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  • UltimatePowa
    61 posts

    I've gotten a ton of loot (weapons, armor, runes, ingots), not sure what you're doing, but it's definitely there.

    Make sure to explore everywhere as to not miss certain armor pieces or weapons, all pieces of gear are useful no matter how far you are in the game.
    It is possible to miss all the loot and just be left with "starter gear" which is still a great set throughout the entire game.

  • martygod12
    247 posts

    @ultimatepowa Ehm I dont know what game are you playing but there are only 10 armor sets in the whole game, most of them lootable in chest. So yes there is no loot no rewards for exploring. The mats doesnt count as loot its just the game grind you need to do its someting you get, but not something you want or you are excited by getting. Only rewards so far are some tattooes or settlement cosmetics, which are maybe nice but useless again a thing you dont need you dont use in a game. What you need what you use are amors and weapons, and those are very few in the game.

  • Beernpizzayo91
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    @longjohn119 If you cant do ultra on that 5700, the problem is on your side.

  • UltimatePowa
    61 posts


    Seeing as all pieces of gear are useful in some way, and can continue to be useful all the way till the end game, the loot is far more valuable.
    Meaning after every battle, I'm not having to go through my inventory to deconstruct a whole bunch of gear and sift through it.
    This is Assassin's Creed, not World of Warcraft or Skyrim.

    I wouldn't mind more pieces of gear sure, but the current system is far better than Odyssey's.
    Would have never bothered with AC again if they kept down that route they did with Odyssey.

    Everytime i find a piece of gear in this, I know it is useful, not just another piece of crap I'm gonna have to waste my time sifting through.
    So yes, it is a ton of gear to me, because all the gear is useful.
    I don't count crappy loot as loot, so in this way, I'm getting far more loot in Valhalla.

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    Valhalla is the successor of Origins.
    Now just let hope that it will evolve (in the right direction)
    As we speak, Origins is a better game than Valhalla, but Valhalla has the potential to become the #1. Time will tell.

  • Cell1e
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    Well for me Origins and Odyssy both are far superior games with Odyssy being the best overall because of that wonderful story and wonderful level of customisation available.

    Valhalla will never make my best in series list, its barely an assassin game, it seems as if the assassin story-line is just a sidequest. Should have made Valhalla as a seperate game entitely, a stand alone Viking game.

  • martygod12
    247 posts

    @ultimatepowa Thats where we completelly disagree. But yeah sure everyone likes different things.

    For me all the "loot is far more valuable" is just an excuse for lazy work from the devs to spend more resources on more gear variety in the game.

    My main issue with the game loot/reward system is that there are almost no options of customization, almost no rewards for exploring, and no historically accurate somehow toned down and more common armor like the NPC wear. All armors look so mythical and fantasy RPG like Skyrim which you claim this game is not which is kinda funny.

    I liked the loot/reward system in Odyssey far better, sure I know lot of people disliked it and are more happy with this in Valhalla, but there were also a lot of people who liked it and those are displeased now. And thats the issue. They only changed from one half of the players to another, as I see it here or on other sites in posts, topics, videos, comments etc. there is close to half or maybe a half of people who dont like the new loot system. And that is too much to be ignored and to pass it as a good choice and a good change. See they could have tone it down from Odyssey give us maybe 25-30 sets instead of only 10, all of them not as random loot but carefully placed in the world as rewards for exploring and playing the game and some in wealth chests some maybe hidden, some as a boss defeat reward etc. and everyone would be happy. But the went too far and completely destroyed all the joy from exploration for many players. Thats what the issue is.

    Lets just hope that in the next AC game the manage to find some middle ground and come up with a loot/reward system that will please both sides.

  • Ehllfhire1
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    @ultimatepowa what it looks like lots of loot until you realize 99% of chests are crafting mats. Loot is a joke.

  • DrBoness
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    I see what Ubisoft did here by not offering up the game on other platforms. Not to name names but if I buy a digital copy of the game I can usually ask for a refund one or two hours after playing and getting a feel for it. Unfortunately, AC Valhalla did not have this option...

