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  • ubihi12345613
    1 posts

    @iamklark did it work

  • zoz72
    8 posts

    @bitebug2003 I never noticed the nudity filter?? But I've had sex with a woman and found it strange it was totally edited!!

  • bitebug2003
    Original poster 87 posts

    @zoz72 I just don't see the point in adding a Nudity Filter and still censor it🤔

    That quest I mentioned in my OP would have carried a bit more weight if it wasn't censored 🙄 it was a daft quest anyway, but that's not the point.

    Eivor can behead all sorts and dismember limbs (there is a filter for that too), but to censor female topless ladies, etc. (as the Nudity Filter description says) in context doesn't make sense to me 🤔

  • IamKlark
    2 posts

    Re-installing did not work. However i have now come across 2 people that the nudity filter DOES work on. So it would appear that Ubisoft took 99% of the nudity out of the game INTENTONALLY, as it was working for the first few hours of launch, and the filter does work on a few....lets say 'important' npcs i've found

  • bitebug2003
    Original poster 87 posts

    @iamklark Shame if true.

    I get nudity isn't necessary, but for a Mature/18 game I don't understand the censorship, when eveything else is uncensored (if you have the corresponding filter enabled)

  • wobber87
    4 posts

    Why aren't people in the Nudist camp not nude?? Doesn't Ubisoft support diversity and people who live a different lifestyle?

    I mean there is already already a nude setting, why not use it? Instead Ubisoft decides to ridicule a lifestyle - you should be ashamed of yourself...

  • bitebug2003
    Original poster 87 posts

    @wobber87 I posted my thoughts on it here.

    In short - shows in graphic detail beheadings and dismemberment, and blood and guts is perfectly acceptable but nudity is apparently not - despite the filter

    Makes zero sense to me.

  • wobber87
    4 posts

    @bitebug2003 Neither do I..

    It seems like Ubisoft themself have fallen to the order of ancients - by removing our free will..

  • Vlerk2020
    22 posts

    There is a strange WOKE wind blowing trough the US and Canada, i mean it's okay to make a movie *cuties* with children ( !! just wrong FBI open up !! ) dancing like they do.. and some body parts in a video game is censored / left out.
    And yeah we got decapitation and internal perforations in Valhalla, and thats all okay? please grow up Ubisoft and stop this childish nonsense.

    Oh man i can't wait for CYBRPNK2077 and visit the *red light* district, pathetic right.. but just because we can makes it AWESOME !!

  • SinfulDanTheMan
    57 posts


    Sorry mate, but this is a dumb comment all around. First, if a "woke wind" was blowing through the US and Canada then there would be MORE nudity and LESS violence. If anything this is a "conservative wind" that glorifies violence but hates the human body, per classic right wing fashion. They do it as to not get as much blowback from the religious zealots (violence=good, breasts=bad).

    Also throwing Cuties into this is a total non sequitur and makes no sense, as it's a completely French (which happens to not be in the US or Canada) movie that CALLS OUT that gross culture of idolifying young girls. You obviously either haven't seen it or didn't understand it. 🤦

  • ACESsigepps
    20 posts

    Nude CG the best CG.

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    i saw only 1's a pair of boobs, when i needed to find rollo, din't find the nudist camp, it just like the rest of the game, it sucks

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    lol i found this so called nude camp, they shoud come to the Netherlands and visit our nude beaces, maybe they can learn from it, nude my [censored]

  • Gamebent
    26 posts

    @vlerk2020 Trying to fit this into your conservative agenda was your first mistake. We don't care about your political views.

  • wobber87
    4 posts

    Ubisoft's conservative support is so tasteless...

    Let people have their free will and use your built in options!

    This is so offensive to people who actually this lifestyle.

  • dlmthree
    77 posts

    Not going to throw fists over this but it was odd, indeed. Which is even weirder is the fact that a quest takes you to a brothel with topless women around so why is it ok for one quest but not for another one?

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    followed them and they ended up near there old camp, but this is not a nude camp, why do we even have a nude option when they have stil clothes on

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    I also think the romance scenes are somewhat lacking tbh. You can do sexual scenes without being fully explicit and still being erotic and passionate, showing the affection these characters have for each other. Only halfway well written romance is Randvi but after the initial quest there is nothing. They really need to learn how to write and establish a story about romance and then delivering in a tasteful manner to show and not tell. You know, like Witcher 3 did.

  • Netspook
    261 posts

    It doesn't bother me that these "nudists" are not nude.

    But I don't get why Ubisoft added this, when they didn't want to go all the way.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @netspook It actually feels a bit like they added that single scene with nudity and wanted that "Nudity" rating so people think the game is very mature. 🙂 It's somewhat funny.

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