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  • xrayspex_73
    79 posts


    Please address this ASAP. If I have to restart the entire campaign to start unlocking achievements, I am going to stop playing now.

    Something makes me think this isn't a very high priority for the dev team though...

    Can you imagine if the PS4 or Xbox One versions didn't have achievements at launch?

  • Lockmort
    72 posts

    @vilemos Yeah, I agree. I still don't get why they got rid of Uplay, since it was working fine. I'm more annoyed with the fact that they went with Epic. If Valhalla was on Steam, like Origins and Odyssey were, it would definitely have achievements, like those 2 did. Guess I'll quit playing until this gets fixed someday.

  • LOBOTO_Carver
    2 posts

    Hi all,

    I can't agree more with all of you guys. I really hope achievements will be retroactive on Ubisoft Connect. I took some days off to play it and it will annoy me if they're not.

    @Ubi-Baron please do your best for this issue. I mean you did such a great work with optimization and feature for the PC version. This should be seriously considered.

    If there's no way to get them retroactively I suggest you allow us to unlock them individually with a specific process for everyone that is asking. This is possible.


  • Sh8doWRunn3r
    5 posts
    Hi, yes put it on achievements and stats back to assassin's creed valhalla... thank you

  • Cadmann2013
    9 posts

    @ubi-baron Really ? Not even an answer to the question if achievements will be given retroactively (though admittedly I'd put my money on "no" for that one, though an official statement would be nice).

    I am strongly considering refunding my ultimate edition. can always buy it again for less money when you fixed your stuff, your loss Ubisoft.
    I bought this to play it now on release, it's been 2 wasted days now, the new Yakuza is kinda enticing and....well, their achievements work, too.
    Never touch a running system, especially right when you are about to release 2 big games that use that system which clearly wasn't tested. A wonder Watchdogs works with that stupid Connect nonsense.

    Oh, btw, can some wise person explain to me what exactly the customer gained with the change to connect ? know besides game features not working...
    I see not a single new useful feature, instead non working achievements and a pointless change to the uplay points system on top of way more bloat than with Uplay. Genius, truly.

  • Lockmort
    72 posts

    @cadmann2013 To be fair, it's not his fault, he's just the messenger. If you want to blame anyone, blame Ubisoft and especially Epic. Every single publisher and developer that went with Epic exclusivity has regretted it because of diminishing sales and plenty of customer complaints. Ubisoft is huge, so it probably won't hurt them, but I'm personally glad I didn't buy Valhalla or Legion and just used that Ubisoft+ nonsense for a month ($14.99). It once again taught me the very valuable lesson, that if something's not on Steam, don't buy it. Having said that, it's pretty ridiculous that they still can't fix this after 48 hours, if it's just a problem with Ubisoft Connect. There plenty of people who bought the game, and it doesn't show up in their library, which is even worse. This has got to be the worst Ubigame launch to date, which is a shame, because the game seems pretty good. I'll stick with Yakuza for now.

  • xrayspex_73
    79 posts


    Well you can blame Epic for not having achievements on their platform, but this is Ubisoft's fault entirely. I didn't even buy it through Epic. I bought it straight from Ubi. It's Ubisoft Connect and the developers fault.

  • Cadmann2013
    9 posts

    @lockmort oh, dude, my text is not meant personal in any way, but he is the only support guy around, so just maybe he can relay that people are not exactly OK with what they are doing right now.
    And sure, me refunding won't make a real difference to anyone but me, but that is the point they need to costs me nothing to refund, quite the opposite because you can bet around xmas this game will be on sale for like 30% off and maybe they manage to fix achievements till then 🙂 still, ubisoft should realize that they lose money in the end. I was preordering their games as soon as the preorder went up (AC, Far Cry and WAtchdogs), not anymore after this.
    With all the SJW nonsense going on in their games it's not much of a loss anymore anyways i guess. Now we get censoring in Valhalla because a feminist complained about some characters description because it mentioned a scar and that is, for some reason, non-woke so it has to be purged.

    oh, and how is yakuza, pal ? worth the kinda high price ?

  • Lockmort
    72 posts

    @cadmann2013 I fully agree yeah, no idea what they're doing, catering to a type of people that doesn't play their games anyway and is just out for cheap clout. Such is life these days. I still love Ubi games, but so far, this whole Ubisoft Connect nonsense has definitely put a sour taste in my mouth, especially with the way it's taking so long to fix it. I genuinely believe Epic is slowly, but surely, destroying PC gaming, even though the usual games media suspects pretend it's the other way around. There's so many great games that people already missed out on or simply tossed aside, like Metro, and especially The Outer Wilds. Same thing goes for Valhalla. If it was on Steam, I bet it it would be on the top of the charts. Speaking of which, Yakuza is great! I can't say if it's worth $60, but it's definitely very good and a worthy entry to the franchise. It also has working achievements, a miracle.

  • MrBlond9000
    32 posts

    @cadmann2013 @Lockmort @Ubi-Baron I just hope it will get fixed, because Oddysse and origins had achievements?? But i wait, im looking forward to play the game on PC.. I have it i just waIT FOR IT TO BE FIXED. sORRY FOR CAPS. 🙂

  • MHwtf
    4 posts

    Like, where are they???? Odyssey doesn't have challenges and Valhalla doesn't have achievements...... This ubisoft connect transitioning isn't going very well I suppose?

  • Occono
    1 posts

    Wondering the same. Uplay itself doesn't track game time either (the saves do though)

  • andry9611
    20 posts

    @cadmann2013 totally agree on everyone, it's unbelievable the lack of care about the players not even telling anything official about this issue. 3 days on and we still can't play the game properly. We got a free Season Pass back with AC Unity for a lot less than this Ubisoft should really think about something for us who use Ubisoft Connect because (while the other stores have their shares) our money (except tax.) goes 100% into Ubisoft wallet than i would expect more respect for the players who are on the platform playing and buying every game and DLC since AC2.

  • andry9611
    20 posts

    @loboto_carver this MUST be done as you say, at least.

  • andry9611
    20 posts

    @cadmann2013 as for Yakuza the game is totally worth it, i played all the series and tried the last one at a friend house. Wish i had the money to buy it, but i guess i won't for the time being since i didn't buy even Valhalla to save on money but Ubisoft is stealing time to my subscription apparently.

  • BeTheB
    3 posts

    @Ubi-Baron I completely second this. Also took a week off from work, I am 20 hours in before reading that this is a bug and I might have to replay all of that. This is sheer madness.
    However, my hopes aren't real high, as I was locked out of some achievements because of connection issues with the remastered version of AC3 as well...
    I just really hope this gets addressed ASAP, with a retroactive solution or significant compensation for those of us who went full blown collector's edition binge-gaming on day one. Because after 20 hours, I am not fully restarting this any time soon. The ball got dropped REALLY hard here, and Ubisoft definitely has some fixing to do.

    BTW, @Ubi-Baron, I know you're taking the brunt of this, I just wanted to make absolutely clear that I completely understand you are just the messenger, that you personally cannot offer solutions, and you are doing what you can. But I would certainly appreciate it if we could get a more detailed official response soon. As another user mentioned, it's not even on the known issues list as of yet. So people who care about achievements, won't even be warned that maybe they might consider postponing their playthrough for now.

  • andry9611
    20 posts

    @betheb totally agree, this must be fixed soon or we need some compensation. For real.

  • l0stw0lf
    11 posts

    I've put 10 hours in and found out they didn't have achievements which is weird! I've played watch dogs and even they had it! I'll be watching this thread and hope they fix it asap! Hopefully achievements are retroactive or I might have to start a new game 😞

  • l0stw0lf
    11 posts

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