    I saw very mixed reviews before getting my hands on the game and I decided to give it a try to make up my own mind. Here's what I found so far.

    -Character dialogue just lacks substance.. it lacks atmosphere.. it feels robotic and devoid of feelin. Compared to NPC interactions in Odyssey Valhalla seems like a 2012 game not a 2020 AAA title.
    -Combat ... I'm not even going to dignify this with a complex response. It's clunky, buggy, unrealistic, and I don't know what people that played Origins and Odyssey have been smoking when they say combat is great in Valhalla
    -Sound... apart from the music, walking on snow effects, and minor details it's lacking so hard. Whenever I talk to someone in-game it's like I'm listening to a spliced studio recording with no ambient sound... It's like two people, talking in two different rooms... I dunno how else to explain it. It feels fake and non-engaging.
    -Voice acting... only played with M.Eivor so far... How you guys managed to get a bad voice actor for the title character but really good ones for the NPCs is beyond me.
    -Story ... not gonna say anything here because it's an AC title and stories are all over the place, it's part of the fun.
    -Settlement ... i've yet to upgrade it a lot to experience what it brings to the game but I welcome the idea.

    When I played Origins on PC i wasn't ecstatic because it had some optimization issues. When I played Odyssey I fell in love with the game from the first cutscenes. I loved every bit of grueling traveling and farming and min-maxing and the fact that you could spend well over 1000 hours in the game and still find something cool to do.

    Valhalla put me off in under one hour of gameplay so I knew I just threw 99.99 euros down the toilet. And, what amazes me most is that this "Closed Beta"-feeling game already has DLC releases planned out until 2022 was it? Yet not a single mention of serious improvements to the core game ... no mention of reworking the god awful combat system ( AC II laughing in the background at its successor)

    And I'm really sorry but releasing such an anticipated title.. in 2020.. in the year of the Covid pandemic when everyone's sitting at home basically nothing but time to play an AC title... and Ubisoft delivers this. Great graphics but nothing unexpected or with a WOW factor. And the clunkyest of gameplays and severe lack of atmosphere and character engagement.

    The devil's in the details. What am I supposed to do when I pay 99.99 for a core game that kinda works but everything else almost makes me cry at the thought that I paid for it.. and future DLCs? And I say kinda works because to me combat is a huge part of the CORE gameplay.. and that stuff ain't looking or feeling right.

    You had so much time to work on this so what was the rush... why is it so poorly delivered compared to the previous two titles? How can you make one game so fluid and three years later come up with something that reminds players of early 2010s ? Is this a very late april fools? Was it an attempt to steal some playerbase from Cyberpunk? Which ofc now I don't have money to buy cuz I thought.. yeah I'm gonna get me some AC vikings action ...

    I started this mini review trying to keep my cool but I'm just gonna say it... Valhalla is pathetic so far and needs some serious rework... not faster DLC releases

  • dHunter76
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    Haha, don't even mention combat! I even have issues just by smashing boxes for loot. My character simply cannot hit a basket in 3 swings, because I just slashing the wall and/or the empty air around it! Who tested this?

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    It's fascinating how different opinions can be about things I thought are pretty objective.

