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  • pepacotera
    2 posts

    Very unfinished is kindness of you!! Valhalla looks like alpha version!

  • SwedishElk
    3 posts

    @torfinr I agree on that, I spent several months with Odyssey and now on new game+, the story is rich, and it has some meaning. Valhalla feels like a pure ARPG slaughter game, bland characters and a very week story. I have played AC since the first one and own everyone for PC, and this is just pure crap.

  • Alake314
    12 posts

    @guiwhiz When the braid is pixel-pushed *through* the shoulder fur of the cape! In the frigging CINEMATICS! Like, GOD is it really SO hard to get the collision physic effects and the textures right??

  • Alake314
    12 posts

    @torfinr I feel like a viking *in* Odyssey, with all the Roman-Greek sheet.

  • bhk3yx
    4 posts


    I agree on all of this. I'm created this account just to make a comment here. Thought Origins and Odyssey were fantastic. Never could I have imagined how much of a waste I feel the $65 I spent was. After having my game crash over 75-100 times on PS4, experiencing multiple quests that simply cannot be finished to progress in the story because of terminal bugs and dealing with the constant glitching disappearing items, floating characters....I could go on forever. I'm shocked that the developers considers this a product worthy of charging people money for, its insulting. The writing is also terrible and I set a very low bar for feasible plots. No coherent story-line, and a complete drop off of any meaningful activity or story leaving you to play errand boy for over 20-30 hours to finish the game is just a joke. May post more fleshed out examples of what Im talking about in a few days but Im done thinking about this game for now, I've finally just hit a point where it's unplayable for me. With that said I feel the least I can do is let others know to avoid the mistake I made wasting money on a half baked broken game.

  • bhk3yx
    4 posts


    EDIT: HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA THIS IS SO FITTING——I stopped at about 247 power level as noted above^^. I never look up things about the game while I'm playing, so to add insult to injury about 15 minutes after making that post I finally decide to google "Are you supposed to be able to fight with your wolf in Valhalla?".
    Jokes on me guys, NEVER GOT THE ABILITY TO SUMMON HIM AFTER THE QUEST....wow. Don't even know what to say. My wolf is just a stay at home wolf that chills at the settlement.
    Thank you UBISOFT for confirming my prior suspicion that this game is absolute trash. This is just pathetic, I've never purchased a video game from N64 days until now that is this pathetic in terms of basic functionality. This is a major stain on your reputation for passing off garbage to your consumers for their hard earned money.
    Global pandemic— U.S. economically crippled —It's a disgrace that UBISOFT is taking $$$ hand over fist from the population in return for absolute trash.

  • bhk3yx
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • bhk3yx
    4 posts


    Haha maybe conversely, just ignore -dbgager- the Ubisoft sock puppet

  • dubbillionaire
    9 posts

    You know guys, its slightly better than the state Legion is in right now. God it looks awful. The textures and so called rtx is rubbish. The janky butt ui in the menu and so much more. 30fps is not even that good because of the stuttering and popins and bad lighting. Both games by two different studios needed at least another yr for them to be worthy of selling. like a sucker I got GOLD editions for both and Farcry 6.

    I do not hate the games but I wish Ubi would not release the product until it is done like CDPR. They have delayed Cyberpunk into infinity but at least they can afford to in order to release a high quality product. If other companies would just release it "when it is done" then they would make so much more money even at launch.

  • m69216
    1 posts

    I tried playing it for the xbox one x which I don't think has anything to do with the clumsy characters interactions, terrible AI(I cleared and enemy's base with like 30 guards without any issues at all. bodies were just piling nxt to them without any reaction whatsoever), awful mobile phone combat and lots and lots of bugs in the 3 or four hours I played it. Since then I haven't touch it nor I am planning until they fix it if they ever do. If I could sue them to get my money back I would.

  • Gamesbroke2020
    14 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • martygod12
    240 posts

    Completely agree with everything in this video, this game sadly sucks so hard, it is not worth playing as it is now 😞

  • Clambaker206
    1 posts

    I completely agree. I don’t like the graphics. I hate the battle mechanics. Somehow I feel like even black flag felt more real than this. I keep trying to pick the game back up because I paid for it, but I don’t find it very enjoyable. I really wish I would’ve bought a hardcopy instead of a digital version because I would definitely be selling it. I did like the scenery though, but it still doesn’t make me wanna play this game.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    They should Stop the Sale, give us Our Money Back, apologize to us, release it in Goldstatus in a few months and prey we give the Game another Chance.

  • onurxrevenant
    1 posts

    @grundged I agree

  • Ehllfhire1
    86 posts

    @onurxrevenant ubisoft is now worse than bethesda putting out btoken garbage.

  • KeepItValhalla
    11 posts

    Game has such great potential, but unfortunately Ubisoft (publisher) clearly doesnt give any fucks if their games are broken at launch. I thought Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was supposed to be a "turn around" for this company. Oh boy, was I dead wrong.

    The sales may have been good, but I dont believe they understand how much they've stained the reputation of AC with this disastrous launch. It makes AC Unity look like a game straight out of CDPR...

  • LaMOi
    88 posts

    The game looks last gen in places. I mean seriously!

    Some of the cutscenes I was watching today, it’s the first time you get to the modern day section. I was thinking wow this looks really [censored]. This looks like resident evil 4 cutscenes. Poor looking character models stiff looking animation.

    The game definitely looks unfinished it’s filled with graphical glitches on PlayStation 4 that really take you out of the experience — its definitely quite an unpolished game.

    I mean I honestly never thought I’d say this, But I find myself wanting to load up assassins Creed Odyssey, just because it was that much more polished. And that game was a bit .... janky.

    it’s a real shame to be honest because Valhalla out of all three of the the last AC games, I was most into the setting. I was ready to love this game. But so far it’s been really underwhelming. I’m pressing on with the game, but it’s all a bit MEH........

  • dubbillionaire
    9 posts

    I decided to wait until they patch it to oblivion before I finish my playthrough. Right now I'm thouroughly enjoying Persona 5 Royal more than any other "new" release. Haven't even touched Demon's souls or spider-man

  • RPGFiend2139
    29 posts

    @chevy_man2010 I haven't been with a prossy before but $130 sounds like the going rate for getting f*****! 😄

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