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  • MrBlond9000
    38 posts

    @si_w Hey, i have Immortals and yes it have achievements. 🙂

  • The.Gremlin
    2 posts

    Well, I am allways a silent visitor on most discussions, keeping and listening in the background.
    Coming daily into this thread, to read about any updates, relating from a official ubi moderator / supporter or somebody else.

    Well Ubisoft, you have promised people to get the achievements done, nothing happened until now.
    People haven't canceled their orders until now. I myself have even payed a full price for the ultimate package and I keep waiting, waiting and waiting even longer... I even think your customers getting scammed with informations that achievements will arrive to ubi connect on PC.
    You wait and wait and wait until customers forgot about it... This is not acceptable.
    I have even stoped playing because of frustration about it.

    I mean take a look on CD Project Red. The release of Cyberpunk, especially for old consoles generation was a huge mess.
    But they keep their customers informed. They claimed that the release of the old console generation is performance wisely bad. Also they have communicate to people, that the game will be improved with future updates, but it will never be performancewisely in a state as people would like to have it.
    Now they offer people refunds for the game. Everything gets communicated to their customers.

    But you Ubi, you just let your customers wait. Well, I should also wait until I had bought the game.
    I mean I had payed a full price for it. It's not feature complete, as the achievements are still missing.
    Console Gamers have their achievements on console, but pc gamers are scammed.
    The game is right now on a discount at store. I think it's at 95,99€. I even would get additional discount of 21% if I use the WELCOME2012 Code.

    The question is, how long will it take to fix the achievements. I mean the price for the game runs allready in inflation.
    When can we expect to get the missing feature of achievements.
    I mean if we wait longer... 2-3 months... or even 6 months... it would be expectable to get the game for a even bigger discount.
    It shouldn't be to much overcharged to let this issue escalate to the next higher authority and to get a clear answer, what we have to expect about the issue.

    Will we see the missing achievements on pc and how long will it take to see it?
    Another more interesting question: Are the achievements allready progressed into the SaveGame?
    Will they pop-up as achieved, if we finally get them? Or will we have to replay the whole game?
    A little bit more communication shouldn't be to overcharged.

    I mean ubi had allready charged a full price for a game. At least an information about the ETA for the release of the achievements would be expectable.

  • Miedzianek6969
    26 posts

    i feel like i waste money on acv more than on CP2077 xD

  • RedIndianRobin
    188 posts

    @mrblond9000 Does it pop in game?

  • xxpdmxxblood
    10 posts

    @NeighVrinsk If you say something they don't like, they will ban you straight away. They are very good at censoring users who complain about their games and pretty bad at solving problems. Wish I had asked for a refund instead of wait for them to fix this damn game. [censored] you Ubisoft!

  • The.Gremlin
    2 posts

    Well... I try to be realistic at this topic. I wouldn't say that I will never buy Games from Ubi again.
    At least they make quite decent games.

    But! I will wait until the game gets fixed and if I wait a little bit longer, I will get the game for a huge discount:
    Take Assassin's Creed Odyssey: 28,75€ instead of 114,99€ for the Ultimate.

    It hurts them very much, if they don't get my money on future releases at start.
    Why should I care about it, they don't care about the community too.

  • MrBlond9000
    38 posts

    @redindianrobin No it does not sadly tho, i need to go out and check the "Achievements tab and see oh it popped" is suck really..

  • mickaccardo
    8 posts

    @xxpdmxxblood i asked for a refund after negative return of my ticket abount achieves, got it
    try again

  • TheBlackAngel33
    1 posts

    Ja ganz genau wo zum Teufel bleiben die Erfolge😡 .
    Es kann doc nit so schwer sein die Erfolge wida zu Aktivieren.
    Und Deutsch verstehen die von Uplay mit Sicherheit auch.
    Chinesisch Russisch & Englisch verstehen die wahrscheinlich auch.
    Schaltet doch endlich mal die Erfolge frei so schwer kann das doch nit sein.

  • BliNkEr
    36 posts

    @TheBlackAngel33 jup, allerdings... es ist unglaublich wie krass wir ignoriert werden.

    So now, ladies and gents, it's the 20th of December. Not a single word since the thread was updated on 26 November...
    I don't know but a thread with hundreds of replies is apparently not worth looking into any further... really sad.

    Well I also stopped playing Valhalla for the time being, cuz CP is amazing 😉
    At this point I don't care when the achievements will be available, but I'm pretty angry at Ubisoft for keeping us completely in the dark!

  • JeffMorgan1983
    32 posts

    I'm never buying another Ubisoft game again.

    1 posts

    Still not fixed.

  • Si_W
    29 posts

    @jeffmorgan1983 Don't believe you...

  • JeffMorgan1983
    32 posts

    @si_w Dude, I tried to get a refund for Valhalla twice. I was denied a refund both times because I had launched the game. I'm literally not playing the game and I don't intend to unless the achievements are brought back. Valhalla is just sitting in my library not being played. I feel cheated out of a game I had long anticipated. What makes you think I would buy any Ubisoft game after this?

