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  • mwo1480
    7 posts

    @zangato1988 lucky you, playing on a 2070 super ventus msi gaming pc amd instead of intel, and gameplay is stuttering alot, at the point that i dont do the drinking game cuz the stuttering makes it fail, thn again oddyssey was also stuttering alot first , but might also be an amd problem

  • BBurt730
    2 posts

    I’ll definitely try borderless! Thanks for the advice! I’ve also heard reinstalling has helped some people. Game has been enjoyable so far and this has been my only issue.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    Hey guys,

    Thank you for reporting these issues to us.

    @MojoCreed Thank you for providing that tip.

    @Zangato1988 @BBurt730
    Were you able to try on Borderless and did that make a different to the issues you're seeing? Could you provide us with an image of the performance chart in the settings menu?

    Official Response
  • NetQvist
    37 posts

    @ubi-baron Got the "same" stutter issue where it becomes worse and worse and I have pretty much tried every graphics configuration possible at this apart from really low ones since I don't even want to play with those.

    Only common thing with these for me seem to be time, the longer I play the worse it gets. It doesn't what area I'm in or how much I travel either.

    As a second note.... I'm currently trying to figure out why I've been getting GPU Driver crashes in England, left the game sitting at factory OC in Norway now and so far no crash while in England it goes boom every 5-15min on factory clocks. No other game has exhibited this issue on this card before. Lowering the clocks seem to help but we are talking pretty extreme downclocks, -150 on core at this point, and the darned card is stable with +100 in stress tests like Furmark.

    2080 Ti
    3800x AMD
    32 GB ram x570 Strix mono

  • CapCheeks
    40 posts

    @netqvist I've been having the same issues with OC so far. Any amount of OC, even small ones, will result in a CTD. Zero OCs though, I can play for hours on end without any issues. Same issue in WD Legion too, no other game has had this issue though.

  • NetQvist
    37 posts

    @capcheeks The interesting part is Norway here, I can't get it to crash in Norway it seems even if I'm trying to. It all started going downhill with the crashes once I got to England.

    If that is true then there's going to be a major shitstorm of crashes in a small while because the majority of people are probably still in Norway.

  • CapCheeks
    40 posts

    @netqvist No doubt. I wonder if it's something to do with DX12 or their implementation of it in the Anvil engine. This and Legion are the first games in that engine to use DX12 I think.

  • Zangato1988
    Original poster 38 posts

    @zangato1988 The only solution i found is to restart game every hour this fix stutter/micro stutter issue.

  • kvsh88
    49 posts

    @zangato1988 having the same issue, tried all of the workarounds, basically have to restart the game every hour to 45mins. I have an rtx 2070

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    Thank you for getting back to us, and providing the extra details.

    Would you be able to provide us with a video of the stuttering issue? This will help us to look into this and pass it on to the team.

    Official Response

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