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  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 700 posts

    Hey there, sorry to hear this.

    You mention overclocking to meet the requirements - do you need meet the requirements normally? If so, this could be the cause.

    Official Response
  • Kartaxiinha
    2 posts


    I have exactly the same issue and my pc meets the recommended requirements.

    The game crashes after the ubisoft logo.

    Please advise.

    Thank you

  • fluffyp0es
    1 posts

    Yeah me to I meet the requirements for the high graphics but it just crashes mid game no error nothing. tried medium and low graphics nothing

  • Vihu123
    Original poster 8 posts

    @ubi-spud overclocking is not the problems since it works fine in other games but the system was overclocked to meet the high setting requirements otherwise the base clock speed is good enough for medium
    However even trying to launch without overclocking it does not work also a fresh install is useless too as it shows the same problem and the crash report doesn't specify the issuse

  • xxMachina
    3 posts

    I have the same issue. I'll be in the middle of the game in an area that doesn't auto save or allow me to manually save then it just crashes. I've played the same area 4 times now and the is running smooth, FPS is good, my system meets the requires and without any obvious reason, the game just crashes and closes. It never crashes in the same place either. I thought maybe a bug or something from the path I was taking. I've changed up my route through the area each time and it will crash in different places, again no obvious reason. Then I have to start at the beginning again. It is getting frustrating.

  • Kartaxiinha
    2 posts


    Would just like to say that I have "fixed" it so far.

    I did the following :

    • Installed the newest NVIDIA Driver (came out yesterday)
    • Deleted a few files from the installed game. Then verified files - it said some were corrupt and "re-created" them.

    After that it worked.

    Please note that when I verified the files for the first name (having deleted nothing) it said there were no corrupt files and I could play the game. But when I tried to do so, it would crash.

    I don't know if these will work for you guys but I hope so.

    Will be back if/when the issue persists.

    Good Luck!

  • Peystaz
    8 posts

    @kartaxiinha tried it and unfortunately doesn't work.

    Actually, I'm sometimes able to play an hour or more without any issue and some others times, game is craching every 5 min...

    So confusing, and I don't know what new I can try after testing a lot of differents things

  • xxMachina
    3 posts

    @kartaxiinha Unfortunately, that didn't work for me either. I verified my files and it gave no errors. Sometimes I can play for a while before it starts and the next time I restart, it might crash only a few minutes in to playing. It's a very odd crash. It doesn't freeze up, lag or anything that would give any indication that it is crashing or why. It just unceremoniously closes completely without warning.

  • Vihu123
    Original poster 8 posts

    I can't even launch the the game and get past the logo
    does anyone have a solution? need help

  • GiJokester
    1 posts

    My wife and I are both playing with different save points (thanks for not providing profiles BTW) and just noticed that while mine crashes every 15-20 minutes now, hers does not. We're playing on two different machines and each plays on both. They exhibit the same behavior regardless of who's playing or which machine.

    The throwaway response "it might be your machine" is nonsense and they know it. It's NEVER been the case for me in 30 years of gaming or anyone I know, but keep repeating that infuriating line of responses.
    This leads me to believe it's the game profile causing the issue as I have bugs like Rena not talking to me after completing the 10 missions like so many others among other things.

    I love paying $100 to be a beta tester. no information, no fixes, just keep you in the dark over fear that information might hurt sales. You know what else hurts sales? Me telling anyone that will listen about my issues and discouraging sales.

    TALK to you customers. Fix and inform on issues.

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