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  • CODERED2204
    2 posts

    Does anybody know whether stats and achievements will be implemented on Ubisoft Connect?

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1451 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello there!

    I apologise for the delayed update. Following TU, the development team has marked this issue as resolved.

    If you are still having trouble unlocking achievements on PC following this update, please can you provide us with the following information:

    • Which achievements are you unable to unlock?
    • Have you tried repeating actions, if able to (such as in "Silent Viking" and "Seahorse")?
    • Have you been able to try completing additional quests? Some players have reported that completing settlement quests, such as Petra's archery challenge, has allowed them to trigger story achievements to unlock.
    • If you're able to provide any images/video that shows you have met the criteria but the achievement hasn't unlocked, this would be helpful. This could be an image that shows your completed quest log and missing achievement, or a video that shows you completing an action and the achievement not unlocking.

    We can then pass these reports to the development team for further investigation.

    @Jackov15 & @Lidi_Melo - Are you still missing achievements in-game after meeting the requirements following TU If so, please can you provide us with the information requested above.

    @RedIndianRobin - We don't yet have any new information to share regarding the missing achievement pop-up in-game. We've reached out to the team to see if we can get any new updates to share with you all.

    @Arthefran - We don't yet have any new updates to share about making a public API for achievements. I've reached out to the team to see if we can find out any additional information.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • Eog4rd
    7 posts

    Any updates on that matter ?

  • sty1on
    15 posts

    Yeah I'm desperate to start playing this properly. Played for an hour before realising the achievements were missing and now I don't want to play it all until it's fixed.

    I noticed that the Stats are missing too which does suggest there is a Ubi Connect issue with the game rather than there simply being no achievements.

    A proper official response would be appreciated acknowledging the issue, giving an ETA for a fix and clarification about what happens if we do play and earn achievements before the fix.

  • Lockmort
    95 posts

    @sty1on Yeah it's really annoying that they can't give an ETA, or even better: just fix it. I've been playing for about 4 hours, but don't want to continue in case I have to restart.

  • MrBlond9000
    38 posts

    @eog4rd Update: @Ubi-Baron ?? 🙂

  • MrBlond9000
    38 posts

    @codered2204 Noo waiting for that as well. I dont wanna play before they have fixed it..

  • Jovee16
    2 posts

    @sty1on Yeah, I thought they got rid of the stats at first, but if you open the uPlay overlay in-game (Shift + F2) you'll see they're there. Just not properly showing up in "Games" tab, which does hint that these are probably just issues with how Ubisoft Connect is displaying information.

    My guess as for achievements is that they're tied to your save, not to the actions themselves. Some newer games seem to be taking this approach. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, initially, could be bought on Steam, but achievements were an Origin exclusive. I played it to completion. When the achivements came to Steam, simply by booting my save all of my achievements popped up at once on my Steam account. I hope something similar will happen here!

  • Porcupineskar
    14 posts

    @jovee16 They are not there, "Challenges" are not the achievements, those are seperate things and the official achievements are missing.

  • Jovee16
    2 posts

    @porcupineskar "Yeah, I thought they got rid of the stats at first, but if you open the uPlay overlay in-game (Shift + F2) you'll see they're there. "
    Stats as in: Time Played, Kills, Progression, No. of Missions Completed etc.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    At the moment, unfortunately, we do not have an update around this.

    Apologies, we will update as soon as we have more information.

    Official Response
  • MrBlond9000
    38 posts

    @ubi-baron How sad really 😞 , im gonna start the game up when there has been an update to fix the achievements, and other things, hope it will come before the weekend...?? You don't have an ETA Time for something.? 🙂

  • Lockmort
    95 posts

    A friend of mine just used his sync save from PC to Xbox and the achievements he should've already gotten didn't pop, which either means cross progression doesn't sync achievements/trophies, or the achievements on PC simply don't work and aren't retroactive. Either case is a pretty big bummer.

  • Vilemos
    58 posts


    UbiSOfT ConNEcT wILl MakE ThiNgS bEtTEr

    Don't forget this....UPlay was not bad. Also...after making the whole game, how hard is it to check if the achievments are in place and working? Everything's on "TODO board", so don't tell me they didn't see this coming.

  • xrayspex_73
    137 posts


    Please address this ASAP. If I have to restart the entire campaign to start unlocking achievements, I am going to stop playing now.

    Something makes me think this isn't a very high priority for the dev team though...

    Can you imagine if the PS4 or Xbox One versions didn't have achievements at launch?

  • Lockmort
    95 posts

    @vilemos Yeah, I agree. I still don't get why they got rid of Uplay, since it was working fine. I'm more annoyed with the fact that they went with Epic. If Valhalla was on Steam, like Origins and Odyssey were, it would definitely have achievements, like those 2 did. Guess I'll quit playing until this gets fixed someday.

  • LOBOTO_Carver
    2 posts

    Hi all,

    I can't agree more with all of you guys. I really hope achievements will be retroactive on Ubisoft Connect. I took some days off to play it and it will annoy me if they're not.

    @Ubi-Baron please do your best for this issue. I mean you did such a great work with optimization and feature for the PC version. This should be seriously considered.

    If there's no way to get them retroactively I suggest you allow us to unlock them individually with a specific process for everyone that is asking. This is possible.


  • Sh8doWRunn3r
    8 posts
    Hi, yes put it on achievements and stats back to assassin's creed valhalla... thank you

  • Cadmann2013
    9 posts

    @ubi-baron Really ? Not even an answer to the question if achievements will be given retroactively (though admittedly I'd put my money on "no" for that one, though an official statement would be nice).

    I am strongly considering refunding my ultimate edition. can always buy it again for less money when you fixed your stuff, your loss Ubisoft.
    I bought this to play it now on release, it's been 2 wasted days now, the new Yakuza is kinda enticing and....well, their achievements work, too.
    Never touch a running system, especially right when you are about to release 2 big games that use that system which clearly wasn't tested. A wonder Watchdogs works with that stupid Connect nonsense.

    Oh, btw, can some wise person explain to me what exactly the customer gained with the change to connect ? know besides game features not working...
    I see not a single new useful feature, instead non working achievements and a pointless change to the uplay points system on top of way more bloat than with Uplay. Genius, truly.

  • Lockmort
    95 posts

    @cadmann2013 To be fair, it's not his fault, he's just the messenger. If you want to blame anyone, blame Ubisoft and especially Epic. Every single publisher and developer that went with Epic exclusivity has regretted it because of diminishing sales and plenty of customer complaints. Ubisoft is huge, so it probably won't hurt them, but I'm personally glad I didn't buy Valhalla or Legion and just used that Ubisoft+ nonsense for a month ($14.99). It once again taught me the very valuable lesson, that if something's not on Steam, don't buy it. Having said that, it's pretty ridiculous that they still can't fix this after 48 hours, if it's just a problem with Ubisoft Connect. There plenty of people who bought the game, and it doesn't show up in their library, which is even worse. This has got to be the worst Ubigame launch to date, which is a shame, because the game seems pretty good. I'll stick with Yakuza for now.

  • xrayspex_73
    137 posts


    Well you can blame Epic for not having achievements on their platform, but this is Ubisoft's fault entirely. I didn't even buy it through Epic. I bought it straight from Ubi. It's Ubisoft Connect and the developers fault.

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