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  • Ripzone92
    2 posts


    EDIT to my first post about 4k gaming resolution.

    I found that my game only ran at 1080p probably because the settings were actually set to native 4k BUT the resolution scaling down below was automatically set to 50%. So the game DID NOT run at 4k. I just changed that and my FPS dropped down about 30 frames. Still, I can fight and run around at 25-35 fps - haven't tried big battles yet but now graphics are SO MUCH better than before - obviously.

    So I can still run 4k Valhalla Ultra with my GTX1080 OC but not in 60 FPS.

    Just to clarifiy a mistake here.


  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @martygod12 I think they look good. I prefer this style more than Odysseys style. It isn't actually about graphical fidelity but about style and color schemes. And what I have read is that people don't like cloud shadows. Yea, they can look weird sometimes, they do in real life too. But it feels a lot more natural and real by adding them.

    I will try to make some more amazing dark photos soon. 🙂

  • martygod12
    237 posts

    @souldrinkerlp Well I am not saying I like Odyssey graphich way more or something, I have my issues with it too, ecpecially the same issues I have posted above, but it feels like there is no significant leap forward in terms of graphics since Odyssey and that is a little dissapointing considering that games separating two years and that Valhalla is acutally way more demanding. Especially the draw distance of grass and other objects is still terrible as it was in Odyssey and there is no leap forward in this area I would even say its a bit embarrasing to have such a terrible draw distance for a 2020 game.

    I am not saying the game looks bad, It look awesome at times, but I have just expected more thats all, there are definitely games on the market which didnt even came this year and are older and they are looking way better then Valhalla thats all.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @martygod12 The cloud shadows are new for example. At least I can't remember Odyssey having cloud shadow.

    But yea, it is not a generational leap yet. We have to wait for the next AC to see (hopefully massive) improvements. 🙂

  • RPGFiend2139
    29 posts

    I have to say that I am loving this game! This is like Skyrim good imo! The story, the graphics, all top-notch! That being said I am shocked by the number of bugs in a full-release game, really feels more like early access, very early access. I have seen issues with quest objectives disappearing/becoming bugged and having to load a previous save, mechanics of climbing and parkouring need polish - very awkward and not as fluid as I would like, just this morning I encountered a parrying bug that just kept doing the missile reversal animation with no bow equipped - I exited the game but have not gone back in yet to see if the issue persists. I am also disappointed by the seeming lack of attention given to these issues by Ubi in the way of updates/patches.

    Love it, would recommend, but needs alot of fixes and polish imo.

  • SinfulDanTheMan
    57 posts


    and here's a screenshot i just took, maxed out settings @ 1440p. This is the main issues I have, at medium distance they just get super lazy. Look at the shrubs, they're all the exact same size and shape and 2d and just copy-pasted scattered around. It looks really bad, like they just threw in placeholders until the real graphics could be completed, but they ran out of time.

    Close up looks pretty good most of the time, but get beyond 20 feet and things begin to go downhill quickly. This does not look like a AAA game made in 2020.


  • jackcrin
    1 posts

    Wow you're all embarrassing fan boys.
    This game looks terrible.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Totally agree with you there on story and graphics, at least for me the graphics are lovely but funny to see so many seasons going on all at once, but it makes for a prettier picture so I don't mind one bit.

    This game is very story driven and I'm greatly enjoying the story and the immersion I'm having with that, for me its not quite as good as some of the previous stories but still an interesting and enjoyable tale to participate in.

    My only problems would be the sneaking mechanics and the lack of loot and real and meaningful customization. But those issues cannot take away from the fact that this is still a good game, just not as good as it could be for me.

    I can forgive the bugs, bearing in mind we have coronavirus and choas in workplaces at the moment. Skyrim was horrendous on release day years ago, I hated the character creator and the armours and the bugs were atrocious but the modders soon sorted that out and its one of my favorite games to play even now years later.

  • Matt_GB
    17 posts

    Yep pretty bad overall.

    1. Bird is useless
    2. Hidden ones boring and feels just tacked on
    3. Eivor doesn't act at all like a viking
    4. Women are all flat chested
    5. Combat is just awful
    6. Animations are very poor
    7. The Horse!!
    8. Story line is dull and doesn't really make a lot of sense given the period
    9. Graphics look worse than the past two games
    10. Loot is anoying upgrades is locked behind hard to find items.
    11. Skill tree is poorly structured
    12. Full of woke garbage
    13. Villages are too small not enough houses and shop
    14. Shops are useless
  • Revenskrev
    17 posts

    Sorry, but these kinds of comments makes me laugh. RPG is *NOT* about collecting huge amounts of loot constantly. That is a cheap MMO trick, or clicky Diablo clones to make up for being light on actual roleplaying throughout. I HATE that so many so-called roleplaying games forces you to play the role of a compulsive pack-mule scavenger. Looting defeated enemies is good, but not generally for their armor and weapons, stripping everything bare to accumulate wealth in order to afford overpriced and overpowered gear at your next trader. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam. Gathering resources like in Valhalla is an elegant solution to this issue and it fits well with the narrative of the story. Valhalla is an unpolished gem released a month too early, but your issues are matters of personal taste that are shallow anti-roleplaying MMORPG tropes rather that flaws.

