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  • Freestepper
    Original poster 111 posts

    @diiorio I can't make up a sence from what you are saying.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 111 posts

    @ubiexcellent It's happening only in the main cut scenes. Like the one at the beginning with little Eivor with the feasting and the attack. Or the cutscene with the first boss fight in Norway. The ones truly cinematic with a lot of camera moving and heavily motion-captured ones. It's actually on consoles too. It's just not so much on consoles.

  • gel214th
    9 posts

    @alzoc_dal Just post the cutscene with the stuttering to Youtube and then post the link to the video in the forums.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 111 posts

    @ubiexcellent So i just uploaded a video of the very first cut scene in the game, the one with little Eivor.

    Until 0:07, you can see small part that runs butter smooth 60 FPS, because it's not the cinematic motion-captured cut scene yet. At 0:07, the screen goes black and the cinematic motion-captured cut scene starts and you can immediately see the FPS drop. Then in 2:12, the cinematic cut-scene ends and i can control little Eivor again with the smooth 60 FPS again. Until 2:26 when another cinematic cut scene starts and with the same FPS drop again. At the end of the video, after the final cut scene, i recorded a small part of gameplay with just rotating of the camera, so you can see that during the gameplay, i get smooth 60 FPS again, despite a few seconds ago, i was getting FPS drop on the same place during the cut scene.

    As i said, there are two types of cut scenes. The conversation ones, where you sometimes have the option to choose from dialogs and the cinematic cut scenes that are motion-captured. The cinematic ones are more rare. Only in the cinematic cut-scenes the FPS drop is happening, not in the conversation ones. And it doesn't matter which cinematic cut scene it is. Being simply cinematic cut scene is enough. And it also doesn't matter what the camera shows or what is happening on the scene. Even if the camera was looking into the sky, it would still have the very same FPS drop. And the graphics settings also doesn't matter. Even at lowest, these cut scenes has the same FPS drop. I think it's because this type of cut scenes are locked at 30 FPS. And yet the frame pacing is inconsistent. Why? I want it to run same smooth as gameplay.

    Now, you got the video you wanted. Can you please fix it, so that these cut scenes would run the same as gameplay? Thanks.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 111 posts

    Uploaded another good example. The short beginning before the cut scene, you can see smooth 60 FPS as Eivor approaches the door. But then the cut scene starts and you can see the massive frame rate drop.

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    @freestepper Cutscene FPS is slightly better after 1.0.4 for me. Earlier it would drop to 28-29 FPS. Now it drops to 33-35. Gameplay FPS is anywhere between 45-60 for me. 1060 6GB.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 111 posts

    @redindianrobin No, it's still the same. And i really believe that they are locked at 30 FPS and run at inconsistent frame pacing. Because as i already said, it doesn't matter where the camera is looking during cut scenes or what is happening on the scene. The camera can look strait up at the sky and the FPS would be the same. Even at lowest graphics settings, these cut scenes has still the same low FPS.

  • m3rl1on
    2 posts

    yup this is happening to me as well. played buttery smooth before a big cutscene (on the part with Burgred and Ceolwulf in a throne room), when the cutscene starts, the FPS tanks from a consistent 40fps (i limit the fps to 40 so that it doesnt jump from 50-60 to 30-40), to a whopping 15-20fps. the game is pretty much unplayable after that unless i look at the ground or restart the game altogether. im on the 1.0.4 version of the game with a GTX1050 3GB (not the best, i know, but i cannot believe the game run this bad even in 60% resolution with everything on low) with 16gb ram in dual channel.

  • m3rl1on
    2 posts

    Hello guys, i think i finally found a solution / workaround for FPS drop. i play with my laptop with GTX1050 and it ran at a relatively stable 35FPS (i use the fps cap), but in benchmark it would go as high as 50-ish FPS albeit really unstable. In game, it usually went pretty well until i encountered a cutscene / assault / raid / just random moments in the game and the FPS tanks to 20ish FPS, sometimes even lower. Now, what i've found to be working pretty good to get my framerate back is to travel to Norway, then back to england again. before this method, i usually go back to the main menu, run the benchmark twice, then load the game again, but traveling to norway seems to be the quicker method. Could this be memory leak happening in the game?

    My full specs are ASUS FX505DD with GTX1050 3GB, 16GB RAM dual channel, SSD, Ryzen 5 3550H.

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    Hi everyone! At the moment, our teams are still looking into these FPS drops. Once we have more information to share about these, we will do so on the game's official website. I'm sorry that I do not have more details to share yet, but I do appreciate everyone's patience with us.

    @freestepper Thank you for attaching these videos to this thread! I've sent both links to our investigating teams for their report.

    @m3rl1on I appreciate you sharing this workaround! Have you created a support ticket with our Technical teams yet? If not, please do this and upload a copy of your MSINFO and DxDIAG files to your ticket, so our teams can check on what might be causing these FPS drops for you.

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