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  • SiBer_SBS
    6 posts

    I think you are spot on - it was the rush to release the game in line with the new consoles that has hurt this game so badly.
    I would also add that when attacking, the direction (WASD) keys do nothing for the first time in AC - you will keep hitting the same target regardless of telling the game to attack someone who is about to swing at you plus the lag in telling the game to block vs actually blocking is frustrating.
    This game in it's current state almost feels like AC light (released for tablets) because of the deadline being unrealistic.

  • TheGodlyBacon
    10 posts

    @rumenrs disagree with a lot of your points, however this game clearly needed months of polish and bug fix.

    I cant move for longer than 40ft without seeing some stupid bug. I have two world events that are glitched out and cannot be completed. The Lost Cauldron mission is glitched out so Jotenhiem is on the back burner. NPCs are always ruining cutscenes by either walking through me or objects in the background. Falling infinitely where two rocks meet, only to finally die from a 15 centimeter fall. Jumping off a ledge/ceiling/post, hitting the ground then warping back up and then down again - constantly.

    I've been playing Ubisoft games since The Sands of Time on the Ps2 so I'm used to their style of clunkiness. However launching Valhalla in this state is unnacceptable

  • LostManAbroad
    7 posts

    Threads like this always go the same way. Someone posts a rant about how terrible the game is and completely exaggerates the issues with the game, other people join in and the conversation eventually changes to a bunch of people hurling insults at each other. No wonder so little of what players say ever actually gets taken into the developers consideration. If I were one of the developers and I was reading this thread, I'd have given up before getting 10 replies in.

    Chill the f**k out people and learn to discuss things without slinging insults or bringing emotion into it.

    Personally I think the game's setting is great. I like the story but that is personal taste so I think some people will like it, others won't. The places where I see problems are:

    • The game has poor optimization. Odyssey had battle scenes as big, if not bigger than this game and I never saw a single stutter in Odyssey. This game has stuttering cutscenes and battles for me and I'm running a high end PC. This is the only game I own that I cannot run on Ultra. I run everything on High and it still runs very poorly in places.
    • The sound is terrible!! Awful!! What is with the thunder clap every time you assassinate someone? Why are your footsteps so loud, even in stealth mode? And what is with the songs on the boat? In Odyssey it really sounded like the crew of the ships were singing and when you got to port they continued singing for a bit before stopping. In Valhalla it sounds like one of the vikings brought an MP3 player and speakers with them on the boat and is playing a song recorded in an echoing recording studio. And the second you get to port the music and singing stop even if the musician is only half way through the line of a song.
    • As for the gameplay, this game doesn't feel like a new game. To me this feels like they took Odyssey and simply replaced the Ancient Greek setting for a Viking setting. It feels very lazy and rushed. Does anyone know how long Ubisoft took to make Odyssey? This game has been in development for such a short time by comparison, I don't think this is a new game, they just painted over their last game.

    Very disappointing Ubisoft. I've bought all the Assassin's Creed games except for Origins. I think this will be my last one unless they bring out updates that fix all the things that they were too lazy to include upon release.

  • azazel140
    10 posts

    @rumenrs well after 15 jrs with the game on PC...(despite the atrocious sound quality on the PC port ) i sadly say this game is inferior to Odyssey in almost every technical aspects .... I played oddysey with the same GPU Pulse 5700xt .... Played the whole game rock solid 60fps at 3440x1440p with vsync on..it was a butter smooth game ... Thise all out wars packed waaaay more nocs that tgis raids and the game never flinched... I had pop-ups rarely ....and audio was decent...in Valhalla it feels heavy....my gpu is screaming ... pop-ups everywhere even in vwry high settings .... And the sound well its the worst of the game ....kind of [censored] up...i rarelly pay full price for a game and my last two have been total dissatisfaction...(TLOU2 & AC Valhalla)

  • FerociousRhyme9
    2 posts

    @rumenrs I agree with you. I guess people are blind or being paid to write it. Otherwise it cannot just be me to see those bugs, right? Ubisfot should really play the game before release. The game has tons of bugs and it starts to be very annoying. Here are a few and most often bugs:

    Rubber banding enemies: they usually come with speed of light to fight you
    Spawning enemies: they spawn in front of you like some magicians. Then you use your bird and voila they re-spawned
    Animals, people: they love going towards objects. They are so dumb and walking around circles or towards wall.
    Enemies: they usually stare to the wall or do nothing in despite of war behind their backs. They just stand on guard tired and there is burning village and dying people behind lol
    Missions: Very funny. You don't need to do anything. You just keep ramming one door, another door and last door - you don't need to fight. Enemies are just standing there and watching or minding their business. Then you run to kill targets and it's done. So basically I did nothing but killed the target.
    Missions 2: Possible early spoiler. Another example. Why cannot use horse when I am dragging someone is a mystery to me, but yeah I need to walk 800 metres somewhere with body on my back and they are trying to attack you on horses. They cannot kill the king right? So I decided to walk. I had around 20 horses behind me neighing like crazy, but I peacefully walked to my final destination and mission complete. Again no fighting needed!
    Combat: Absolutely terrible. It was so much better in Odyssey and I had a feel that like I am fighting someone. Now it feels like they weight nothing. They jump like Neo in Matrix to sides which is absolutely real feel. See my sarcasm here? What kind of sorcery is this?
    Releasing animals: It takes about 10 minutes when enemies are fighting with animals. They miss, animal parry and it continues. Uh ok.