  • longjohn119
    565 posts
    @longjohn119 If you cant do ultra on that 5700, the problem is on your side.

    I call Bull ...... Maybe if you like 30 FPS @ 1440p ....... The RTX 2080 Super I replaced it with literally runs circles around it ...... And the drivers aren't buggy AF, it doesn't sound like a plane taking off under stress and it runs Odyssey @ 53C compared to the RX 5700 75-80 C ...... And I can do Ray Tracing ..... Love AMD's CPUs but the RX 5700 was a huge disappointment that cause AMD to lose 17 points of Market Share to Nvidia in the last half of 2019 ..... As an AMD shareholder that is simply unacceptable

  • Revenskrev
    17 posts


    1. Bird is quite useful and a cool feature. Added functionality with an ability later on.
    2. New to AC as seems okay.
    3. Eivor is well-rounded.
    4. Chainmail bikinis more your speed? 😉
    5. Combat is GREAT imo. It constantly evolves with skills (esp. the likes of Brush with Death, Stomp and Missile Reversal) and weapon types. I replayed DA: Inquisition before this game and AC: Valhalla is an astronomical improvement on all movement and combat (and almost every other aspect as well).
    6. Nah.
    7. Good.
    8. Storyline is decent for me so far.
    9. Seen comparisons with the last AC and Valhalla is as good or better.
    10. Really like how loot is handled in this game. In DA: Inquisition the crafting/loot system was totally borked and OP. Ruined your gaming experience.
    11. Really like both the skill tree and the skills. My criticism would be that you are forced to go blind. This is easily circumvented by easy resetting skills (which I like) and feels not well thought-out.
    12. Neo-communist woke-a-thon still not as obtrusive as in DA: Inquisition for instance.
    13. Nah. I dislike large hubs where too many quests intersect. Gameplay is nicely balanced among urban and rural areas.
    14. Not useless. Just not essential as in more loot-driven RPGs.

  • longjohn119
    565 posts

    @longjohn119 How many people are having graphical quality problems because of the bug in the game that sets the Resolution Scaling to less than 100% with the default settings ...... When I first started playing I noticed I was getting 10-15 FPS better than Odyssey @1440p with what I thought were the same settings and then saw that the Resolution Scaling was set to 80% ..... I set it to 100% and the graphics improved and the FPS was more in line with what I was getting in Odyssey ..... I crashed only 1 time in 18 hours, never noticed any stuttering once I turned down Volumetric Clouds a notch .... Everything else is maxed out except Motion Blur and Depth of Field both of which I have off because I don't like them ...... Depth of Field is especially bad in that it can make things look blurrier even outside of cut scenes ..... Spending $500 on a graphics card for crisp high resolution graphics only to intentionally blur things so it looks like you are looking through a camera lens just seems counterproductive IMO

  • Redw0lfAlpha
    57 posts

    @matt_gb What's wrong with the horse?

  • longjohn119
    565 posts

    @redw0lfalpha Horse always worked just fine for me in Odyssey, a bigger problem is the bows are broken in Valhalla and you can't lock on to anything so you can't do like in this example but I hope they fix it sooner rather than later ......

  • Redw0lfAlpha
    57 posts

    @longjohn119 that was so satisfying to do that in Odyssey! And yes hopefully it will be fixed.

  • martygod12
    237 posts

    @revenskrev But this is just your opinion, I respect that and I am glad that you like the game. But I disagree with pretty much everything you said. Talking about the loot and rewards now.

    A proper open world RPG should have enough loot and enough variety in amors and weapons. I dont mind not having much options or variety in more linear, more corridor like games when I expect it, but in an open world RPG, which relies heavily on exploration a proper amount od diferrent weapons and armors is a must, also as proper rewards for explorig. Sadly Valhalla fails terribly in this area, there is not enough weapons in the game but even worse there is almost no variety in armors no options there is only 10 armors in the whole game that is just not enough, there is way too little loot and rewards for exploration is a joke.

    Yes it is my opinion, but as you can see here on the forum or around internet roughly half the players have the same feeling and that is a lot to consider it a problem and a bad desicion in game design. As I see it the new loot system is only build to please the players who didnt like the Odyssey style loot, but the kinda forgot that there was also a lot of players who loved the loot system in Odyssey, who loved that amount of variety and the customization options. Ubisoft failed to find a middle ground a compromise which will please both sides and thats just dissapointing.

  • Br1tish_Legacy
    10 posts

    I would say the game is good but not great. I'm enjoying it so far but I don't find myself engaged in the story like I did with Odyssey. The graphics look great one minute and then like it's running on PS3 the next. The combat is clunky and delayed. Also, there are bugs etc that can impact the gameplay itself. I think once a decent patch comes out that addresses the technical issues this game has then it should be a solid title but personally I would not say the best in the series but that's my personal opinion.

  • Br1tish_Legacy
    10 posts

    @redw0lfalpha I don't think there's a problem with the actual mount but for me I cannot shoot my bow when looking behind even after eivor does a 180 it still won't let me. I can only shoot Infront of me and probably 45 degrees to each side

  • Mirmidonas74
    27 posts

    @rumenrs Not just unfinished but also ruined!

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