  • Sh8doWRunn3r
    8 posts
    @jeffmorgan1983 I agree, no longer ever any Ubisoft game. I wasted 80 euros, it was a mistake to buy a Ubisoft game.

  • JeffMorgan1983
    32 posts

    ANSWER US UBISOFT! What the hell happened to the achievements? This absolutely ruined Valhalla for me. I preordered and bought the gold edition and now I won't be playing it. It's in my library and a total waste of money. Just bring the achievements back... what was the thinking?

  • Lockmort
    95 posts

    @jeffmorgan1983 they're not gonna respond and it's not gonna get fixed. It's ridiculous and an atrocity, especially since a mod told us they were, right after this blew up on reddit and several outlets wrote about it. At this point, I'm pretty sure the devs working on the game don't even know, or care, about this problem.

  • AllianceStuck
    156 posts

    Everyone is so mad in this thread. Ubisoft doesn't care though because they got your money.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    1334 posts

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your continued replies to this thread. I sincerely apologise for any disappointment that the 1.1.0 update did not bring achievements to PC, and would like to assure you all again that achievements are not intended to be missing, and will become available for Assassin's Creed Valhalla on PC in a future update. They should not be confused with Challenges, as both types of activity will be available once the fix is applied.

    I'm keeping a close eye on the thread for any new questions / topics to bring up to the developers, and will reply as soon as I receive any new information. For the moment, I'm afraid that I haven't received any updates as the investigation between the Valhalla and Ubisoft Connect teams continues, and they're working hard to implement the achievements as soon as possible. As such, I don't have any new information to present here for the time being, but wanted to keep you all updated as I realise this is one of the biggest topics here on the forums and I know how valued achievements are as a hunter of them myself 🙂

    The issue remains on the Known Issues list under "issues under investigation" for now for reference, and we will update the status of this issue there as soon as we know more about the implementation of the achievements. Keep an eye on this thread and that list for the latest information. 🙂 Also - if I could politely ask that we keep the thread on-topic, I'd really appreciate it.

    Addressing a few specific replies below -

    @Lockmort Your feedback on Ubisoft Connect and these forums is welcomed and appreciated. If you are seeing Challenges not pop up for any game in Ubisoft Connect, this is an issue I would ask that you report in the dedicated forums for the client on PC here. We have a section for Forum Feedback here if you have anything you wish to share, and you can share feedback on our service in the Off-Topic Discussion section as well if you would like. Finally, the issue with the trophies "Calling in a Favor" and "Is there anybody out there?" on PS4/PS5 is now resolved, so these shouldn't pop early any longer for new players. Please keep this thread on-topic to the missing achievements in Assassin's Creed Valhalla on PC!

    @Plan3tCrackr @Si_W Our initial communication was a misunderstanding, as has been explained throughout the thread - please rest assured that achievements are coming on PC, and we'll update this thread with news about this as soon as we have any to share. Challenges are not to be confused with achievements, as both will be available for the game following the fix for achievements. Regarding the scrolling issue, Si_W, this should now be fixed. 🙂

    @halcyonrift Achievements are definitely coming! I do apologise for the delays in communication and implementation. I'm keeping everyone updated here as best I can, however I haven't received any new information for the moment.

    @BliNkEr If you didn't already do so, please open separate thread(s) for your issues with the Lunden Arc trophy and the settlement world event! We'll be happy to investigate further with you if these issues still aren't resolved. I did see you mention that using your girlfriend's save may have helped for the Lunden mystery, but just wanting to make sure. Please also rest assured that achievements are coming and I'll continue to keep you all updated here as best I can. Please also do keep all posts in English. 🙂

    @IFrike At the top of the thread on the first page, you should see a "Watching" status - if you set the thread to "Not Watching", you won't be notified of new replies. I hope this helps!

    @The-Gremlin I believe all of your questions I have already asked to the developers previously, and am waiting for answers (i.e. when are they coming, will they be retroactive). If I do receive more information on these subjects I'll let everyone know here, but as of now, I haven't received an update yet.

    @xxpdmxxblood All players using these forums are subject to our forum rules, and by using these forums, you agree to abide by them. We do not censor nor give bans for negative feedback (as all feedback is valued), but if such complaints utilise offensive / inappropriate language, are abusive, or are otherwise in breach of our rules, we do take action as it is not appropriate for the engaging, welcoming forum community we are trying to create.

    @TheBlackAngel33 Please write in English on these forums, as we currently do not offer support in other languages here. Thanks!

  • Vilemos
    64 posts

    Is there thumbs down button anywhere? You guys are embarassment. 6 damn weeks to implement something that already exists and for which the stupdi ubi connect is ready considering every other game has its achievments there!

    So stop smearing honey around our mouths and do your damn job (yes I know you are just support and mod, but at this point who gives an excrement).

    Terrible, terrible handling and total lack of care for people who bought the game. Period.

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