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  • IllyriusWarrior
    17 posts


    They should have had released in early stage to get what customers would like and what not. Wrong decision to take to release it this early with no feedback from the market in my opinion especially now that many other games have been released and are being. With no market feedback on features and game aspects is risky decision that will affect the sales.

  • Chevy_man2010
    83 posts


    When I was using Dragon Age. Last Dragon Age game I played was Dragon Age Inquisition. And that was more than 5 years ago.

    I enjoyed Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2, & Dragon Age Inquisition.

    Story lines were amazing, maps were indeph.

    I was using Dragon Age as an example for NPC interaction like in Witcher & Odyssey. The world was alive & colorful. Unlike Valhalla where villages just decide to exist on map suddenly.

    Raven is useless, tagging system on map is useless, tagging system in general is useless.

    Then the leveling system for Valhalla is just ridiculous. I got to 220 fighting a Zealot knight ranked at 90 got upgraded armour almost maxed out with weapons almost maxed. Yet barely hurting him but everytime he hits me I lose a 1/4 of my health.
    Which parrying in the game is trash compared to Odyssey. Then they add a stamina bar so you cant dodge after certain attempts (should be removed).

    I can go on with problems in how they destroyed this game.

    Another example is if you read when upgrading armour it says it affects stamina because of weight of armour along with upgrading armour lowers health.
    In what world does that make sense? That has never existed in video games. Plus that's why they train & wear their armour constantly is to adapt their stamina to it so it doesn't affect them in battle so the game makes no sense.

    I know this for several reasons:

    1. Im a Marine Veteran & learned history.
    2. Im part Viking & so I studied both Greek & Norse Mythology as a kid to learn their battle etiquette. As well as about their belief in their Gods.

  • IllyriusWarrior
    17 posts

    @chevy_man2010 Dragon Age Inquisition was the start of the end, they needed a major marketing campaign to sell it. You got too look it through its history coldly not into a bs marketing poly with gaming magazines, look it from investor eye. Many of those who made the first two games left bioware.
    The following mass effect andromeda toppled it and showed that with same studio desvs where leading into a crash and burn.

    'Mass Effect: Andromeda' reviews are in: Bad game is bad (
    Bioware as a studio in generals in my opinion is dying a horrible death and taking a cue from them will be mistake.

  • IllyriusWarrior
    17 posts
  • Mayc_
    3 posts

    I was initially disappointed with the graphics, I didn't know what it was but it didn't have the same sharpness as odyssei, everything was more blurry (textures?, engine?) until I tested it and realized that it was AA, even at the minimum it makes everything look a little bit sharp and blurry. I tried to put the Nvidia focus filter on it and suddenly it was like another game, the graphics in all their splendor. I don't understand how Ubi hasn't put a slider in the configuration for the sharpness of the AA as many games are doing. I advise you to try it because it is playing another game.

  • IllyriusWarrior
    17 posts

    Also for historical purpose the real troubles in England start with Cromwell and with London being major hub, so hopefully we see that in future. These where just prelude of things to come.

  • Alake314
    12 posts

    "Why do I even need a bird? Does it serve any purpose at all?"
    Yes. The bird helps you to find the buildings in Ravensthorne. Because the map is so [censored] they don't show and I am never able to remember where the shop is. That's the use I am giving the poor thing. Bored out of its mind and not earning its beef at all!

  • Alake314
    12 posts

    After +90h in the game, I am sorry to say Ubisoft have messed up and sold us the tester edition. I guess by mistake. I am waiting for the announcement on social media any minute now. Because it is the only plausible explanation I can find for this load of [censored].

    • Skyrim, a game from 9 years ago, has better (and bigger) map than this.
    • The menus make no sense. I am not able to see the materials I need to upgrade. The skills menu... Let's forget and move on.
    • Bugs everywhere. (My favorite, death by wall. When I got trapped INSIDE a wall and died of... distress I guess. Wallhalla: Assassin's of the Brick Barriers)
    • Not able to finish quests because bugs.
    • Not able to save because bugs.
    • We also have sound bugs! (an assault-the-castle song following you everywhere, all the way to Ravensthorpe)
    • Also, when you are so used to watching bugs happen, suddenly "It is not a bug! It is a feature!".
    • Textures look great from afar (Dover Cliffs) until you get closer/climb them (Pixelated Cliffs)
    • Recycled textures and buildings from Odyssey. It would explain the Greek stile in Asgard (those frigging Spartans/Mars and Venus statues along the Bifrost, the columns...) and the hundreds of (nonexistent) "Roman" temple ruins in England. Vikings with horns on their helmets would have been less painful to watch. If you insist that they have not recycled, then I have two theories: (1) They based all the norse mythology on Renaissance 1400-1500 art pictures of Valkiries. (2) The art department went to England for a references investigation and they didn't ever got out from the British Museum in London.
    • Graphics... When you see the trailers and expect an end-of-generation top-performance say-goodbye-to-PS4-with-a-bang game. Sincerely, I expected a TLOU2 kind of thing, graphic speaking. It is doable. It only takes a lot more of work, time and money.
    • Level design rubbish too. 60% of the time in a "dungeon" (cave, catacombs, really deep cellar that becomes a... Oh! a Roman ruin down here too!) after an extremely long time of blind exploring, I had to come back the same way I entered. Two times I didn't even knew where it was. Skyrim (again, for example) makes sure you find an alternative exit (or a door that leads directing by falling really close to the exit) every time you face a big dungeon. Don't make us come back the same way, man, it is just boring finding all the bodies again.
    • Another player already mentioned the bird, so i am just not going to.
    • Kassandra -> 15 romance prospects. Eivor -> 6. I know people from the north are known for being shy, but come on...
    • Odyssey 19 rewards able to claim with Unit/Ubisoft coins by playing and not paying. Valhalla... again, 6. And 2 of them impossible to get if you didn't attend some Bugisoft event. There are other free rewards (like the Amazon Prime one) and they are not rubbed in your face that you are never going to get them.

