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  • Gensui.Musashi
    Original poster 9 posts

    @dbgager bruh, have you seen the animations? the character texture? the disgusting textures when you are sailing?

  • dbgager
    158 posts

    @gensui-musashi I seriously do not care..I plan on playing the game and enjoying it. I have no issues with how it looks. You keep on worrying about nothing by all means.

  • Gensui.Musashi
    Original poster 9 posts

    @dbgager well thats your opinion. if you can just enjoy the gameplay and ignore the graphics then this game is probably pretty good.

  • Ehllfhire1
    86 posts

    @gensui-musashi the graphics look great running ultra 4k on my rtx2070. What are your specs and settings because i dont believe you.

  • Gensui.Musashi
    Original poster 9 posts

    @ehllfhire1 rtx 3080, 144 hz display

  • sandworm069
    3 posts

    @gensui-musashi mine doesn't look great either tbh. Hoping for improvement, I'll still play tho

  • Ehllfhire1
    86 posts

    @gensui-musashi thats your problem. Wait until nvidia puts out working drivers for 30 series. Everyone knows they are borked. Atypical early adopter ignoring the obvious.

  • Gensui.Musashi
    Original poster 9 posts

    @ehllfhire1 no its not the problem .... but whatever, no reason to discuss with fanboys. *flies away*

  • L_assassinDom
    5 posts

    Yeah i feel the same about graphics. Feels kinda blurry sometimes, and textures are not detailed. The image in odyssey was much more sharp. I have RTX 2080 so i'm not 'early adopter'

  • DrNilsson
    10 posts

    I forgott to update my gpu drivers and had [censored] graphics until i updated it. Have you updated your gpu drivers?

  • martygod12
    240 posts

    Sadly I must agree. I am too little bit dissapointed with the graphic quality of the game. Well more then dissapointed is that maybe I have expected much more since this is a new console generation launch title and we should see some nextgen graphics, but there is basically no improvement against Odyssey.

    Draw distance is still terrible, lod textures are really bad, especialy vhen you flying your eagle and looking at the landmass around it looks even worse then in Odyssey. And the biggest problem are the textures on characters and their clothes/armor, they look worse than in Odyssey, why the hell we have only high setting on textures and not ultra ? I am running at ultra at average 80FPS so my PC can handle a little more sweat.

    I dont know it looks like the PC version is downgraded same as Xbox One and PS4 versions and I dont know why. Really hope they release some HD texture pack in the future.

  • iwajabitw
    23 posts

    Make sure in game, Resolution Scale is at 100%. My 2080 was defaulted to 50% and graphics were not as good as expected. I would not go beyond 100% unless you have 16GB gpu.

  • vahndaar
    14 posts

    Playing on PC. So far I think the graphics are about on par with Odyssey, not a huge improvement in all honesty apart from maybe the draw distance being a bit further. Witcher 3 from 2015 still looks way better with much sharper textures and visual fidelity. What is much much worse is performance. Odyssey runs very smoothly. In Witcher 3 I can get about 120 FPS consistently without any issues. In this, framerate is all over the place for no apparent reason, with inexplicably wild swings from 75 down to 40 with huge frametime dips down to about 10 every now and again. Which I wouldn't mind if it didn't look worse than a game from 5 years ago.

    So whilst I don't mind the graphics, albeit they're not that great compared to other games in recent years, the horrendously inconsistent performance for no apparent reason is making it nigh on impossible to keep playing until some sort of optmisation patch drops for PC.

    It's definitely a PC issue. On consoles this thing seems to run very slick.

  • PierreAngelique
    28 posts

    Yes there is a weird blurriness to everything, its not sharp at all and the lighting in the first region is very flat. My resolution scale is set to 100%, playing on 1440p. I just booted up Origins to compare and feel like even Origins looks sharper. Plus it runs a lot better than Valhalla. I really wish they could have added DLSS to this game, it really needs it considering how bad it is optimized.

  • martygod12
    240 posts

    @pierreangelique Origins looks better than Valhalla and Odyssey, but its maybe because of the setting I guess that the desert regions are easier to look amazing then grass/forrest or snow. But yeah the lighting is weird and was even in Odyssey. At day or night it looks amazing, but at dawn or sundown it looks really washed out and ugly like they dont know how a realistic sundown looks at Ubisoft. I always have to meditate when sundown is up cause I just cant look at the ugly visuals 😄 .

  • x0Z3ro0x
    15 posts

    Graphics looks great, I love their attention to detail too. Not sure what the OP sees but mine are stunning.

  • Ganossa_
    58 posts

    The graphics in this game easily dethrone RDR2 for best graphics in any game.




    The light and LOD is just picture perfect and an upgrade to any gameplay trailer shown. Let's hope Ubisoft keeps delivering on that level in terms of graphics and of course ups its gameplay to a similar standard.

  • Netspook
    261 posts

    I can understand complaints about some graphical features, especially character models, but saying the entire game is ugly or worse, is a gross exaggeration, imo.

  • SinfulDanTheMan
    59 posts


    I agree. Especically after just finishing Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, this game looks and feels very last-gen. The trees and plants feel 2d and move in the wind like a stiff piece of pasta.
    the animals/birds are on rails and always fly into things. The birds wings flapping are running at like 5fps and are incredibly unnatural. The way water reacts to, well, ANYTHING is very poorly executed. Have you seen when a whale jumps up and splashes down? I literally laughed out loud the first time I saw it it was so bad.

    Hoping some patches come out to fix all this

  • Ganossa_
    58 posts

    @sinfuldantheman I cannot agree, Horizon Zero Dawn looks super unrealistic with flat and bloomy last-gen lightning, muddy and repetitive textures, sparse and flat vegetation, plastic looking water, low poly geometry, blurred skybox.
    The level of detail and graphic features are worlds apart.

    Horizon Zero Dawn looks so game-ish, like a Skyrim or FarCry mod to my eyes (might be that you prefer that rendering look).

    In AC:V, you have a much more photo realistic look, there is finally no overcast but sharper light.

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