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  • Zhinidask
    8 posts

    @moongazer8 Oh I see I'm using a pc to play it so it might be different, i'll sumbit a case anyways. Thanks for replying

  • clainsbury
    1 posts

    I haven't even got the confirmation email let alone the code for xbox

  • LavaDragon87
    7 posts

    @wolfplayer54321 you are lucky you even got a code i pre ordered the game all the way back in july and never even got a code

  • Geoffoir
    6 posts

    I have received the code today for way of the berserker, for the PlayStation 4. I received the original email from ubisoft on Monday, so it’s taken a while. I did manage to raise a ticket about it, but I don’t think it did any good as the email didn’t reference my case number. So I guess you’ve got to just stick with it. Hopefully they’ll email you all soon.

  • WolfPlayer54321
    Original poster 2 posts

    I just received the code for Playstation 4! I hope the rest will receive it as well soon.

  • KmarkoPL
    114 posts

    I had life chat with Support yesterday, was suppose receive the Pre-order mission code with in 24 h .

  • Geoffoir
    6 posts

    On another thread I was on. Ubisoft had posted that they were still issuing codes. Hopefully you’ll all get yours soon

  • KmarkoPL
    114 posts


    Soon ?!
    The guy from support said with in 24 h from the last chat !
    Now is over 30h and no response !!

  • Geoffoir
    6 posts

    well what he said was they’re still being dispatched, and for people to keep an eye on their inbox

  • Moongazer8
    9 posts

    @geoffoir Day 3 and still waiting for me.

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