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  • nightgrave777
    7 posts

    @seriousfilip Let's hope they implement a closer camera angle asap!

  • Anorax3
    7 posts

    I prefer the zoomed out camera angle as it is easier to see what is happening around me during a battle. It also feels less claustrophobic compared to previous AC games. But I hope they add it as a selectable option for people who prefer a zoomed in view.

  • PlesierOffisier
    1 posts

    I know this may seem harsh not to buy a game just because of the camera distance from the character, but that immersion factor is what determines whether I buy a game or not. I hope they implement it (it's easy enough) so I can give them my money😄@seriousfilip

  • PierreAngelique
    18 posts

    @plesieroffisier Its not harsh, there really should be some more camera options for a game like this, especially when so many people have been commenting about it. I actually refunded it because of the zoomed out camera (and the off center camera, which I find disorienting), as well as the poor audio. If they patch those things I will check it out again.

  • cnnryng
    16 posts

    I find this really frustrating, it becomes more like a top-down game during fight sequences and like someone else said, it's hard to see exactly what is happening

  • RichChatter
    3 posts

    Yes, PLEASE. I miss the camera from Origins. The distance from character in Valhalla is as immersion breaking as it was in Odyssey and it's really taking me out of the moments in what would otherwise be a great game.

  • ProphetSergeX
    1 posts

    I've been playing AC since Altair and I've never dealt with something as frustrating as this. My character is always panned to the left which has a truly negative effect on combat. In every game I've played SINCE the first one, you've been consistent on keeping the character centered. Why change this now? I can't speak for anyone else, but as a true fan of the series this is hindering my enjoyment of the game.

  • Bigkid1200
    1 posts

    My camera won’t stay still it just keeps spinning around I gather this is an issue for a lot of people. Does anyone know how to fix it

  • ziggurcat
    167 posts

    @seriousfilip It's easier to see when to dodge or parry when the camera angle is further away...

  • Martian_squid
    4 posts

    I absolutely agree: started my valhalla experience 2 days ago, and beyond some (very) annoying bug with the music/sounds it is good overall, but in combat it switches too far away to the point I'm not even sure what am I doing.
    I appreciated Origins and also Odyseey, having no issues with any of 'em, but here yes... I feel it's like a diablo-esque camera angle that feels quiete weak and "poor".
    Maybe some ppl prefer closer, maybe some prefer further, well the best option is always have an option.
    This thread is rather "old" but I hope to re-invigorate it a lil' to move toward some future patches that implement closer camera viewpoints.

  • WickedWolf104
    5 posts

    @martian_squid what totally blows my mind is that they added a “closer camera” setting in a patch, but only for NON combat. Literally the opposite of what everyone had been asking for since November.

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