    And I could continue and don't mention graphical or sound bugs. So PLEASE don't tell me that the game is absolutely okay which is not. Okay it is good to play, it is fun, but those bugs I would expect with AC Creed in early games, but not now after Odyssey.

  • Vlerk2020
    29 posts

    I turned off the volume in Norway, i could not take anymore of this sound.. no fine tune way to turn it off either.
    I really don't understand nobody noticed how anoying the snow footstep sound is. 👎 👎 👎

  • Vlerk2020
    29 posts

    @sinfuldantheman The world is dead, it's empty and has no soul.. compared to Origins and even Odyssey.. even the towns are static and they remind me of Skyrim boring static NPC's.

    Empty lands and just not enough effort to create a immersive world has made me quit the game at 28%.. i don't regret buying the game, they can have the money for the effort and probably hard work , but it's just not good enough to keep me from feeling the 9th centure Viking vibe, whatever.
    Maybe ill replay Origins or Odyssey next year (2nd and 3rd time), but Valhalla is a huge dissapointment and i don't care for it anymore.

  • Saephire
    1 posts

    Water being crazy ulgy ? Are you mad? the water looks incredible man...

    though i pretty agree on the rest 😐

  • TheGrimReeferzz
    44 posts

    @thegodlybacon hahaha me to ! I had a world event like three days ago where a farmer and a selling was having an issue over money and I told them to settle it over a fight and they are still fighting to this day 😂😂😂

  • Eduardo.PF
    14 posts

    @sinfuldantheman Poor textures and layouts were the very first thing that disappointed me !!

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @thegrimreeferzz You have to destroy the thing they are fighting over. Namely the granary. Just throw a lit torch onto it.

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    bugs ? no bugs in this game
    but i wonder in wedding horns you have to get finnr from the roof, well i did that but it seems he is dead, and quest don't fiish
    count this as a bug ? 😊

  • guest-dAigm6eK
    1 posts

    Hi guys, I was wondering if the graphics depend on the edition you buy. I bought the Valhalla standard edition and the graphics are bad in comparison with the best Odyssey edition.

  • Vlerk2020
    29 posts

    @guest-daigm6ek Sorry bro, this is allmost funny.. but NO it doesn't matter - all versions will be the same with graphics.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @speedynl21 I don't get why you are being sarcastic. Never did I say there are no bugs in the game as I am suffering from one myself. I said that this exact thing isn't a bug. It's actually good that they are still fighting metaphorically. You have to end their ever lasting fight by destroying the thing they are fighting over 🙂 I liked that world event.

    The game itself tho, without considering the bugs, is way better than Odyssey in nearly every regard imho. 🙂 But this comes down to personal opinion anyway.

  • azazel140
    10 posts

    @cell1e oh at keast you have singing on the boat ...i dont have no one singing you press the dpad left and nothing happens ...sound is thw worst ive seen in forever..

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Oh sorry to hear that, it does take ages for a couple of songs to start up and they are really quiet, I can barely hear them even with sound levels high, also not the same rousing songs and harmonies they had in Odyssey either. But Im finding Im barely in my longboat, its cumbersome and slow to journey in those narrow English waterways so I mostly travel overland on my trusty 'historically correct' wolf mount and then call the long ship when I get to the location.

    It would be a good idea for them to let us hear the music when we are traveling overland, as there doesn't seem to be much music in this game and I do love some nice music in games 💞 🎼

  • martygod12
    240 posts

    From what I see it Valhalla has serious flaws and I am glad I am not the only one who is dissapointed with the game.

    The biggest problems seems to be:

    1. Lot of bugs (often gamebreaking) and glitches
    2. Poor graphics, yeah sometimes game looks great, but overall it is a big downgrade after Origins and Odyssey, especialy the draw distance, LOD textures, and character models could be really terrible at times. Also sometimes ligting is way off in the interiers.
    3. Combat is often clunky and unresponsive.
    4. Loot system is terrible, very limited amor and weapons variatons and most of them is ugly and out of place.
    5. Rewards for exploring and playing the game are almost non existent
    6. Annoying puzzles at every corner very often not worth wasting time with solving
    7. All side quests are just a tiny 1 minute encounters

    Seriously the game as OP said looks very unfinished and its ruined by poor and unlogical decisions in game design and mechanics. Sadly it looks like a waste of money so far 😞 At this point I am thinking that they should rather give us a Odyssey reskin from Viking era, people who would complain its the same would be minority and we have been gotten a good game.

    It is sad really because I was so hyped for this game and I was so sure it will be the best of the trilogy, sadly it is by far weakest so far 😞

  • UltimatePowa
    61 posts


    The only thing wrong with the combat imo opinion is the the way finisher executions are performed, and how they lock you in place in a weird position where 1/4th of the time the animation glitches out.

    Other than that the combat is fantastic.

    As far as unfinished, there are alot of small graphical things, like the occasional iconic Bethesda floating tree, or the Canterbury Cathedral not having any doors in the architecture's model as to show where the NPCs would go to get upstairs, Woden's description saying burial bit instead of pit, etc.

    Seems like the game could have used 6 more months in development, however the core of the game is rock solid.

  • martygod12
    240 posts

    @sinfuldantheman No he dont even after 30hours loot is almost non existent, same for rewards for exploration

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