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  • XxTheKingBxX
    1 posts

    @rumenrs Am i the only one that has sound problems? It sounds very muffled and low quality on PC.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts

    @xxthekingbxx The singing on the longboat is quite muffled to me, Id like to hear it better but my sound levels are high.

  • SiBer_SBS
    6 posts

    @cyberpsychosis Yeah, same here playing on 9900K and 2080 Ti. Everything on highest settings and running well but just looks terrible compared to Odyssey.
    Real shame as I had such high hopes for this game. Maybe a hint that the new consoles are still crap compared to top end PC's and they just haven't bothered to enable view distance enhancement for PC, which would be very lazy and not like AC games. Why go backwards? This game looks worse than Origins never mind Odyssey (which both looked fantastic) - this is nowhere close. Also the combat is sooooo much worse than Odyssey - seriously Ubi - why downgrade so heavily??
    I'm still going to play it and love the inclusion of fishing, even though it doesn't come close to other UBI title Far cry in that respect; all fish in the vicinity dissapear completely after you catch 1 and you have to keep spamming the space bar to reel that one fish in which is a pain in the [censored] compared to far crys system which was perfect.

    Anyway back to graphics - big shame UBI. I bought the gold edition as well because of how great your last two titles were but this is just nowhere close. It is like like a B-tec company was asked to copy assassins creed for a crap system and just put in the bare minimum for gameplay. Dual wielding becomes null and void if shields are useless (everyone will just dual wield and the that's just the norm so why not just have that - not really roleplaying if there is only one good option).

  • SiBer_SBS
    6 posts

    @acid_mars Couldn't agree more with what you've said.
    Unfortunate because I had very high hopes for this game.
    You better damn well be able to side with the anglo-saxons after all this BS or I will be done with AC for a bloody long time.
    ps. this is coming from somebody who didn't hesitate to buy the gold edition because of how good the last two games were (on PC at least - can't speak for console users).
    Such a shame that they have released this half baked turd. [UBI loyalist no more after Breakpoint and now this]

  • SiBer_SBS
    6 posts

    @siber_sbs Last annoying thing for now (that is incredibly annoying), is using the map - dare to scroll out and it will just warp to a random area down south (nothing to do with where you are or where the mouse cursor is) ..... This could be fixed in minutes and was never an issue in the previous games. Just one more thing that this game has failed in and more frustration for the users.

  • aetherosonic
    1 posts

    Ive noticed it too, I thought it MUST have been just me since its VERY weird in this level... the birds flying around look out nests look like wolfenstein 3d polygons or maybe a generation later... the sound mixing is awful, my ears hurt so loud the eivors voice is but the others around are so low, when eivor walks on rocks and cliffs it sounds like shes walking on hollow wood... SO SO SO many bugs, the draw distance seem to be a stone throw away, the texture on roof tops where they put "leafs" look like a bad MS paint job... its weird.. its really weird.. and the AI is so so so stupid, i cant believe this went pass the first draft. BUT... i do enjoy it.. im not saying its a bad game, its just weird.
    I loved RDR2s graphics, but I love them more now, I really appreciate how difficult it must be and that game came out on PC a year ago, thats next some level [censored]!

    (I have everything on max in the graphics department, Ultra, and its SO weird i still hope its just something im doing wrong, some drivers i havents downloaded or something, please let me know if this is just on my computer)

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    the thing that bother me the most is my settlement
    good you can level the houses, you can do some quests for npc's
    you can raise your level 1-6

    but when you go out raiding you get some building stuff
    you go out into the world to collect stuf, now you would think the wealth you collect go to your settlement, but no it go to the region where you loot
    wats the point of getting out and scout/loot the hole world if you gain nothing for your own settlement

    if you collect some things like the masks you can build some statues, or get some body paints, but i want all the wealth i get

    i explored haf england but i already got borred with the game, ody was so much better then this game

  • SinfulDanTheMan
    57 posts


    Thank you, I agree things look so weird, especially from medium distance. Pop-ins and copy-pasted grass tufts. And that's before we even get to the AI in the game, it's literally worse than games that came out 10 years ago. Everything feels super rushed, so they just added placeholders, but we got stuck with them.

    It amazes me how people can't see how poor all of the textures and layouts are. Like living in another universe.

  • Claiton_Bigsby
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • SinfulDanTheMan
    57 posts

    the game also feels unfinished because, well, its unfinished. For example there are many many spaces that they just didn't add anything at all. Take this church for instance, in any other AC game this would be chock full of church stuff and props that represented the time period. however most places are sorely lacking in any detail. It really kills any immersion you may have.

    The markets are void of many goods, people's homes barely have anything. Even poor people have things to live. I just don't get it, the world feels dead


  • chuck_b_1979
    1 posts

    I’m playing on a ps4. I don’t know what the other console players are used too, but this game is trash. I have pretty much forced myself to play it for about 12 hrs. I screwed up and bought the ultimate edition, thinking it would be as good or better than the last installments. Why is everything foggy and blurry all the time? Why has my game crashed twice? I’ve played games with bad mechanics, and bad graphics but loved them because the story was good. I’ve played games where the story was trash, but everything looked amazing and worked perfectly. This game here doesn’t hit on anything. It’s all crap. I have to at least attempt to finish it, simply because I paid so much for it. So yeah Ubisoft got one over on me this time. But it won’t happen again. I won’t trust them enough to pre order a game from them ever again. But I’m just one guy so they could care less. I hope those of you that enjoy this, continue to. Those of you that hate it, I’m sorry but you are not alone.

