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  • Asgardian02
    1938 posts


    uhmmm.. this is already part of the game.

    When i go for a longer distance, i press Z and then Shift and eivor starts running and i dont have to hold anything.

  • SoberStone999
    61 posts

    @asgardian02 That's just the toggle option, we want the HOLD option like the older games.

  • Linda_00
    1 posts

    Yes please! Just started playing Valhalla and the toggle sprint thing is just not for me, please add an option to hold to sprint instead ! We need it

  • Karloz1995
    268 posts

    @iipotatoii i though by pressing L3 u can sprint 😞 at least in ps4

  • sh_link
    1 posts

    Same here. Keyboard and mouse players on PC would much prefer Hold to Sprint. We're not playing on consoles.

  • Mobyslick
    4 posts

    I really want a Hold option for sprinting too. Because it just feels more natural to me and gives me absolute certainty that I am in fact sprinting. There are certain moments in gameplay where the Toggle mode just fails to result in good movement. Including, but probably not limited to:

    • Bumped into an NPC while in Toggle sprint = sprint canceled, have to Toggle again. And again. And again. See how just holding down a button sprinting through towns would be better?
    • Chasing those... wonderful... flying tattoo designs. Whatever the obstacle course, some actions / jumps / hops seems (maybe?) to drop out of sprint, or the movement just looks slower because of the obstacle navigation. Resulting in me trying to Toggle sprint back on, but oh it was on, so now I'm not sprinting and the paper's getting away... or was it off???? This kind of experience is not necessary or fun... Hold to sprint = confident winning. Toggle sprint = stressful mystery.
    • Riding the mount. Because the mount can seem fast already, I've had many times where I assumed I was sprinting (galloping) but in fact wasn't. The one mitigating feature here, is that the mount's blue stamina bar flashes while galloping. So there is a visual indicator of whether or not I am in sprint mode. Ding ding ding, why not apply that concept in all movement modes? A sprint indicator? Hmmm
    • Swimming. It's slow, lunging isn't much faster, I don't know which is happening unless I Toggle in and out to check. Ugh

    I'm 70% through map clearing so I doubt we will get this feature in time to save me, but here's hoping for a concurrent "fix" when the Druids DLC comes out.

  • Hwani87
    67 posts

    I've been whining about auto sprint on/off option for a while now. I guess it is in line with your suggestion.

  • AlexMarsherTOne
    1 posts

    @ubi-baron please please please,please add this option

  • Garbo3
    780 posts

    @alexmarshertone yes. Definitely would have helped chasing the flying papers.

  • SoberStone999
    61 posts

    I'm glad the new title update added this:

    • Added an option to the gameplay menu to toggle the cinematic camera on/off during finisher moves.

    But where is "Added an option to the gameplay menu to toggle the sprint HOLD/toggle".
    Come on, how hard can it be!

  • teh_greg
    63 posts

    Since there's no stamina, I'd prefer if the character just sprinted all the time.

  • Garbo3
    780 posts

    @teh_greg there's is for both Mount and Eivor. You notice when you sprint uphill.

  • Yell0cake
    37 posts

    In essence it seems like ubisoft forgot to add an hold to sprint option instead of a toggle.
    There is an hold to crouch option but not to sprint?! thats just STUPID!

    Hold to sprint is important, since there is no hud element that shows you if you are sprinting (like in watch dogs 2 for example), you sometimes cant tell if you are moving with maximum speed, thats confusing and renders the sprint attack skill useless in open combat, since you cant rely on it, because you cant see if it you are sprinting!
    Why is ubi downgrading their own game mechanics, its just STUPID!

    And the most important thing for me is: when you have hold to sprint you can put sprinting and climbing on the same button and this would make the movement almost like in the EZIO saga, where sprint and climb are both on the same button.
    Its just such an obvious addition that (probably)QA overlooked and if this was my responsibility, then I would be EMBARRASED because thats an important and OBVIOUS accessibility feature!
    Plus the worst fact is that they havent added such a basic thing in over half a year after launch, even it should have launched with that and this ist maximum STUPID!

    Honestly this is the reason why I havent bought the season pass and dont plan to until its fixed.
    Removing the horse speed limit in cities is something that you can solve with 3rd party software, at least someone isnt as stupid as Ubisoft!

  • Garbo3
    780 posts

    @yell0cake yes,would help a lot,specially with sprints attacks and chasing the damn flying papers. Cause sometimes your sprint gets interrupted during parkour or doesn't trigger the sprint attack and is frustrating.
    And other times it sprints when you don't want to,specially if you use the sickles as they are bugged and causes a very annoying glitch if you sprint attack with a sickle.
    You clever. Wait until all is fixed, but can be a long wait.

  • SoberStone999
    61 posts

    Update 1.2.2 and still no Hold to Sprint Option... 😞

  • Hwani87
    67 posts

    It would be much better for us if Ubisoft just says they can't add hold to sprint on/off option or auto sprint on/off option if that's the case, instead of hanging us in the air like this.

  • Leomerya12
    1 posts

    Ubisoft, any word on hold to sprint?

  • Naeco06
    1 posts

    @ubi-baron ...any update, fellas? this feature would be a welcome addition. so of course you haven't done it.

  • Rave_Burrito
    3 posts

    @ubi-baron Good afternoon, Ubisoft.

    I have cerebral palsy and I cannot skillfully play action games, especially in Valhalla on my PS5 with Dual Sense, as I faced such a problem that in order to accelerate I need to press the L3 button and it is extremely difficult to do this with my left hand, since it is necessary to accelerate with Avor in the game all the time.
    In the previous parts of the series - Origins and Odyssey, this was possible by simply deflecting L3 to the stop and the hero ran at maximum speed.
    I also recently bought Far Cry 6 and there is a choice - press L3 to accelerate, or simply deflect L3 all the way to Run.
    Can you please tell me, can you add such an option so that you can switch the Run modes with "pressing L3" or "holding the L3 stick", as in Origins or Odyssey?

    P.S. Stamina Eyvor is still not consumed, so it would be ideal if you return this running mode.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    URL of my topic - https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/120855/autorun-with-controller?lang=en-US

  • beckkkz
    1 posts

    hello everyone, still no option, 2 years later, thanks.

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