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  • moved AC Valhalla looks very unfinished!

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    With over 2105 hours in Odyssey (no joke, love that game) and about 6-hours into Valhalla I am pretty disappointed so far. I have been looking forward to Valhalla since I heard about it. I really am bummed, big time. The game world looks nice enough but it just feels so dead as you take off to explore....explore...explore and find a couple chests of loot and maybe a small outpost or two with nothing else to do. Very hard to level without doing main story missions since that's pretty much all there is to do. They nixed side missions completely, replacing them with some World missions that are few and far between and so far they have been very basic, not very interesting. It just feels like they decided on a path of least effort and saved a ton of money with Valhalla cashing in on the success of Odyssey. It's also obvious that the game will be much shorter than Odyssey since there just isn't nearly the same level of activities to do.

    Lastly the whole Raid thing makes taking enemy locations boring, since the challenge is all but gone for the player. No strategy for working your way through tough locations, stealth means nothing anymore since you have this big squad of fighters on steroids that do the fighting for you or get in your way. So not a big fan, really lobotomized the "base takeover" mechanic down to an easy, boring, repetitive event. That's my impression so far. Valhalla feels

  • longjohn119
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    @rumenrs Well 30 FPS .... The standard for PC is 60 FPS ...... How you can even play that game with 30 FPS is beyond me the controller lag has to be hell ......

  • longjohn119
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    I'm getting the exact same performance with the exact same settings as I got in Odyssey, maybe even a little better but I haven't gotten to the big cities in England where it starts to really load the CPU like it does in Athens or Sparta ......

    It's got nothing to do with the next gen and everything to do with the last gen which has been holding back pretty much all games on PC for at least 3 years ..... If they had actually concentrated on next gen the game would likely play much better on PC because the architectures are pretty much the same now especially between the Series X and PC which both use a unified version of DX12 which this game does not, it's using the older DX12 API which are different for the Xbox and for the PC

  • nsherman23
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    if i could get into the game with out crashing i might be able to agree

  • EivorTheBrute
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    I agree, been playing for 8 hours now, game is total garbage on pc port, on console it looks amazing, but pc port as of now is total [censored], odyssey was way better performance gameplay and graphic wise. People who say the game is amazing on every aspect are most likely console players.

  • EivorTheBrute
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    @dbgager you SHOULD bash developers, especially ubisoft who always promotes the game as a near perfect one, and releases garbage like valhalla is, if you don't they will keep releasing [censored] and the whole gaming industry will consist of companies like ubisoft. I think its you who doesn't know what the [censored] he/she is on about. Take a ubis [censored] out of your [censored] fanboy and look around the industry. In conclusion valhalla is a total downgrade from odyssey/origins and is a total disgrace to scandinavian people.

  • Netspook
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    If Ubi "always" do that, it seems it's working. You did buy the game even though you "know" this, right?

    A disgrace to Scandinavian people? In what way? Being a Norwegian, I have no problems with the contents of this game so far.

  • Eduardo.PF
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    @armedburglar I couldn't agree with you more !! When we compare it to Odyssey and Origins (my favorite one), Valhalla looks like a real "downgrade". I was so excited about this game but what a frustration now ! 😞

  • Gravelmead
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    @rumenrs Oh footsteps in the snow. I think that noise is going to send me insane.

  • Wolf_Spider.
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    I agree except for the story. The story is great, the game doesn't look that bad but there are definitely frame drops and bugs.

  • Mr.Dastone
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    I agree with the OP, this is free to play garbage level stuff, i wasted my money!

  • Karahus
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    I like the picture, it looks like you are playing on an old bucket.undefined

  • Karahus
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    I do not agree, I am a PC player, and it seems that everything is not as bad as many people here say there are bugs, I do not argue, but the graphics and gameplay are excellent.

  • Mr.Dastone
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    The camera is so far back from the action it comes off cheap like your not even connected to the action. Like watching a cheap free to play game, go play Odyssey, then come back to this game. Take your ship out in Odyssey then come take it out in this game. It is a joke in comparison.

  • x0Z3ro0x
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    @sofajockey Same for me. The game is stunning, the attention to detail is amazing and so far I am enjoying the story. Feels like Assassins Creed. I can't wait to see what the polished version looks like if the game is already this amazing.

  • Moongazer8
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    @rumenrs Totally right. Not Assassin's creed. To slow and unfinished!

  • rumenrs
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    I like the picture, it looks like you are playing on an old bucket.

    Is that so?
    Let me show Odyssey and Valhalla with same old bucket


    And Valhalla again:

  • Eduardo.PF
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    @rumenrs Exactly !! I don't get why some people can't notice this HUGE difference ! Valhalla looks like a game brought from 7/8 years ago !! What a big waste ! 😖

  • JPABenites
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    I agree with you, it seems to be unfinished!
    I miss the loot system (gears, weapows and others)
    AC tryed to be a massive RPG? Isnt it?
    We kill score of enemy, invade bases just to get leather and metal! The vikings cry's OMG!
    (Look my post about the lack of equipments)
    Certain unfinished!

  • Cell1e
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    Yes I agree with you. Im astonish at all the amazing reviews out there.Its like Im playing a different game.

    I miss terribly the loot/equipment system, funny and interesting characters, compelling story-line and the lovely graphics and gameplay of Odyssy, I probably should go back to Odyssy and give this game a chance to mellow but I have put in a lot of hours in Odyssy and needed so much a new game.

    Perhaps Ubisoft might tweak things a little? I dont see much could imporve the slightly bland storyline, but they may be able to add in a few more loot drops and maybe the ability to get materials via dismantling?

    Maybe I'm just wishful thinking.

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