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  • moved Glitches found in Valhalla. Share yours

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    @lon_wolf917 1.12 not fixed. It's not joke!

  • TitaniumAcolyte
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    I just discovered a crazy random glitch and I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this.. I preordered my digital copy of AC Valhalla and got the Berserker pack which includes the Berserker mission as well as the gear, including the White Wolf mount. I’ve been using him as my mount from day one.. anyway, while crossing from East Anglia into Essexe, my mount randomly changed from the White Wolf to a random horse mount. And the crazy thing was that once mounted, I had no control over the mount. I couldn’t turn in either direction or even turn around. He would only go in one direction.. pretty crazy!
    I also noticed that after buying the Premium Starter Pack, which includes four weapons and a good bit of helix credits, that it totally undid all the progress I made in upgrading the preorder Berserker gear. I had upgraded to Mythical and it reset it to Superior. And since I purchased a Materials Pack to upgrade that gear, it basically feels like Ubisoft and AC Valhalla stole from me...
    Anyone else have similar issues???

  • Hortense82
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    Freyas friend never completes, found cat but it never ends up on boat & quest never completes.

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