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  • Kream
    55 posts

    I've been whining about auto sprint on/off option for a while now. I guess it is in line with your suggestion.

  • AlexMarsherTOne
    1 posts

    @ubi-baron please please please,please add this option

  • Garbo3
    659 posts

    @alexmarshertone yes. Definitely would have helped chasing the flying papers.

  • SoberStone999
    59 posts

    I'm glad the new title update added this:

    • Added an option to the gameplay menu to toggle the cinematic camera on/off during finisher moves.

    But where is "Added an option to the gameplay menu to toggle the sprint HOLD/toggle".
    Come on, how hard can it be!

  • teh_greg
    12 posts

    Since there's no stamina, I'd prefer if the character just sprinted all the time.

  • Garbo3
    659 posts

    @teh_greg there's is for both Mount and Eivor. You notice when you sprint uphill.

  • Yell0cake
    37 posts

    In essence it seems like ubisoft forgot to add an hold to sprint option instead of a toggle.
    There is an hold to crouch option but not to sprint?! thats just STUPID!

    Hold to sprint is important, since there is no hud element that shows you if you are sprinting (like in watch dogs 2 for example), you sometimes cant tell if you are moving with maximum speed, thats confusing and renders the sprint attack skill useless in open combat, since you cant rely on it, because you cant see if it you are sprinting!
    Why is ubi downgrading their own game mechanics, its just STUPID!

    And the most important thing for me is: when you have hold to sprint you can put sprinting and climbing on the same button and this would make the movement almost like in the EZIO saga, where sprint and climb are both on the same button.
    Its just such an obvious addition that (probably)QA overlooked and if this was my responsibility, then I would be EMBARRASED because thats an important and OBVIOUS accessibility feature!
    Plus the worst fact is that they havent added such a basic thing in over half a year after launch, even it should have launched with that and this ist maximum STUPID!

    Honestly this is the reason why I havent bought the season pass and dont plan to until its fixed.
    Removing the horse speed limit in cities is something that you can solve with 3rd party software, at least someone isnt as stupid as Ubisoft!

  • Garbo3
    659 posts

    @yell0cake yes,would help a lot,specially with sprints attacks and chasing the damn flying papers. Cause sometimes your sprint gets interrupted during parkour or doesn't trigger the sprint attack and is frustrating.
    And other times it sprints when you don't want to,specially if you use the sickles as they are bugged and causes a very annoying glitch if you sprint attack with a sickle.
    You clever. Wait until all is fixed, but can be a long wait.

  • SoberStone999
    59 posts

    Update 1.2.2 and still no Hold to Sprint Option... 😞

  • Kream
    55 posts

    It would be much better for us if Ubisoft just says they can't add hold to sprint on/off option or auto sprint on/off option if that's the case, instead of hanging us in the air like this.

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