterday they gave the Bayek outfit as well as settlement cosmetic pack 🙂 So even without having watched the twitch stream everyone could now get it.

    But sorry to hear that you still haven't received it 😞

  • JMetch
    59 posts

    @ubikoreanbbq In real life terms. You mean to say, sorry we messed up the game, but we have your money and currently trying to make new skins for you to buy in our store than rather fixing our game?

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