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  • JeffMorgan1983
    32 posts

    Ok, so I recieved an email from Ubisoft regarding my refund; I'm not allowed to get refunded because I accessed the game after my purchace. This is unbelievable because they didn't tell us that the achievements were missing so I had no idea until I launched the game. I feel duped and betrayed! I would NEVER have bought the game had I known there were no achievements! I haven't played it since!

  • RedIndianRobin
    188 posts

    @driveablepoppy Jesus Christ. Achievements are coming dude. Chill.

  • JeffMorgan1983
    32 posts

    @redindianrobin Yes, they say that. But they still haven't been enabled, and honestly at this point, I have a feeling that they're not going to be. I'm upset because I can't get my money back if they decide not to implement them after all.

  • Vilemos
    64 posts

    The thing with bug fixes is true, but then again, team that works on fixing them shouldn't be the same team to take care of adding achievments.
    If it is the same one....then I don't understand how they became so big as a corporation. That would be just stupid.

    Taking 8 days to add such ridicilously basic feature, which again, is already created (consoles) and should just be added like they do with other games is just terrible.

    Not even talking about the game breaking bugs that should've been gone after 2-3 days...

  • xxpdmxxblood
    10 posts

    9 days Ubisoft, 9 days!!! This is pure disrespect with the client. Not mentioning the HUGE amount of bugs, this is worse than Fallout 76 release. Shame.

  • MrBlond9000
    38 posts

    @ubi-woofer Thanks for the update! But i mean come on? it can't take that long to get, Achievements into the game over a week now.?? 🙂

    But okay, i will still wait, won't play any further, until it will come with ACHIEVEMENTS sorry for caps.
    i was hope for it will come before the weekend, because i would really like to play the game.
    But im most impressed of the DEV team can give us a ETA could be nice. but we must just wait then.
    But thanks for keeping us posted. Have a good day. 🙂

  • Lockmort
    95 posts

    We're now coming up on day 10.
    "Minor Ubisoft Connect bug".
    Why can't they just give an ETA or at least let us know if they work retroactive? That doesn't seem like a huge ask. Don't these achievements exist yet?

  • JeffMorgan1983
    32 posts

    @ubi-woofer If the devs are having troubles adding the cheevos they could tell us and we would understand. Please don't don't leave us in the dark. Ubisoft has always been my favorite developer/publisher and a little transparency will go a long way.

  • Deatheater81
    3 posts

    I would like to know an ETA as well, are you planning on giving a reward as an apology for those who are dessperate for the avhievements?

  • mickaccardo
    8 posts

    We have news? We really want to play, but with the full experience.

  • Porcupineskar
    14 posts

    10 days and not even an ETA.
    We have no idea when it's coming. Does it take another week? Is it a thing that needs months to be fixed?

  • Luschess_
    8 posts

    Full of anticipation i pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition. Now 10 days have passed since the release and there are neither achievements nor patches that fix the numerous bugs. I would really like to know when I can finally play and whether the achievements are retroactive. It can't be true that there is still no official report. I am really disappointed with Ubisoft!

  • FernetPL
    1 posts
  • MrBlond9000
    38 posts

    @Ubi-Baron @Ubi-Woofer How can the dev team still not have a ETA??, is over a week now soon 2 weeks..?? 😄 Im just impressed looks lazy to me..

    I mean you just always have trophies in your games. If it was added for the start we dont have to go trough this. I mean i really want to play the game, beccause i like you and your games and the AC SERIES. But will not play before the Achievements will come, Because is something of your DNA. It have always been there and should always be, just please see if you can make an ETA?? i mean is just something they should implant in the game can take that long. 🙂

  • Lockmort
    95 posts

    @mrblond9000 Yeah and please, just tell us if they work retroactively or not, because if they are, everyone can start playing right now. That seems like something they should definitely know.

  • MrBlond9000
    38 posts

    @lockmort Totally agree really cant be that hard to tell or give an update on.

  • Soolane
    2 posts

    @mrblond9000 Absolutely.
    Even a rough estimate of whether it would take days, weeks or even months to fix would ease peoples' minds.
    At least then all of us still waiting for the achievements to be added/fixed could plan our spare time accordingly.

  • JeffMorgan1983
    32 posts

    It's now been 10 days since launch. I would very much like to start playing. All my console friends are nearing the end of the game with full achievements. This whole situation with Ubisoft Connect is unacceptable. Any update yet?

  • Lockmort
    95 posts

    I don't think they're working during weekends, so it'll be monday at the earliest before we hear anything (if we do at all), which is practically 2 weeks after release. Incredible.

  • HANSSON520
    13 posts

    Well i really hope for the patch next week and not even an ETA now, beacause if its not the case i really don't know what are doing the dev team they got enough time i think. I repeat myself but we just want to play with the true and right content nothing more. Don't forget your pc community please Ubisoft.

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