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  • dbgager
    158 posts

    @sinfuldantheman WItcher 3 has no footprints in mud. Neither does Horizon Zero Dawn.

  • Mayc_
    3 posts

    the graphics are great, what happens is that the antialising produces a lot of blur. I thought at first that it looked worse than oddysei, try to put the nvidia sharpness filter and change the game completely. I do not know why the developers have not put the sharpness filter in the settings

  • SinfulDanTheMan
    59 posts


    1) super repetitive textures, especially at medium distance. all the vegetation looks like place-holders for the actual design that never implemented. They're all the exact same size! It's very odd.


    2) lazy design as in this instance, all these "farmers" literally just stand motionless in their fields. in previous AC games, people would be doing things. this looks like a zombie apocalypse undefined

    ill try and get footprint in mud examples later. i'm not trolling, these are my real thoughts, and many people agree with me

  • PierreAngelique
    28 posts

    @mayc_ Yes good point I think that is it, the AA is really blurry. Similar to RDR2 on pc, that game hurt my eyes because of how blurry the AA was.

  • martygod12
    247 posts

    @gcc1984 As a counterpoint to that, look at this


    what it that ridiculous draw distance? In a 2020 next gen game really?

    Capturet on PC at Ultra setting, so I dont know, game sometimes looks amazing, but then you see someting like this and you are like really? In 2020 such ugly draw distance and LOD textures.

    But your pics are looking amazing my game just dont look that good, what are you playing at? How come your LOD detail is so great?

  • ToffeeRS
    1 posts

    @ehllfhire1 I am playing at 3090 in 4k, all maximum, scaling at 130%, and in most cases the graphics look very bad for 2020. Vegetation is drawn at a distance of 20 meters, animation of birds 2 fps. I hope the developers will fix this garbage, the game has a lot of potential.

  • kmansp31
    48 posts

    It does seem like sometimes the graphics downgrade on their own. It's almost like adaptive AA is enabled even though its not, and the graphics occasionally downgrade to the point where they look like a lower resoultution. It's odd.

  • Ebonzone
    29 posts

    @sodda This, increase the distance to which the hair starts going to valhalla, or disable it for the hair completely.

  • DaelosTheCat
    168 posts

    I like how this game looks. This is mostly due to world design. Indeed, the world is stunning. But technically it does have issues I don't like. Character models (faces in particular) look dated. Grass render distance is too short (at least for a modern PC) and there should be an option to increase that. Also, as I mentioned in THIS POST, Eivor's LOD distance is way too short resulting in model looking noticeably different depending on camera distance.

  • Ehllfhire1
    86 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • I_Am_David_
    11 posts

    @toffeers I've noticed that things like doors and a lot of small detail stuff which makes a virtual world feel alive are incredibly bad, something as trivial as a door literally look like it's from minecraft.

    11 posts

    Maybe it’s your monitor or GPU?
    I just went out and bought a new 43 inch 4K 120hz monitor with the 3090 and the graphics look stunning

  • kmansp31
    48 posts

    @gcc1984 I think these photos are spot on and a fair reflection of how incredible the game can look. I've noticed distance shots look absolutely amazing.

    Some parts of the game however- usually up close- look almost like a lower resolution. And when I got to vinland, it almost seemed like there was a graphics downgrade compared to england.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    Some more amazing photos 🙂 Of course the game doesn't ALWAYS look like this but RDR2 and Odyssey didn't either


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