    Really, I feel scammed. I paid 100€ for an unfinished game in great need of polish. I don't care if they speak in Ancient Latin. I want to be able to finish my quests, save safely and a reasonable good design. I would like for Ubisoft to take responsability of this great failure as production design. I want effective partch ASAP. I want a reward to all those brave players who are suffering this unprofessional behavior. I want my money back. Or at least part of it. We don't deserve to pay the highest price from launch date/week/month and not being able to enjoy it as much as other players who are going to play months from now, with functional patches and who are going to pay a lot less.

  • Chevy_man2010
    83 posts

    @alake314 im with you. I payed 130 dollars for it. Feels like I got ripped off.

    This game needs major changes, updates, & more before the end of year.

    Game is unfinished. Its a joke. I cant believe they even let this out the door.

  • kizza0721
    63 posts


    Feels like the Fallout 76 debacle all over again. Too many game breaking bugs. Scores of minor bugs. Hundreds of frustrations. It just doesn't seem to work. What i tried to play on Ps4 is barely up to par for an open test version. Definitely not AU$170 worth of finished product. Ubisoft haven't been delivering on their games. Watchdogs Legion wasn't much better.

  • Patricia81994
    108 posts
    @alake314 im with you. I payed 130 dollars for it. Feels like I got ripped off.

    This game needs major changes, updates, & more before the end of year.

    Game is unfinished. Its a joke. I cant believe they even let this out the door.

    Same here i stopped playing this game a few days ago due to bugs ... i cannot even play this game on my PS5 and i also lost about 5 hours of gameplay that i said to myself i'm done with Valhalla. I payed almost 200 euros for this indeed unfinished game i can at least say that this will be my last Ubi pre-order.

    I also bought WD Legion and that game was also not finished i'm very disappointed. 😞

  • Patricia81994
    108 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @chevy_man2010 You also paid for 2 major DLC still coming. So you actually paid 60 dollars for what you have now. 10 dollars for the ultimate pack stuff and 30 dollars for the season pass + VAT (If the edition you bought is the ultimate one)

  • kizza0721
    63 posts

    In any case, the payment was for a WORKING amd PLAYABLE game. Minor bugs are expected. I've restarted twice because the game just broke, wouldn't let me progress, manual saves corrupted, auto saves all put me back in the same situation. That's not ok. Releasing an untested beta version for full finished product price is not ok. It seems only a few very lucky people are having playthroughs without massive bugs or glitches.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @kizza0721 You realize that people having no problem wont be talking here, aye? I am just on the forums because I had a problem. I wouldnt bother discussing other stuff here otherwise tbh. Too many people without actual arguments. I encountered one quest breaking bug so far. I 100%ed the map and finished like 5 areas + Vinland by now. Not a single other progression breaking bug so far for me. One world event was seriously bugged another was fixed by saving and reloading. Other than that all world events have worked. At least I have not a single world event icon left on the map.

    I do encounter a lot of small glitches tho. Like the moving block thingies. There are serious animation bugs. Parkour feels bad but still better than Odyssey tbh because there are way more opportunities to actually parkour.

  • Cell1e
    153 posts


    I got a bug last night, Eivor got stuck on the back of a ladder and he couldnt go up or down, none of my other keys would do anything but the game didnt seem frozen. Luckily I had a save game for just before I went up the ladder. It was kind of funny..that sort of thing has happened a lot especially in the later stages of the game.

    If this was a check point game it could be catastrophic but luckily this game we can save manually and there are lots of autosaves.

  • Chevy_man2010
    83 posts


    Don't feel bad. I was climbing to a viewpoint and somehow game flung me clear to the other side of the map, no where near where I was. Talk about major glitches.
    There are things I need to pickup I can't pickup, quest I can't finish cause it says put something down that I can't put in its place & so on.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @cell1e Game can't save on ladders and while climbing. So there is no way it would save then. 🙂 At least they know their parkour tends to be buggy. Saving with it would be a catastrophe probably.

  • Daegan87
    16 posts

    I have this on ps4 and have all sorts of issues.

    Combat is wonky
    PS4 has had corruption issues since playing the game (never had the issue prior)
    Getting error ce-34878-0 as well
    Flying ships (which I can deal with)
    Poor map details
    No previews when purchasing items from merchants
    Winky controls in general at times when climbing

    Don't get me wrong. I love the story but I def feel like they rushed the game.

  • scottyusceaser1
    34 posts

    1. Increase in Draw Distance (LOD)
    2. One Handed Swords
    3. Fix to the over-inflated double handed weapons when in the players hand.. the size of them are perfect when on the players back. 
    4. Transmog.
    5. Replayable raids.
    6. 4k Textures.
    7. More songs for boat travel.

    The DRAW DISTANCE is MAJORLY bad on high end PC's. literally the grass 15 feet from you disappears... Odyssey is waaaaay better for LOD. Valhalla, you just can't admire how beautiful it should be with the draw distance so poorly done.

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