  • BonzerDolphin75
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • BonzerDolphin75
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • kaleygh78
    4 posts

    @rumenrs had the same feeling. The skill tree is a mess, assassination animations are slow and weird, item variety is quite bad, no one handed swords, empty areas, no ambient music, not even a box where i can store the few items i found. Funny they seem to be selling weapons and armour for real $€, when there's so few armours in the game.

  • kaleygh78
    4 posts

    @kaleygh78 also, please let us filter which icons we have on the map. And fix the stupid skill tree.

  • dHunter76
    2 posts


    Hey Guys,

    I spent only 1.5 hours in the game on PC, and I feel the same.
    Odyssey was waaay better.
    Its difficult to tell, but the movement seems clunky. Somehow I cannot do what I like, I just do what happens to succeed. For example try to jump from a rooftop to something: you will miss 2 out of 3 times.
    The footsteps are so annoying that I almost went berserk..
    The horse.... OMG the Horse!!! Ok, clearly its forbidden to Ubi employees to lookt at other games, like RDR2.
    No loot?! This is surprising indeed.
    Also the ingame video feels somehow clunky. As the whole game seems to be unpolished.
    Its a big step back after Odyssey.

    I feel that they have a serious pressure to release the game for the arriving of next-gen consoles, and this hurry costs dearly. If I had bought it on Steam instead of Ubi store then I would refund it yet.
    I hope a few BIG patches will make it better on the long run.

  • SinfulDanTheMan
    57 posts

    @dhunter76 most of your points stand, but there is indeed loot. maybe you should play a little more

  • SiBer_SBS
    6 posts

    I think you are spot on - it was the rush to release the game in line with the new consoles that has hurt this game so badly.
    I would also add that when attacking, the direction (WASD) keys do nothing for the first time in AC - you will keep hitting the same target regardless of telling the game to attack someone who is about to swing at you plus the lag in telling the game to block vs actually blocking is frustrating.
    This game in it's current state almost feels like AC light (released for tablets) because of the deadline being unrealistic.

  • TheGodlyBacon
    10 posts

    @rumenrs disagree with a lot of your points, however this game clearly needed months of polish and bug fix.

    I cant move for longer than 40ft without seeing some stupid bug. I have two world events that are glitched out and cannot be completed. The Lost Cauldron mission is glitched out so Jotenhiem is on the back burner. NPCs are always ruining cutscenes by either walking through me or objects in the background. Falling infinitely where two rocks meet, only to finally die from a 15 centimeter fall. Jumping off a ledge/ceiling/post, hitting the ground then warping back up and then down again - constantly.

    I've been playing Ubisoft games since The Sands of Time on the Ps2 so I'm used to their style of clunkiness. However launching Valhalla in this state is unnacceptable

  • LostManAbroad
    7 posts

    Threads like this always go the same way. Someone posts a rant about how terrible the game is and completely exaggerates the issues with the game, other people join in and the conversation eventually changes to a bunch of people hurling insults at each other. No wonder so little of what players say ever actually gets taken into the developers consideration. If I were one of the developers and I was reading this thread, I'd have given up before getting 10 replies in.

    Chill the f**k out people and learn to discuss things without slinging insults or bringing emotion into it.

    Personally I think the game's setting is great. I like the story but that is personal taste so I think some people will like it, others won't. The places where I see problems are:

    • The game has poor optimization. Odyssey had battle scenes as big, if not bigger than this game and I never saw a single stutter in Odyssey. This game has stuttering cutscenes and battles for me and I'm running a high end PC. This is the only game I own that I cannot run on Ultra. I run everything on High and it still runs very poorly in places.
    • The sound is terrible!! Awful!! What is with the thunder clap every time you assassinate someone? Why are your footsteps so loud, even in stealth mode? And what is with the songs on the boat? In Odyssey it really sounded like the crew of the ships were singing and when you got to port they continued singing for a bit before stopping. In Valhalla it sounds like one of the vikings brought an MP3 player and speakers with them on the boat and is playing a song recorded in an echoing recording studio. And the second you get to port the music and singing stop even if the musician is only half way through the line of a song.
    • As for the gameplay, this game doesn't feel like a new game. To me this feels like they took Odyssey and simply replaced the Ancient Greek setting for a Viking setting. It feels very lazy and rushed. Does anyone know how long Ubisoft took to make Odyssey? This game has been in development for such a short time by comparison, I don't think this is a new game, they just painted over their last game.

    Very disappointing Ubisoft. I've bought all the Assassin's Creed games except for Origins. I think this will be my last one unless they bring out updates that fix all the things that they were too lazy to include upon release.

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