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  • locked moved topic_solved [RESOLVED] Unable to progress with "A Mild Hunt" | POST HERE

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    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 4081

    Thanks for these details, DeosamoX and Oui_Doguette! I've added them to the investigation so the devs can see now.

    I'll keep you all updated if I hear more back. Please continue to post the answers to my questions and any video links if you have them!

  • Usarke
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    • i've killed the legendary animal before trying to hand in antlers but after the first talk to hunter.
    • i've managed to get antlers after i came back from England,now i am not able to interact with hunter anymore.
    • Received the quest at the first visit in Fornburg.

  • guest-lktkUESH
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    @meinchurro I have the same problem. I hope they fix this. I came back later after England to finish quest and sea gone

  • MicciOnT
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    I finished the game, with almost 100%.. This quest is still open here, cant talk to her aswell. I really dont want to start a new game just because of this quest.

  • rkwon10
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    @rkwon10 I misphrased - I was able to find the quest giver but she won't talk to me.

  • IFrike
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    I cannot turn in this quest either. I already travelled to England, progressed to East Anglia and built the Hunter building in my settlement. I had not killed the Legendary Elk, or even learnt of its existence, yet I mentioned the Hunters at my settlement. The Legendary Elk was the only one marked as 'known' whereas all others are marked with a big '?' (if that is related to this quest?).

    I'd also like to point out that this quest is even more of a bother since most of the actual reindeer I found in Norway are located right by the edge of the playable area - leading players straight out into the desync zone!

  • DemonI81
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    Current quest: Glory Regained
    Traveled to England: Yes
    Killed Legendary: No

    Got all antlers, woman will not speak to me.

  • Dyngsur
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    How hard can it be for us to interact with a quest giver even even if we killed the ELK, and went to England?
    Just make us interact with the bloody NPC and let us complete the [censored] quest!

    Its nothing hard at all!

    The quest giver wants 3 deer antlers, you should be able to give em to the quest giver anyway. She gives some silver coins tell you where the elk is or tell you something, that I see that you killed the elk already and give som kudos for it.

    I mean it aint hard and they can just script the NPC....

  • Ubi-MrM
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 4081

    Hello everyone, thanks for your continued reports of this issue. It has been reproduced by the devs and they have determined that up until starting "The Seas of Fate", it should not happen. From my personal experience, I only noticed the issue at that point - but if you noticed that you could not interact with the NPC prior to this quest, please advise me of this so that I can inform them that it can impact you earlier than that!

    I have passed to the devs some screenshots from my own save game showing that I have the antlers, yet the note remains in my inventory and I cannot hand them in nor find the NPC to speak to after starting "The Seas of Fate". I'll include these screenshots below just in case anyone else is having a similar experience and would like to refer to them 🙂


    Thank you for your patience and understanding while this issue continues to be looked into. I will provide an update here as mentioned previously as soon as I know more about the issue and whether a fix is possible for it.

  • CoziestTiger
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    @ubi-woofer can you please add unable to complete extended family quest to your list?

    it’s at the point of fighting the wolf, once killed the confirm kill button does not show up on Xbox

  • Jkuehnert
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    I am on sea of fate just before leaving the village to head to England. I don't see any way to turn in Antlers do i really need to load my game back before the one hunt you do based on the info she is supposed to give.

    it really sucks to lose all my progress if that is only way. If she is still there after going to England and coming back why can’t t they just make it so you can turn in at anytime as part of completing Norway on your return. I spent 15 hours getting everything I could done in norway before doing the sea of fate mission only to hit this snag which will cost me 10 hours of work put in collecting everything i could.

    let me know if anyone has a fix that does cost sacrificing my previous work to complete the mild hunt.

  • IFrike
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    @jkuehnert Just move on. This small side quest is not worth replaying all of that, it's not even listed in your quest log. Besides, they seem to be aware of the issue and the cause so I expect a fix to make its way into a later patch.

  • MeinChurro
    Original poster ubisoft:x-posts, 39

    @ifrike Agreed, to an extent. Annoying this one is, there are far worse bugs here..

  • Tink-Tank
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    @ifrike Not the point really is it. Given that this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of bugs... and one quest that becomes so easily bugged (its not like its some obscure trigger, you just progress the story a bit) so early on (as in its probably THE FIRST side quest you get!) this game has CLEARY not been tested at all. Not one iota!
    For me the very first treasure map (you know treasure maps, the fun adventuring trope?) broken!!
    This is a early access release, or open beta!
    The other thing that is grinding my gears is the mysterious lack of any media coverage on how buggy this thing really is!

  • Jkuehnert
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    @ubi-woofer curious if i need to restart my game twenty hours back because i can no longer turn in the antlers tried to before heading to england but had no luck. Would really suck to have to start over because i missed that.

    i am at the sea of fate mission and already did everything else i could in the region after getting this far so i lose alot. I already beat the thing you get a hint for 😖

    if i dont go back now or start over and there is no way to turn then i cant get the completionest achievement for the game right??

  • Jkuehnert
    ubisoft:x-posts, 4

    @ifrike yeah but if they don’t fix and I do everything else in the game I can’t get the completionist achievement without a complete run through again i am going to guess. Just a weird thing seeing as i am just to the point of leaving for england that i can’t do it. I would go back further but i did the better of twelve hours of game play in norway after getting to the sea of fate quest so i could complete the area as much as possible.

  • DoesntMatter_Ru
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    Yeah, having the same issue. Couldn't find antlers at the time in norway, thought I'd finish this quest later. Now after eighty hours(!) of gameplay decided to complete all the side quests at Rygjafylke. Got the antlers, found the lady, but she won't talk to me. Hoping for a fix, definitely won't start over again.

  • sportnicky
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    @ubi-woofer it seems everyone is having trouble completing this quest, i too have killed the legendary elk, went to england came back to norway collected the reindeer antlers and she wont respond to me at all, she just stands there; This game is the worst Assassins Creed that has ever been made, not been happy with this game at all, and especially now what with all these glitches and bugs, if this doesnt get sorted than i will delete my game and just throw it in the bin tbh, i will not restart this game all over again, it really aint worth it

  • Deadmennwalking
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    I also still have the Mild Hunt quest bug.
    Approximately 80 hours game play, level 110+.
    Before leaving norway I collected the 3 reindeer antlers but had no quest marker to hand in the 3 reindeer antlers. I have since travelled to england and back to norway, collected more reindeer antlers but still have no Mild Hunt quest listed nor a quest marker, so unable to donate antlers. Prior to getting the quest I had already killed the legendary Elk.

  • Calahrin
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    Yea. The lady won't even speak to me.

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