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  • rumenrs
    Original poster 12 posts


    I like the picture, it looks like you are playing on an old bucket.

    Is that so?
    Let me show Odyssey and Valhalla with same old bucket


    And Valhalla again:

  • Eduardo.PF
    14 posts

    @rumenrs Exactly !! I don't get why some people can't notice this HUGE difference ! Valhalla looks like a game brought from 7/8 years ago !! What a big waste ! 😖

  • JPABenites
    95 posts

    I agree with you, it seems to be unfinished!
    I miss the loot system (gears, weapows and others)
    AC tryed to be a massive RPG? Isnt it?
    We kill score of enemy, invade bases just to get leather and metal! The vikings cry's OMG!
    (Look my post about the lack of equipments)
    Certain unfinished!

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Yes I agree with you. Im astonish at all the amazing reviews out there.Its like Im playing a different game.

    I miss terribly the loot/equipment system, funny and interesting characters, compelling story-line and the lovely graphics and gameplay of Odyssy, I probably should go back to Odyssy and give this game a chance to mellow but I have put in a lot of hours in Odyssy and needed so much a new game.

    Perhaps Ubisoft might tweak things a little? I dont see much could imporve the slightly bland storyline, but they may be able to add in a few more loot drops and maybe the ability to get materials via dismantling?

    Maybe I'm just wishful thinking.

  • Ehllfhire1
    86 posts

    @deeznutz3832 lol of course its bad on a ps4. Ps5 will be too. By a real gaming device like a pc.

  • Ehllfhire1
    86 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Ehllfhire1
    86 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Ehllfhire1
    86 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • jorgen189
    4 posts

    @rumenrs agree

  • Cyberpsychosis.
    3 posts

    i am playing this game on a rtx 3080 paired with a i7 10700k and just look at the terrible graphics in the distance when everything is on ultra hahaha that is just pathetic tbh

  • Acid_Mars
    9 posts

    If I had never played AC before I would be okay with this game, but after playing Odyssey for the past few years this game is terrible so far.

    It's still early, so it could get better, but everything seems half-thought -out to me.

    1. no arrow crafting
    2. combat style is not my thing at all
    3. voice acting is WAY to over the top. Not believable at all. Odyssey was natural and believable.
    4. Venders are useless.
    5. Why do I even need a bird? Does it serve any purpose at all?

    There's more but this is just a step in the wrong direction IMO.

  • trackah123
    7 posts

    I'm speaking mostly in general, but i honestly think it's because of a game-company's deadline (game need to be finished at a certain time, with a certain budget), in return you get employers working overtime (crunch time) to hit the target aka deadline.

    I'm sure that there are employers etc that put their heart and soul in their games with passion, but because of the angry bosses, investors, and publishers it all gets ruined in the process. In the end it's all about money and keeping their businesses going.


  • StrongboneKLD
    4 posts

    @mistergeek I'm also disappointed about Valhalla. Unlike you I found the exploration part to be the best, have you explored England yet? You are free to roam as soon as you get the base up and running. The side missions in this game have been turned into myesteries, and they carry nice story and a good game experience in my opinion. Sure they might be a distance between them, but you have a horse you can ride. What dissapoints me is the combat mechanic and a couple of gameplay decisions, and the bugs, all the bugs....

    I agree that raiding can be unchallenging, and thats what I found to be fun. You are a big badass Viking raider that just enters and take what you want with your gang, feels amazing. However the enemy AI is just as stupid and weak when you infiltrate their main base with kings or heavily guarded treasures. Or raiding a fort, there is no challenge (playing on very hard...) also stealth means nothing, not because the game isn't designed for it, but because the AI is both blind and deaf, unless you whistle at them.

  • Milansan
    13 posts

    @rumenrs Combat absolutely sucks!! The most boring part of the entire experience

  • Milansan
    13 posts

    @eivorthebrute Graphics aside, the gameplay is the worst part

  • StrongboneKLD
    4 posts

    @milansan Boring and frustrating. Their new stamina system is excelent at showing how bad the whole thing is in general. The AI is as engaging as an potato, and I really hope that is a bug that prevents difficulty to be set right, because I slaughter whole forts without a sweat on the hardest difficulty. It's boring and buggy and a terrible experience to an overall amazing game.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Hi strongbonekid 🙂

    Im having the opposite trouble with stealth, my npc soldiers seem to be extra vigilent and if my Eivor even sticks her nose out of a bush then someone a mile away is alarmed and they ALL rush her, hiding again doesnt seem to work well even if I leave the camp. For this reason Ive taken to sniping all of them from as far away as my bow will let me. I miss the old days of sneaking around in bushes and hitting them with darts and pulling them down etc. I have very little opportunity for close contact kills because all the npc soldiers seem to have super sonic hearing and eyesight of hawks (and Im playing on easy)

    So maybe I have a bug but its very different from Odyssy on easy anyway.

  • dbgager
    158 posts

    @cell1e Stealth ability is something that increases . Its not going to be very good to stare. Some of the skill tree nodes infact increases stealth.. I have no issues with stealth. Stay in the tall grass and out of the enemies field of vison. I have killed off entire garrisons with stealth. And seeing somebody 100 feet away is very easy is reality. The fact that they can see you when your in there field of vision is not surprising.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    yeah i have been grabbing every stealth option in the skill tree I can, I crawl around in the long grass alot, but enemies see me doing my assinations from miles off, its strange. I bet Ive messed up soemthing in my setttings again. Cause somethings not right with my sneaking. I had quite a good session last night with the sniping, but Id love to be able to get a bit closer to enemies more often. In Odyssy and Orogins the enemies field of vision was drastically reduced from far away, in this game, a qucik and silent assination far from others is often noticed. Has to be a bug or a setting. Should be a breeze on easy 🙂

  • N_O_M_A_D_S_K_Y
    5 posts

    I agree the combat is pretty poor. Stamina bar AND the red unavoidable attacks? Why? That’s not fun at all.

    the camera seems to not really focus on the good parts either.

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