    • I think the character animation during dialogue is far superior to Odyssey. Odyssey had the same Horizon Zero Dawn effect on me: 2 people standing in front of each other and just a camera switching between faces and bland, stiff and emotionless animations. They are still in Valhalla but only during World Events. Most of the main stuff I have seen so far is far superior animated. The NPCs are doing stuff besides talking to eivor. Something I rarely saw in Odyssey.
    • After 50h now I have a pretty good feeling in combat. I rarely do something I don't want to do and I am not getting hit 90% of the time as I adapted to their evade system etc. I have of course a lot of skill points by now too which makes it easier to get into a flow. I see your points tho, especially if you are not adapted to the combat system yet. AND it is very buggy if you want to hit objects in the world. Chests which are protected by a wall underwater are a pure game of luck to hit. But also ores, door locks etc. are nearly never first hits (at least they usually work on the second hit).
    • The ambient effects were pretty non-existant in Odyssey as well. I have seen a video showcasing this. Nothing like the old games where there was a lot of ambient sound. Even Origins was far superior.
    • I am playing the german version so I can't comment on that. I heard tho that male eivor is superior (in english) to female eivor. Most of the VA in german are acceptable. Some are very good.
    • AC titles usually don't have stories all over the place. I can say that the World Events are somewhat "Hit or Miss". Some are too silly and too uninteresting. Some have very nice metaphors within them, some are even funny, despite the childish humor you can find in many of them. (Like the lady who wants to fart) I do like the actual existing side quests a lot tho. The last thing I encountered was a very interesting mushroom trip 🙂
    • I like the settlement as it gives me a reason to raid and collect stuff. Otherwise all of the looting would feel as bland as in Odyssey where there was not a real reason to do so but feeding into a constant circle of upgrading weapons created to make you pay for Microtransactions instead. One thing I wished for but can't confirm it isn't there (at least I wasn't able to see it): You can give roman artefacts to a guy in your settlement running a museum. But the museum doesn't change optically by providing all these artefacts. I love stuff changing in the world by your work 🙂

    I also can't see how you can invest 1000 hours into Odyssey. My timer says 150h and I finished it 100%. Collected every chest, every loot, solved every side quests, every main quest. The map has not a single marker on it. I did this because I hoped to find anything of value in this game and I was disappointed to a point that Valhalla was the last chance for them to convince me that they can still make worthwile games (for me). So far, after 50h, I feel like they improved a lot (for me).

    DLC is only planned till 2021 yet. But the graphic didn't show it would be the end. And I actually am so eager to explore Ireland and Paris. Really looking forward to that content already. Whereas Odysseys DLC was punch in the face for me. They basically destroyed so much AC lore. They could have done it in a good way but they decided to do it in one of the worst ways imaginable. So it was intentional which feels for me like the Quebec studio hates AC and the fans of AC and its lore. Or they are really so not getting the point of AC. I don't know.

    I can't say much about the character engagement as I have not played much of the main story in england yet. I am still looting the crap out of England and really enjoying the new stealth possibilities. 😉 You can also say that we should have some understanding due to the pandemic as the developers likely had to do a lot of home office. And I, as a developer (was even game dev before) know how hard it can be to manage such a huge project from home. I do hope they will release a big patch soon. After all the game released 8 days ago now.

    But as you mentioned CP2077. Yea, I anticipated CP2077 way more than Valhalla and still do. CP2077 tho had 5-7 years of development time. Something I know no AC will ever have (sadly) and therefore my expectations are not that high anyway. I find it funny when people compare the game to RDR2 too. Which also had such a long development time. But yea, I would love for AC to take a pause and give way more development time than 2-3 years.

  • Orca60
    5 posts


    To some extent, I do agree with you.
    After playing Origins and Odyssey, the game looks pretty much the same. Out of the three, the graphics of Odyssey are much better in my opinion. I do have a decent PC system : Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti with 16 Gb of RAM, i7-8700 Intel and Evo SSD 1 TB.

    Still, the graphics of the game are not that good and I am getting in Ultra settings, 44 fps which is not bad and I do not have any complaint because still my game runs smoothly but despise that, the graphics are not amazing. I am a photographer and I like my pics to be really sharp ( unless I do have the intention to leave them blurry ) and my games, I want them to look sharp as well. This game is too demanding and only those who have a 4k monitor and a better video card than mine, can get possibly, better graphics. I do not like that at all. I think this game was developed for the new PS5 and the new XBOX. For those like me who play in PC, we would have to upgrade to the 3080 or 3090 and that is out of the question in my case, at least, not for now till I get the money to upgrade everything, including a 4k monitor. Mine is a 1440p.

