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  • cavveman
    Original poster 84 posts

    And now pagination setting for the forum is broken.
    Deleting cookies and cache, chosing the setting pagination. Restart browser and pagination setting is not remembered.
    It's back to infinite scroll 😕

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1258 posts

    Hey everyone,

    Just replying to some of the feedback posted here, and to acknowledge the issue reported most recently. I'll address these in order for clarity -

    • Threaded Replies: We've forwarded feedback to the forum developers that the threaded replies functionality can be confusing in smaller threads particularly, as expanding them can result in the same post appearing twice in a row. If any changes to it are implemented, I'll be sure to let you know.
    • Thread Tiles: We introduced a new "list view" option you can enable from the side menu (click the three dots, it's in the middle!) and this compacts the cards down to increase visibility on a higher number of threads. We also took advantage of some of that "white space" to bring in the name of the last poster and the time / date of their post. For your information as well, some of the white space does house our admin / moderation tools, so while you can't see these, it is in use on our end. 🙂
    • Support topics being posted in the wrong subforum: I regularly check for these and move them over to the correct subforum. I do hope that in time, this will stop happening as players realise that this is a space for feedback on the forums themselves rather than Valhalla.
    • Log-Out Issues: Having previously experienced an issue with regular disconnections myself, I reported it to the team, and they are investigating. I would recommend testing the forums without any other Ubisoft websites open to ensure that the separate "sessions" between websites is causing a conflict.
    • Mobile Set-Up: It would be great to hear some more specific feedback on what about the UI is unclear / not user-friendly so I can forward this. We want the mobile experience to mirror the ease of the desktop one, so if this is not currently the case, we'll need to look into this and how it can be improved.
    • Floating Mobile Menu: Thanks for feedback on this cavveman, I'll pass it on. 🙂 Having tried it myself I do understand how when scrolling, the menu disappearing / reappearing may be inconvenient depending on what it is you're trying to do.
    • Edit Window: We previously increased this allowance from five minutes to ten minutes, and we're open to additional feedback on this.
    • Deleted Posts / Threads: Can you show me what this looks like on your side? For me it looks different due to my moderation privileges, so I'd like to understand exactly how obstructive this is in the player view so I can pass this insight on. Regarding the large space you saw on the thread you provided a screenshot of cavveman, do you happen to have a link to where exactly this was so I can investigate it?
    • Image / Video Uploads: Direct uploads are not enabled, however you should be able to paste images into the reply box, as well as include links to sites like YouTube for videos and have them auto-embed.
    • Flickering in Firefox/Mobile: This is not something I've experienced in Chrome nor have seen reported elsewhere so far when using infinite scroll, so if you could provide a short screen capture demonstrating this issue Cell1e that would be much appreciated. It doesn't sound pleasant and is definitely something we'd like to get looked at if it's persistent.
    • Existing posts not carried over from previous forums: These forums are a fresh start for everyone, and have been built as a brand-new platform. We appreciate all feedback on the move and do understand the concern on this subject.

    And finally, regarding the pagination issue cavveman - I reported this after discovering it last week and it should be fixed very soon. I'll edit this reply when it's confirmed as resolved.

    Edit 14:28 GMT: The issue with pagination and other settings should now be resolved 🙂 Please let me know if you encounter further issues with this while using the forums.

    Official Response
  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    HI There 🙂

    The fix cavvman suggested fixed the problem for me and I haven't had any trouble since. Today I did a little test and unchecked the pagination box to see would the problem would reoccur so I could take a screenshot but I have scrolled through quiet a few posts, short and long and all is working as it should. 🙂

    Thanks for your attention and time though but it seems to have fixed itself. 👍

  • cavveman
    Original poster 84 posts


    And thank you very much for answering in this subforum. It began to feel like a ghost town here with few official responses.

    You can find the large empty space in this topic: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/77265/achievements-for-assassin-s-creed-valhalla-on-pc-post-here-updated-26-11-2020/313?page=16
    Almost at the bottom.


  • jeje_71
    71 posts


    i quote: "Support topics being posted in the wrong subforum: I regularly check for these and move them over to the correct subforum. I do hope that in time, this will stop happening as players realise that this is a space for feedback on the forums themselves rather than Valhalla."

    that's all topics on the first page after my previous post, to me it seems none of them belongs to forum feedback, so hold on to your hope, reality may disagree...


  • TaleraRis
    21 posts

    Yeah another vote no on the new forums here. I really dislike how there aren't pages to a topic anymore, just endless scrolling. And the replies to comments within the thread just make the entire conversation get muddled and lost.

  • EggKnobble
    36 posts

    @taleraris, you can disable "infinite scroll" by going to the settings menu (hidden under the "..." option (top right corner).
    And use the "list view" setting, (also under the ... to make the forum more compacter (less unused space).

    Hope it helps!

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1258 posts

    @Cell1e - Please accept my apologies, I missed your reply to me! Thank you for letting me know that the issue was resolved for you after the developers implemented a fix. If you encounter any further issues here on the Discussions forums, don't hesitate to let us know, and we can forward these for investigation!

    @cavveman - I'm happy to help where I can, and pass on any issues or feedback to the forum developers. I apologise that I missed your tag as well! Regarding the blank space you noted and provided screenshots of, having reviewed the thread in question, I can confirm that some posts were deleted between the two responses shown on your screenshot. Since my last reply here, this issue was reported to the forum developers; I'll add your screenshot to their investigation so that they can better understand how the issue shows for users such as yourself, if still ongoing at this time for you! Thank you very much. 🙂

    @jeje_71 - The quantity of misplaced threads seems to be slowing down now, and I continue to move any threads better-suited to the General Discussion / Player Support sections to those sections as appropriate. I remain optimistic, hahaha. 😆

    @TaleraRis - As @EggKnobble kindly pointed out (thank you!) you can enable pagination from your personal forum settings if you wish! You can also select there the number of posts / threads you'd like to see on each page. To keep track of replies to a specific post, you can expand these using the dedicated option on each post, or else read the thread in full with replies in the thread as well. The feedback that one option or the other (i.e. fully threaded replies, or fully unthreaded) would be preferred has been passed onto the developers already; please let me know if you would like me to forward any specific comments on this subject to the developers on your behalf. If you require any further assistance, or have any additional feedback for us, please don't hesitate to let us know!

    Official Response

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