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  • Puia3149
    7 posts

    They are toying with us. Why do you think chat was disabled? Look at the dates and you will notice that the chat was disabled only so that you cannot request a refund for your purchase within 14 days... They have little to no respect for us paying customers. They know very well the game is horrible in it s current state

    My ticket appears as updated hoever i received no reply whatsoever so i guess the agent simply skipped my ticket 😐

    13441282 ticket number just in case you start giving a [censored] Ubisoft

  • MKumitsu
    16 posts

    20 days since I submitted the ticket... 26 days since I bought the game...😥

  • Mr_Meeeeseeks
    22 posts

    So, to update you, after several and several tickets I got the refund, with that money I bought the game in the Epic store and it worked perfectly. Impressive how ubisoft takes to solve simple problems.

  • MKumitsu
    16 posts

    @mr_meeeeseeks I thought the easiest way would be just to add the game you paid for to your library...
    Just checked my Paypal account, also got the refund today, some e-mail from Ubi about that would be nice though...

  • DonnySteve25
    7 posts

    @mkumitsu you guys are luckier than me 2 weeks they have had my money now & can hardly get them to acknowledge I did buy the game.

  • DonnySteve25
    7 posts

    @donnysteve25 I have now received a refund little in the way of apology & no sign of my upoints used for the 20% discount but thankful for whoever saw sense in the end.

    hope everyone has a nice Christmas & all the best for the New Year.

  • Captain_Kebabsy
    6 posts

    that's not fair about the points. although to be honest, they don't seem to hold the same weight as AC Odyssey. 100 points for one item in-game is crazy, you could get 3 different items for that in previous games. also, i am now 3 weeks in and nothing. i have rasied a chargeback through paypal, so lets see what happens. honestly given up hope at this point. their customer service is the worst i have ever come across

  • MikeFaust413
    7 posts

    @donnysteve25 well here is another response from them.
    I opened a new ticket and explained everything (AGAIN). By the way STILL WAITING....... but now here is the response i got
    "After reviewing the account, it looks like you were able to locate your order of Assassin's Creed Valhalla."
    How do you figure?
    Still haven't received what I ordered and the code is for the base game, no season pass nothing. Getting very frustrated with Customer Service.
    This has been a horrible experience. $200+ for a base code.....what a joke.
    And yes by them taking my money that is a promise to send me what I ordered.

  • Sapphire908
    10 posts

    You cannot expect response. They already released the game, we already bought it. Ubisoft is already on christmas vacation.
    Frankly after Breakpoint i should have expected this, but i guess i was naive, since i though that after Breakpoint fiasko Ubi would actually thing about what they [censored] up, and change something about it, but apparently since Breakpoint was selling after all, this technical garbage is the new Ubisoft standart.
    Games released without any testing, riddled with gamebreaking bugs everywhere you look, Futches that create more bugs than fixes, patch notes that are 1/3 made up bugs and fixes and 1/3 just outright lies, and lazy uninspired "support" answers, because noone is apparently actually working on product they are selling, since i guess unlike my company, Ubisoft treats home office as paid vacation.
    If [censored] like this happened at lets say car industry, reprecussions would be unimaginable. Considering what happened at dieselgate, what would you thing would happen, if car company released entire series of cars without working brakes or steering wheel. Its just this [censored] industry, that lets companies get away with unfinished and untested products.

    I am [censored] sick and tired of this [censored]. I would like to love this game, i love combat, i like the story and characters, i enjoy the exploration, but if it was up to me, id hang entire team responsible for technical state of the game in draft by their various genitals until they tore.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    I dont bother myself with the refund, seems refundsystem is "buggy" like the game and i have enough of troubleshooting workarounds.
    I regret the timewaste and anger because of bughalla, i would spent 50€ more to reset that.
    At least i could warn and prevent my father from buying, who like the AC series aswell.

    Even if they magically fix everything now, Impression of the game is ruied, i first need some distance. Hope cd project red can restore my faith in gamingindustry.

  • FFaFFaNN
    7 posts

    I would be glad to ensure that they have been placed with the correct department for efficient assistance. Thank

    • Hi, case number 13546792.Tx.

  • Terraimn
    1 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Captain_Kebabsy
    6 posts

    PayPal started investigating my chargeback today and surprise surprise i had the first contact from ubisoft support in over a month since i raised a ticket with them. they are saying that they want me to close my case with PayPal so they can issue a refund. to be honest i am pretty reluctant to do that, so i have bounced them a message back. If anyone is struggling with the same issue, i would recommend contacting your bank or card issuer and opening a chargeback. force ubisofts hand to right their own wrongs

    3 posts

    I have had my game save disappear twice. They just close my ticket with no response or resolution. Outstanding customer service. How the hell do you run an organization this way?

  • Skimer6
    1 posts

    @ubikoality Hi I am in a similar position. I bought Gold Edition on 22nd December. Still no email or confirmation of shipping. Order number is 1017016644.

  • Captain_Kebabsy
    6 posts

    Well PayPal paid out pretty quick. Took them about a week to give me a refund, reluctantly closed my case with Ubisoft Support. Felt pretty [censored] off when they sent me a "your case is resolved" email

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