    The combat is ok to me. I have lost sound when galloping my horse but for a few seconds only. I have not had any CTD or stuttering, no game frozen or anything like that at all. I guess my video card is holding the game pretty amazing, so I cannot complaint. Textures are bad and I would like to add that when using my bird to locate items / persons, it is amazingly bad in compare to what Odyssey was offering in that department. Back in Odyssey, when using your bird you were able to really locate exactly where the item / person was and but now is just giving an area where you are supposed to look for. It does not lock in sight as Odyssey did and that, I do not like.

    And let me point out something, I increase to 160 the rendering resolution ( I think that is the name of that function in the Graphic section ) and I also increase that resolution via Nvidia Control Panel to max in order to get something acceptable and still, the graphics are not that good. Again, The Witcher is number one. I am able to play this game in Ultra settings and still get 60 fps and looks amazingly beautiful. There is no game IMO, that looks so good as that one. Out of the Assassin Creed that I own, Odyssey looks pretty good and Origin but this one is like a step back, unless, you have a 4k monitor and a more powerful video card than mine.

    The mechanic looks the same but again, all games have a mechanic. You go here, kill, loot and repeat. All games are like that. Period. The Witcher was much better overall in every single department. It is a long game but has a lot of percentage that you will re-play it again because of all the things the game offers. The story, the graphics, the combat and all the variety that you can get and how to play the game, make it a number one game IMO and everybody who develop a game should take that fingerprint to develop theirs.

    Last but not the least .... I will finish the game but I do not think that I will play it again. On the contrary, I have played Odyssey 4 times from start to finish and that is why I do believe that this game, was the worse in compare to the other two that I own. It is not a bad game but not what I expected.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts


    I do think the game looks very good. Here are some of my photos I took.


    All my photos are looking like these and I easily find 20 places to take a photo in every region so far. Can you confirm that what you see on my screenshots is the same you see in your game? Maybe there is a visual bug? To me this game looks far superior to Odyssey. Especially that clouds now have shadows and the lighting effects coming from this are awesome most of the time.

    Edit: I do agree tho that some of the LOD in the distance could be better 🙂

  • Eduardo.PF
    14 posts

    @orca60 Origins is my favorite. I still play it from time to time. Graphics and animations are amazing ! Odyssey is beautiful as well, I have played it 3 times (I wanted to try different endings 😁 )

  • SinfulDanTheMan
    59 posts

    @souldrinkerlp very well put

  • martygod12
    247 posts

    @souldrinkerlp Yes this game can have stunning visuals at times, especially when sun is up and everything is lighted properly, but when its cloudy or dawn/dusk everything looks so ugly and weirdly washed up, its maybe all about some lighting problem this game has, look sometimes in the interies how light weirdly changes and sometimes everything is too bright and character models too shiny and it looks ugly, then the camera changes and lighting is ok all of the sudden and everything looks great, I dont know sometimes the game looks incredible, but sometimes it just looks like a game released 5-6 years ago. It has potential to be a great looking game, but it will take some work and lot of polish I guess.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @martygod12 I literally have over 200 photos on my map. All regions are full of photo icons of me.

    I could post photos all day long. But I do get what you are saying but I also observed this with Odyssey. Wasn't there also a downgrade patch for Odyssey, because people complained not being able to run ultra? So they lowered draw distance for grass to "improve performance".

    I would like them to give me a LOD slider. A bit like Watch Dogs Legion with their "Additional Details" slider or something along those lines. Even if the best graphics card wont be able to run it with 60FPS today the game will age better with that slider and it's not that hard to implement. They just have to scale the LOD steps accordingly.

    But here are some more photos just from today:

  • Redw0lfAlpha
    60 posts


    Looks fine to me 😊
    I play on ps4. The game looks stunning and no issues at all besides some minor hiccups. 👍

  • martygod12
    247 posts

    @redw0lfalpha Yes those are great, but all you guys ever post are pictures of game at its best eg. at day when sun is up and everything is beautfully lightet, try post some pictures or look at the game when sun is not up, or at dawn/dusk then you will see the problems.

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    if you bring the roman mask to him, he give you as reward some statues for decoration, thats all

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