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  • BrunoTheMad
    1 posts

    Another terrible move by ubisoft. Good thing there are a whole lot of games out there these days.

  • Psych0_Trauma
    51 posts

    @Ubi-Baron Now I know why the Jomsviking system is so poorly implemented. Look I had been a fan of the series since the first game on the 360, I 100%'d AC2, I played the hell out of the MP in Brotherhood, fought King Washington in 3, Annihilated every ship and found every treasure in Black Flag, actually played Rogue (and it's my favorite game, plunged into Unity and collected gear with friends, and slogged through the terrible brits/boring egyptians/and poorly written greeks (only finishing Syndicate and Odyssey and they were still bad) >.> so to have a game like Valhalla come out that is a complete improvement over "Greek [censored] Sim" and NOT have achievements...while a far inferior game that people hate right now has them (WD Legion)? This is the most backasswards situation I have seen in my 20 something years of gaming.

    I know you're just a player support mod, but I also know you can send things up the chain. So send them the message of "Let them eat cake." They have just shot themselves in the foot for the last time i'm afraid, the deal with Epic was a mistake, years of subpar games that people weren't invested in was a mistake, and now this.

  • Killrog01
    11 posts

    I have a similar issues. While I did unlock some achievements, it suddenly came to an halt. I didn't get any after the completion of the East Anglia storyline, nor did I receive the achievements to be unlocked with the hometown progression.

  • AlienDx98
    4 posts

    Hi everyone,

    I have created a petition for this, so here's the link

  • Velldanas
    15 posts

    Interesting. Exophase picks up and lists the achievement in the PC version. But in the Connect client itself, they were simply not displayed.


  • Shatohin
    1 posts

    Thanks for letting us know. It's sucks without achievements.
    You just lost another sale.
    I wanted to buy 2 copies for PC and PS5 to play on my desk and on my couch with cross save.
    Now because of this I will buy only console version.

  • Porcupineskar
    14 posts
  • halcyonrift
    19 posts

    Wow. I don't know what to say!

    I just purchased the Gold Edition on PC through Ubisoft. I am enjoying it so far bar a few bugs, namely muffled/low-quality audio, but this is the most disappointing "surprise". 

    Forgive my memory, was Odyssey available on Steam for pre-purchase? It must have been because Odyssey and Origins are both in my library, and I have several achievements for each game. I love having them in my steam library. I love being able to earn achievements. I really can't believe they'd pull something like this when consoles received trophies and achievements.

    I'm still very disappointed and I hope Ubisoft developers are reading this.

  • xrayspex_73
    86 posts


    Those are just the challenges. Surprised that Exophase already has support for Valhalla's challenges... but there they are. Unfortunately it's not the 50 achievements the consoles have.

  • halcyonrift
    19 posts


    Forgive me, but what is Exophase?
    Edit: Learned it's an achievement tracking website.

    Very odd.

  • xrayspex_73
    86 posts

    Ubi, if you care...

    In the future, just match the ubisoft connect challenges with the console's achievements and we can all go home winners.

  • Barthez86
    11 posts

    I dont think "future" will satisfy any of Us cause its valhalla that has to be fixed at this time to regain our trust otherwise imo many of Us will end journey with Ubi for good...

  • LargestCheetah
    1 posts

    Such a bummer, I really enjoyed 100% both Origins and Odyssey on steam. Haven't bought Valhalla yet, hopefully they fix this and add them back

  • xrayspex_73
    86 posts


    You're right...

    add them to Valhalla Ubi... please.

  • Suitedup
    1 posts

    They somehow just made Ubi Connect into an awful version of Uplay. I had a lot of fun going for achievement on Odyssey and they take it out of the sequel? Also club rewards are still missing from Odyssey for two weeks.

  • NorthernAvengeR
    1 posts

    This is all very disappointing. I regret not getting the console version now. At least you usually get a product with better support than a pirated download there. PC seems like a complete afterthought. This coupled with the PC "optimization" and Odyssey's still missing rewards and challenges leaves me with little good will towards Ubisoft after supporting them for decades.

  • Deepo-U
    3 posts

    This is very disappointing, and I'll be cancelling my Ubisoft+ subscription over this.

    I was hoping the Uplay achievement system would be expanded eventually, not dropped entirely.

  • Deepo-U
    3 posts

    @deepo-u Cancelled just now. Tried to upload an image of the cancellation email, but can't get it to display. Great job on the new forum.

  • andry9611
    20 posts

    @barthez86 total quote here

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