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  • premi_pulkit
    19 posts

    @meneh happy to be of help brother.

  • premi_pulkit
    19 posts

    @meneh i just realized, this most commonly happens if the in game settings are somehow not recognized as native settings of the monitor. Could it be that your monitor's apect ratio, refresh rate or resolution has been accidentally changed & does not match the same parameters of your monitor (it sometimes happens after a windows update or something that changes your monitor's default settings). See if you can see the word "Native" in front of your selections under these 3 settings in AC Valhalla. If you don't see the word native in front of any of these parameters, then that parameter is the issue source & is not aligned with your monitor's parameter value. If you align that part with monitor's native setting, it should work properly again, theoretically.

  • Meneh
    15 posts


    It still said native in AC, but I reckon you are still right. I will add that my screen was a bit old and it has been known to doing some wonky things. I got a new screen yesterday and I indeed no longer have the problem!

  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 440 posts

    @miiyasaki Hi there! I sincerely apologize for my delayed response. I'm also sorry for any inconvenience or annoyance that this problem may have caused you! Are you on an ultrawide monitor?

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  • Lyhyt
    2 posts

    I have this exakt same issue when I run 4k on either Fullscreen or borderless. I'm on a 4k 16:9 monitor, not ultra-wide.

  • zeleznastraka
    4 posts


    I found the issue on my end. The comment on the native resolution seems to be the case for me as well, but the problem is a difficult one to solve on my end. It would need to be an ubisoft update. I'll explain here.

    I am using a 27" 5k iMac. In Windows 10 there is a desktop resolution (What we pick as our resolution) and an active signal resolution (Note I think this is what AC Valhalla thinks is the native resolution). The host graphics programs can usually change this active signal resolution if there is a discrepancy. Not in the iMac 5ks! I have tried with Radeon control panel, which has a way to create your own display parameters, but it is disabled in the 5k and above. Mac OS doesn't make a difference between desktop and active signal, but it made it so when it transferred over to Windows in bootcamp that it would create two active signal ports that would then run a previously unusable 5k by splitting it in 2. This means that my desktop resolution is 5120x2880 but my active signal resolution is 2560x2880 or my 5k resolution split into two halves. AC Valhalla, instead of rendering both, or rendering the 5120 I chose, instead renders one of them and centers it. I am not sure how to fix it on your end, but it is possible as I run other games at 5k and it does not take the "native" or active signal resolution. I will keep trying for a solution on my end, but I think it is in your hands now on how to get rid of this pesky native issue. Once again my workaround makes the game playable, but it restricts me from say running the game in a lower res mode unless I change the resolution of my desktop monitor every time I want to play.

    Thanks again for your responses and help on this issue, I know it's a busy time with a new release.

  • lozs23
    1 posts

    @ubikoreanbbq can we get a fix for this so we don't have to turn off the 4k-144Hz on our monitors just to plat ubisoft games? This has been happening since Odyssey

  • Lyhyt
    2 posts

    How is this issue not listed under Known Issues yet? Had the same problem in Odyssey and all Ubisoft seem to do is thank people for work arounds. Can't you fix this issue somehow instead?

  • Luger1321
    1 posts

    @daigend Thank you soo much!

    1 posts

    @ubikoality I'm having that same issue now that I just got my 4k monitor & support taking forever to reply no idea what to do

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