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  • ShadowWraith11
    1 posts

    How do I start a class action against Ubisoft. Theyve told me they are aware of the bug in Lundun stopping the story and "sorry for the inconvenience"

    No.im not taking that , you've taken my money and given me an incomplete and literally broken game.. I can't do the main point of a game... The story..

  • Propheticus
    1 posts

    I've played AC:Valhalla for 10h now and arrived in England. I came to the conclusion something is wrong with the graphics. The previous game (Odyssey) looked better on the same PC+resolution with settings that result in similar FPS. 
    I use High settings on resolution 1080p @ 100% rendering scale with motion blur off. This looks better than 1440p@70% rendering scale.
    I had depth of field turned off as well, because I don't like fake focus (if my eyes go there, they focus and need to see sharp). I turned it back on (low) so that it at least hides some ugly jagged graphics on grass, trees, etc. It's not aliasing, but far more course-grained rough edges, as if (super) low res models/textures are used. 
    Surely it must be a bug* when a newer game like this looks so much worse than the previous titles: Odyssey and Origins. Those 2 both looked a lot better with similar or better performance. 
    Snow powder looks like blocks of 3x3cm (Sand/dust animation was fine in previous games, apply the same effect but in white and voilá snow), birds look like pixel drawings, Layla...wow, what happened to her? Clear downgrade from previous AC. 

    *: I'll be naïve in assuming no conscious decision was taken to cut corners and the game was not deliberately made to look worse by putting less time into making models and textures. That leaves graphic engine / rendering bug: are things somehow messed up in the pipeline so that they come out far lower res than they should?
    It uses the same AnvilNext2.0 engine that the previous games used, so we know it can do better....

  • guest-DhN0IhSp
    1 posts

    Agree!!!! Combat is bad. I got the game few weeks ago and I’m very disappointed so far. It started really good then I found myself struggling with the game. Story is OK but other than that it’s bad..... you need a certain power level to raid cities and it’s not easy to reach that certain power level. Boss fights are absolutely rubbish!! I just finished one boss and that straight away you need to beat Loki...... I mean why Ubisoft putting so much pressure on the players!!! I’m done at this point. I wanted to enjoy this game so bad but I just can’t 😢

  • kevinsmi97702
    4 posts

    The story arc is super lame... the climax... is cringe worthy it’s so ridiculous. They basically ignored the previous plot twists from the first and then took an already convoluted history and added an addition awkward twist with a character (or not character?) that was a 🤦♂️Moment. Then the choice mechanics didn’t matter because for a game of 40-60 hours there are a total of 6 choices that matter. They had a character as powerful and complicated (in a good way) as kassandra and replaced her with a cheese ball Viking lady that sounds like she smoked too many cigs. Then there’s the game play and leveling system. They took every thing they did right in the last and pressed delete. The depth of the leveling in odyssey... great. This one felt like they had a moment where they said “okay, odyssey had a lot but we need to crank this one out fast so delete everything so that a 4 year old could understand and then that’ll be it!” Dude it’s an RPG! It’s gonna be a little complicated!

    1 posts

    Just bought it as I was finishing other games and I was hoping Valhalla would live up to expectations but after giving it a chance for about 3-4 hours, twice... I am mildly [censored] off at how the game looks, it speaks without moving lips and moth at times that well that its more like Jeff Dunham than a viking. Graphics look [censored] for a game of this time and a series with its prestige. Im going to see it through as I paid for it so im getting my monies worth but it looks like a 360 release.

    [censored] take!

  • jamkillerj3lly
    3 posts

    Hi all.
    The graphics are not Bad on PC but they do downgrade in certain areas, I guess that's a must on such a Large map. Combat is also not Bad but not the best I think "Ghost of Tsushima" had something to do with that.

    When it comes to the combat, I feel like I'm not enough in Control, like there is too many Automatic skills what I use to kill the npc's. Sorry to bring up "Ghost of Tsushima" but I love how it flows. You feel in control, you parry if you can, and you block if you have no idea what to do, you dodge for rhythm and Roll if you need to get space. The stance change is also amazing and makes sense for fighting different types of npc's. I feel like this is a great reference as you have similar gameplay.

    I personally think the graphics are there. I think Games in general should take sometime off the graphics and focus on content and combat and general gameplay. I personally think AC: Games could half there size and just make cities be cooler with lots of little detail. AC is my favorite series of all time and I wish the best for these games. I think we need to bring more Assassin's back to the spotlight.

    Another idea would be to make 2 types of games. 1st would continue this Action RPG route and they could be there own Games and 2nd Make a real Assassin's Creed Games.

  • VonSparrow
    4 posts

    I agree totally, this is the worst assassins creed game ever made , boring and very repetitive, the dlc is the same boring crap as the main game. I feel cheated by Ubisoft . Origins was a masterpiece and odyssey was too but Valhalla fails on so many points. One of my pet hates is looking for those dam keys , who in their right mind thought this up. I would say assassins creed unity is a far superior game than Valhalla. I’ll stick to immortals Fenyx rising which is far superior to Valhalla 😉


  • Mirmidonas74
    27 posts

    @vonsparrow couldn't agree more.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    408 posts

    @vonsparrow "boring and repetitive"

    I respectfully disagree, and feel free to stick to games which you enjoy.

  • Max18400
    402 posts

    @imaginaryruins you are entitled to your opinion. The game isn't bad. Just disappointing. It has some nice, fun moments, but it fails and falls flat in so many areas. I Specialise in history for example, so for me this is most unfaithful game to history in the entire series. Game play wise, it starts off fun, but some of the mechanics ruin the flow of combat and after a while, the whole thing just becomes repetitive. Also , in sorry, I'm still bitter over the stupid decision to not have one handed swords.

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