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  • KingGoop
    10 posts
    Have you completed the prologue and arrived at your Settlement yet? Some content is not accessible until this happens.

    I'm assuming that by this you mean that opening fort quest/mission? I just got into the longboat and was wondering where my draugr set was.

  • alphamachina
    42 posts

    @ubi-swaggins I'm at the kings village, Fornburg, and I don't have any of my rewards. Supposed to have gotten Legendary Spartan Bow, horse skin, raven skin and a chest tattoo. The skins don't show in the stables, the tattoo doesn't show at the Tattooist/Barber, and the bow hasn't shown up in my inventory. Could it be an issue that I selected to get them before starting the game for the first time? If so, the game shouldn't let you do that, and something should be able to be done to fix it.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 420 posts

    @alphamachina Redeeming the rewards before you launch the game should not cause any problems with receiving them.

    I've raised this with the team and will get back to you when I have more information.

    Official Response
  • Pwn_Def
    5 posts

    Yeah, same with bow... figured it was a beginning thing since horse hasn't appeared either so a little help please. Especially for us that dropped 100 ubi coins 1st thing...

  • Afuddyduddy
    2 posts

    Same boat. No items in inventory after grabbing the rewards

  • Afuddyduddy
    2 posts

    Belay that. Progressed a bit further. Proceeded to get an inventory dump, and received everything.


  • adamray9
    2 posts

    Lost my Spartan bow after returning from Jötunheimr

  • blackfire565
    2 posts

    Yeah, I hadnt played in a few weeks, loaded it up today and mine was gone also. Says I still have it in the connect page but this aint no SPARTA!

  • Fleeexx
    1 posts

    Same here. Bow is gone but it shows up as already purchased in uConnect Store.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 664 posts

    Hey adamray9, blackfire565, and Fleeexx. Thank you all for your patience! Did you all lose the Spartan Bow after returning from Jotunheimr? If not, could you let me know when you lost your Spartan Bow in-game? Also, just to make sure, are you each playing on PS4? If so, could you try our guide here? This includes restoring your licenses which can resolve a decent amount of in-game issues.

    Official Response

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